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Dude, Where's My Keys?View game page

Search high and low in this physics based scavenger hunt for your lost keys!
Submitted by MetricZero, tfx (@tfx_ste), zoped — 8 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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Really nice game! I included it in my Pizza Jam 2 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Deleted post

Thanks so much for playing!

I really love the game


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


This game is incredible. I think the minimalist aesthetic is perfect for this scenario - and you absolutely nailed it. The music gets a little repetitive after a while, but the track itself isn't bad. Like the other comments said, some animations would make this game... also some crashing sounds, hahaha. I'm actually curious about how the key spawn system works, is it per-object (i.e. it can be underneath literally anything) or did you pre-define locations? Also that moment when you finally find the keys is probably the best moment I've experienced in this entire jam. Overall great game, very well done.

- os_reboot

A truly relatable experience. The first time I played it took two minutes to find the keys, and I have to say that exploring and destroying the house was extremely fun! I'm really glad that this game came out so well, the poking animation in particular was very useful. Amazing!

- Basset


Thank you for your kind words and for playing!
We're super thankful to tfx, he provided that track for us last minute. I fell in love with his music and hope he'll lend us his talents again in the future.
Adding crashing sounds was on our to-do list but we ran out of time before we could figure it out.
The key spawn system works by getting all key actors in the level and unhiding/enabling collision it, otherwise they spawn invisible by default. It just grabs a random number and shows one of the keys at random. This way it's easy to add more hiding placing, you just drop more key actors in. Let me know if that makes sense!


Very nice! I love the goofy as game mechanics - the first time I busted down a door (by accident!) I just about squealed with laughter. It's very fun just absolutely destroying the house. The visual style and the music are also great. I have just a few suggestions that could help improve the game:

Firstly, make the physics even goofier. Make the player's arm really heavy, so the impulse when it smacks into things is really high and they go super far. Increase the gravity on the objects as well, currently they feel kinda floaty, and it would be satisfying for everything to come crashing off the shelf when you knocked it over.

Secondly, fix a few rendering issues. The player's arm should render on top of the world, and the near clip plane of the camera should be closer so we can get nice and personal with the house objects.

Overall it's a nice solid game and probably my favourite one that I've played from this jam! Great work, guys.

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

That's some amazing feedback, thank you!
It seems so obvious now, but the near clipping plane option completely escaped me until you mentioned it.
Everything does seem kind of floaty, doesn't it? I'll fix that too. And the more whacking power, the better!


This is really good! A really pleasant surprise when I realised the key placement was random. Might be a tough one, but some arm animations for knocking stuff would be amazing.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I couldn't agree more! The poking animation was actually added last minute. I'd love to add some more animations and control. And have the arm be like a wet noodle.

Thanks for playing!


It's good. But the physics could be better. The arm just gets thru the objects that are white it doesn't colide. I got stuck inside the kitchen cabinet somehow.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I really wanted to make the arm physics based, like a wet noodle. But we ran out of time!

Maybe next weekend I can add that.

I'll also look into replicating the getting stuck glitch, that's no fun!

Thanks for playing!






The key is a lie!


It may be! Though probably not!

There's actually 43 possible spawn locations for the key, so it literally can be almost anywhere. I tried to make it not too impossibly hard to find it, but some spots are more difficult than others. Like, who would think to look on top of the clock? I had to put a vase there just to give an indicator that there might be something there.




Hope you enjoyed it!


Speed ran in 24 seconds, very fun destroying the house. The music was fitting and the art style worked for its purpose


One time I found them under the rug at the front door. That was my fastest run.
Thanks for playing!