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Is there a link to the concept art?

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I'm starting a blog to capture the chaos and technicalities of this game jam from my perspective.  Project Mimir is live, excited to start tomorrow!  It will also be a living design doc as the game progresses.

Thanks for giving it a play!  It was good fun making it in less than a month, but some playtesting like this would have been good to show that I needed to make it easier to find the infected citizens and your lab.

Great!  I'm writing up a design doc, but I would love to go for a retro (late 70s, early 80s) feel.  Need aliens the most.  There are silhouettes in the magazine or you can wait till I draw up some art for them to work from.

I'd like to create an FPS "space horror" game based off the classic Ares Magazine game "Wreck of the BSM Pandora".  This game will have players running through a hazardous ship trying to keep the ship systems from going into a cold shutdown while fighting, evading and re-capturing creepy alien specimens.

I'll be working in Unity, and am looking for artists, writers, sound designers that can help make the game come alive.   

I can offer design, environment art (I'm crap at characters) and programming.  If you want an example of something I did myself (with some bought assets) look at Plaguebearer, created for another Game Jam.


Thanks for the feedback pfail!  I honestly only tried this on my gaming laptop and there was no lag, but I can see it might be a bit tough for a "run of the mill" PC to run.  Good to know!  I'll see if i can get more playtesting and do some optimization.

Neat!  Enjoyed playing this.  Totally beat that Nura-onna!  Sad!  :)

Fun game, but so difficult!  This slime is what remains of Canabalt after he falls from a high building.  Great entry!  Best of luck!

Frenetic!  Love it.  

Whoa!  Super unforgiving!  Nice entry, best of luck!

These are simple, but I needed more alien types quickly so made these quick textures if anyone else can use them.

love the video, Jupiter