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I've been thinking about your comments on synergy.  I'm not really a game designer, more just have visions of things I want to play and often don't know how to make that a reality.  When I dream about this one, I see the synergies as the draft.  You pick a character that can move another character fast.  Then you draft a combat powered character, so you use those two to  speed down the field and crush.  Or you pick characters that work well to push enemies off the field.  I saw it as this kind of pushing and pulling of characters around the board.  How to make that...not sure.  Thanks again for the comments!  

All true!  Actually, I’m just happy for one element to resonate as “rad’.  I’ll take it!

Thanks!  I foretold you’d say that.  :)

Yes, optional on defense cards.  Exactly so on saving vs spending. 

Good question on cooldowns!  I like your idea!

I’m seriously impressed with the amount of detail you were able to build in such a short game jam!  Really neat idea with looting islands from what I’m assuming from the mood board is airships.  This is one I’ll have to try out to really get it, but I’m definitely intrigued!

This one really captures my imagination!  Really like the different combinations...feels like part Moba (destroy the totems) with neat elemental synergies.  Also any game that can be set up on a chess board.  Great entry! 

Really like this!  Love the synergies designed into the game at each level and great idea on combining and separating elementals of the same type.  Great entry!

Neat entry!  I like the synergies from building your can have models with incredible speed that will zoom down the board!

Neat idea!  I’m definitely hoping you develop this idea further, cause I’m digging the hacking+sports vibe.

love the solo rules using noise tokens!  I’m a sucker for solo rules, even simple ones.

This is like FTL, the tabletop tank version.  Really neat and love the synergy created by player perk and operational actions.

Love the theme of this one!  Quite engaging.  This just seems like it would be fun to play and I look forward to trying it.

I'm a total sucker for hacking games, so really looking forward to giving this a play.  Almost seems like a competitive puzzle game mixed with robo rally.  Lots of neat potential here!

I like the idea that the synergy is the commander joining the different companies to influence them.  

Thanks for giving it a try!  Appreciate the kind words!

Neat entry!  Thought I was doing a bang up job and then June killed many citizens...ending with 579 deaths.  Good job!

I think this is a neat approach.  I like the graphics and the interactions.  Couldn't figure out which medicines to give without any info on them, but I played through a couple of times and used a bit of deduction.  Great entry!  I totally would NOT like to be a nurse...too stressful!  

Fantastic!  Good show for a solo entry!

Well, I've got a lot to get done at work for the rest of this week so I've submitted my game.  It's so far from complete, really a sketch of what I had in mind.  Truly enjoyed the process and thanks to the organizers and mentors for their great suggestions and insight.  If I've learned anything from working on my third game ever it's to start with a small, achievable scope.  I'm pretty sure I'll forget that lesson for the next game jam.

Good luck to all participants!  I look forward to playing your submissions.

Lots of work meetings today, so not a lot of progress.  Made some really simple houses and 3d assets, which is probably as good as it will get for the jam, but hope to come back to it and really focus on the look and feel of the game after.

Ack!  Only 4 days left!  I've really bitten off way more than I can chew, but pushing forward...

This weekend I got the daily news system implemented.  I wanted to have competing newspapers, but have settled for 1 newspaper with the left column usually more factual and the right hand side more editorial and negative.

And, I implemented the business UI.  Here  you can see the progress of each Factory (Candy, Screams and Scares).  You can also purchase upgrades (which costs work units).  It's a super simplified tech tree, but I've left it open so that each business can have it's own tree with each upgrade having a different effect.  Right now the upgrades just improve the efficiency of the work being done.

With only 4 days left, I'm going to be leaving a LOT undone, which is unfortunate.  Still learning this fun hobby and enjoying the heck out of it!  The next four days I'll focus on:

1. News articles.  Short articles based on what is going on to put on the daily newspaper.

2. Titles and some kind of music/sound.  It will be quite sparse from an audio perspective...running out of time and I don't have a lot of skills there.

3. 3d Houses and Factory.  Super simple...won't be at all how I imagine them in my head, but need something there.

4. Final polish/clean up before submitting.

What a great learning experience this has been!

Ugh...just to continue the daily updates, today was rough from a “real” job perspective.  Hoping to catch up this weekend, to submit something exciting.

Started on the work/business model today.  This is going to be more complex than I thought initially to implement, but important for the minimum, so I'll likely be programmatically doodling on this for the next couple of days...leaving me with only a few days to clean up the UI, write up a tutorial and create at least basic assets for buildings and props (they might look dreadful...and not in a good way).

In an interesting turn of events, my college age son just tested positive for Covid yesterday (he's doing well, thankfully) so now I want to complete this project even more and maybe give some bit of perspective through a silly game.

Long conference call this afternoon got me through finishing the Curfew decree...once done with work or school they go home instead of milling about the city.  Also fixed that problem with the masks in the screenshot above.  It was a quad trying to do some funny things, so I reduced down to triangles and it looks much better.  Added a bit of clarity in the UI so that you know what you have set as a decree (notary style stamps from the Mayor's office).

Had some excellent feedback from the mentors over on Discord.  I'm working on implementing some of those ideas in my game.

No way I'm going to be 100% in 8 more days...still too much to do.  Graphics will be one of the biggest areas to suffer.  I just don't have time to make all the buildings and props that I wanted.  So, I'm focused on minimum viable product at this point.   In hindsight, I should have asked for graphics help.

Implemented the visuals for masks.  Still a bit funky, but will keep working on that when I can.  Would like to have more types of monsters (Mummies...swamp things...skeletons, etc) but will likely implement after the jam is over.

Here's some of our citizens, styling masks and not.  

Implemented the decrees system!  You can now tell your population that they must wear masks.  Of course, there's some willful monsters in our town, so some will refuse to wear them.  In the last test, 353 put them on, while 57 didn't.  Seems close to real life, what I observe locally.

Added a couple of monster types.  Won't have time to make any character assets, so I'm wrapping those capsules in some cutesy monster love.  Vamps and Franks go to school and work...

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Had a bit more time today, so continued to refine the wandering.  Still a bit of work to do there, but I like the way it's working so far.

Made it so it appears people are entering buildings (when they reach the point, I turn off their MeshRenderer so they are invisible, then turn it back on when they leave).  

Started on a simple UI (the Mayor's desk).

Tracking the work via Trello:

So much left to do, just to make it interesting...

This morning I've implemented "wandering with purpose".  Adults wake up and go to the work factory that is closest to their home, while kids go to the closest school.  They spend a part of their day there and then at the end of their school or job they wander around the town a bit before going back home.  All in 90 secs...per day.  This will put people very close together to catch Covid, but as the mayor you can shut down the schools and have kids do remote learning and you can close or limit the amount of people going to their job, but of course you aren't going to make any progress towards Halloween that way.

I'm starting to worry that the 31 day construct is going to make the model less effective because that second graph from yesterday.  Everyone's could be sick at the end of the month and that won't be exciting for the player.  The decrees should help, but jamming everyone into work and school will counter those too.  We'll see...I guess that's the fun of this.

And interestingly if you force everyone to wear a mask it looks like this.  Still a lot of people get sick over time, but it takes way longer.  Interesting since I'm only going to simulate 31 days.  But at least it gives your population more time to work towards the Halloween and you also can put decrees in to help as well.

Now to add some willful people who refuse to wear masks!  

Today, I've implemented ghosts and recovery.  I've found a new love...simulation modelling.  Never tried it before and I'm getting such a kick out of it! 

Ran through 31 days, no masks, no decrees (like curfew, staying home), everyone free to wander around and infect anyone.  Really neat to watch almost all of the population get sick and then start recovering.  9 become ghosts, so might need to review the fatality model, but maybe that's right. 

Thanks for the answer.  Interesting...not sure if I'll use that since I can track who has covid already and hopefully model the risk based on that.  We'll see!

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This is just all my personal log of developing something for this game jam...

+ Created nuclear families (had to for spawning though it was on the wishlist).  Families size is 1-6 citizens, with  1-3 adults (3rd might be a grandparent or some other relationship) and remainder are children.  Age is randomly generated with adults 4-9 decades old and children 1-3.  Families start with the same Willfullness statistic (which affects whether they follow decrees like wearing a mask), but individuals will go up and down on their own and make their own decisions after initial setting.

+ Enhanced sick model - Citizen must be sick for 2 days before showing symptoms and affecting others, giving incubation time.  Has a chance of dying (becoming a ghost...this is supposed to be a cute game) based on age.  Still need to refine this further, probably should go to hospital first if sick and then become ghost from there.  Model progression of sickness.

+ Created schoolhouse asset in Blender.  Way too long to make this.  Will likely try to complete the game before working on any further assets.

My current simulation model:

Infection Model 

  • Target Rigidbody's trigger collides with Other rigidbody 
  • if Target is already sick, they won't catch it again 
  • If Other rigidbody is sick & has been sick over 2 days, then test for infection for Target 
  • if Other rigidbody is wearing a mask, use 2% infection chance, otherwise 5%

Sickness Model 

  • Sick citizen stays sick for 14 days 
  • Sick citizen is infectious after 2 days of being sick
  • Sick citizen infects other models using the Infection Model 
  • Once well again, citizen is immune and can no longer infect others

Hospitalization/Fatality Model 

  • Assuming 5 days before symptoms fully appear and sicken  (4-5 from CDC) 
  • When sick, citizen has a chance of death (becoming ghost) based on their age, if they do not die, they become well and are immune 
  • Age Grp    Death 
  • 1                0.1
  •  2                0.1 
  • 3                0.5 
  • 4                1.3 
  • 5                3.2 
  • 6                15.6 
  • 7                21,1
  •  8                26.4 
  • 9                31.7

Done!  14 day sick time (Just a simple model)

I wonder if there is a model for change of getting Covid again if already infected.

The Mayor of Monsterville (Working Title)

Concept: It's Oct 1st and Monsterville has 31 days to prepare for another great Halloween.  The ghouls and spooks go to school and work to prepare for the holiday, but a stranger has come to town carrying an infectious virus.  As the Mayor of the city, use your persuasive powers to keep your citizens safe but still productive to bring a successful Halloween.

Visual:  Cute. Inspired by "Nightmare Before Christmas".  Monsters that aren't too scary.  Crooked and interesting buildings. UI with curly letters, etc.


  Spawn population (3d rigibodies with 6" trigger collider) - Done
  Population wandering and travel to workplace/school - Done
  Navmesh terrain - Done
  Blocking navmesh (buildings) - Done
  Social Distancing (using model) - Done
  UI - Choose ways to engage with population and make decrees (ex "No restaurants open", "All citizens must wear masks")
  UI - Daily Update - Population, % infected, etc
  Halloween prep - Population has to "work" to move this forward
  Day timer - Done
  14 day sick time (Just a simple model)
  Fatality model based on age risks (Turn to ghost who floats around, but cannot work)
  Citizen willfulness stat tracked to defy decrees

  Houses (at least 3 designs for interest)
  Work buildings (Candy, Scares)
  Props - Pumpkins, trees, fences
  Citizens - Right now capsules, maybe something similar to Fall Guys look with different monsters from popular genres

Wishlist (if time)
  Day/night cycle - not necessary
  Different houses for type of monster
  Nuclear families (2 adults, 2 kids and variations)
  "Pox News" with ability to raise Willfullness
  Variances to day (parties, rallies, ?) to provide interesting things to react to as Mayor
  Ground fog
  Follow random Citizen (3rd person camera)

Can we ask a couple of questions based on the model?

My first question is around the riskvector Array.  Is that array the infection rate by age?  It starts with Index 0 (49%) but I don't see an idea of where it iterates or how it picks the value.  

Yeah, I lost all momentum on my entry.  I still can't get growing vegetation to look interesting and the game is simply not fun.  Ah well...

V003 Uploaded fixing 2 errors in the submitted game text.

Thanks!  Love your screens too!  I'm using Unity, just easy for me to throw stuff together in that.  I've now implemented a vengeful earth that grows and consumes the city, making it harder to gather resources, resource gathering and a bit more atmosphere.  Still lots to go, but playable...just not super fun yet.  Trying to set up really difficult decisions the player must make where there really is no good decision.  Fun stuff!