Submissions open from 2018-12-27 00:00:00 to 2019-01-04 00:00:00
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Hello and welcome to the Save the environment Game Jam!

This Jam was made to raise awareness on Climate Change and other aspects of the environment that are been destroyed by us humans.


The main theme will obviously be Saving the Environment

However, another smaller theme will also be used.

Share you ideas for a smaller theme in the specific post (community tab)

An example of what the smaller theme could be is animals.


  • Any content or parts of your game that is mature, sensitive or inappropriate for some audiences/players should have warnings inside the game or in the description
  • If a part of the game isn't made by you (eg: Music or Art) please leave credit to the original creator in the description
  • You can participate in teams or go solo


  • Overall: Give an rating based on the entire game
  • Fun: Come on, you no what that means...
  • Visuals: How good is the art (includes any form of aesthetics)
  • Audio: How good is the sound and music 
  • Theme: How related to saving the environment as well as the smaller theme (announced when the jam begins)

For all ratings check whether or not they made some parts of the game Pre-jam or if someone else made it entirely. (check description and specific field)