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Kevin Wong

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Yeah! The OST can be streamed and purchased here:

#RemakeJam 2 community · Created a new topic Extension

It seemed people needed extra time, so I gave everyone a three-day extension! 

Fine by me! 

Another thing you can do is pack up both executables in one .zip file and upload that to if it falls within the size limits!

Good luck!

Awesome! Good luck!

in that case, that would be fine. I'm interested in seeing how it'll turn out. Good luck! 

You are welcome to use royalty free music and assets. There are many Creative Commons resources to find these types of assets, including, TurboSquid, and The Unity Asset Store 

Agreed with 7Soul. If you don't own the rights to it, I wouldn't recommend infringing upon it for the purposes of this jam

It would count if you consider it your first game, but is this something that can be submitted and be playable on 

Yeah, that will be fine. You can do a loose remake or a work inspired by it as long as it does not infringe upon the rights holders

Hi Archertracks, that's totally fine. Start early if you need to 

Tweet it to the hashtag #remakejam!

Not yet! I can make one! 

Yeah! Go for it if you deem it right!