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Submitted by Saspatoon — 6 minutes before the deadline

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Neat game! I included it in my Pizza Jam 2 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Interesting game. I like the concept, but I feel like it was held back enormously by bad controls.

  • there's no way to tell what you're looking at/what you're going to pick up
  • mouse movement feels floaty and weird
  • while holding something, you can't change the height you're holding it at by looking around
  • the player moves excruciatingly slowly
  • the controls are never explained. I had to go to your itch page to figure out how to pick things up, and the instructions on your itch page are actually wrong! I only figured it out via trial and error.

Good controls are one of the most important things for the feel of a game, and I think you need to spend more time and effort on them next time.


Thanks for the feedback, i was time limited due to work and other stuff so i didnt get to spend as much time as i wanted. I accidentally put the wrong grab button in the itchio page because of years of using e in games to interact, i just naturally put it as e without thinking. Thanks again


Fun game! I actually enjoyed how the stuff piled up, so you had to dig around and find the objects you knew how to sort. The boxes had huge hitboxes, so they ended up taking over the piles and making it difficult to find the new things that were dropping. It'd be cool if some of the objects had effects that made them difficult to sort, such as exploding bombs or living animals or something. I never actually got an item dropped for conveyor 8, which was a little disappointing. The walking sound effect was really nice. Overall well done!

- os_reboot

The difficulty curve was nice, I like how the complexity increased with each day. I was really confused why guns were dropping out into the pile on day 1, but it made sense on day 2. I think the game is really lacking some nice music or factory sounds to go with the sorting, but the gameplay alone is nice and the footsteps sound is very high quality. Really enjoyed it!

- Basset


Thank you very much, and thank you for your suggestions. I did have most of this in mind, however, i submitted with 30 seconds left on the deadline. There was an 8th item planned but.. well 30 seconds left says why it isnt there. 

However, i didn't think about adding bombs or any other things to make it more difficult to sort. That would be a good addition, thanks again! 


It was fun rummaging through all the stuff that piled up and trying to get it to where it needed to go.