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Remake my first game, or my second game, which I actually have a build of?

A topic by tesselode created May 17, 2017 Views: 832 Replies: 10
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I have two games I can think of that are really representative of my "first games": my first game, which I do not have a build of, and my second game, which I do. I feel like remaking either would be in the spirit of the jam. What do you all think is better?

(also, I made sequels to both of those games, and the first games and the sequels blur together in my memory, so I'd probably remake them both "as a whole")


Second would be more interesting because we can then compare. Don't think its super strict on VERY FIRST game haha


So on this note, I actually managed to get a build of my first game up and running just while tinkering around for this Jam. This is of course nothing short of a miracle.. as this particular game started out as a CompSci AP class project from 2005! Java wasn't joking around with their "Write once. Run anywhere" marketing catch-phrase. Should I upload this build to as well (for comparison sake)?


Yeah! Go for it if you deem it right! 

Oh gosh there were so many games I made as a kid that I can't remember at all. I think I'll remake the first game that I completed and released. (Fortunately it is very simple!)

My first game which I finished about 7 months ago was also really simple. Just a little 2d block jumper with 3 levels :P

That's the approach I think I will take if I participate. My first game I published on I think is a good start.. It's so simple though, not sure how I will improve on it. :/

haha uh the one I'm thinking of I released as DOS shareware in like 1992

I'll be working on my second or third game ( I know which game, just not for sure which order), so I sure hope it's OK! ;)


My first, published game is not that simple, I hope I can do this is the given time :( But it's great I've found this jam, else I would never find the motivation for it!


Good luck!