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Thank you :D

Curse those offset asteroids! lol

This is really addictive and fun.

Awesome playthrough! Thanks for playing :D

Thanks for playing :D

Awesome! Thank you so much! We're working on more levels and mechanics. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much! We're making more levels and adding a few more fun mechanics. Stay tuned!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! We're adding more levels and mechanics.

Awesome! Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

I love it when they spawn there. Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing and your feedback! We have a Discord channel now and would love to talk more with you and anyone else who would like to contribute feedback or ideas!

Those were some of the fastest runs yet! Thanks for playing!

Je vous remercie!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing and your feedback!

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You must embark on a quest! Find the Pizza Jam Discord server and summon me!
That or let us know the best way to contact you!

Thank you for playing!

Awesome! Thank you so much for playing!

And I totally agree, I would love to add more levels. I think it'd be really fun to go from something like an apartment, then a house, then a mansion. You could play with all sorts of locations and ideas, but who knows!

Thanks for playing and for the video!

Thank you for your kind words and for playing!
We're super thankful to tfx, he provided that track for us last minute. I fell in love with his music and hope he'll lend us his talents again in the future.
Adding crashing sounds was on our to-do list but we ran out of time before we could figure it out.
The key spawn system works by getting all key actors in the level and unhiding/enabling collision it, otherwise they spawn invisible by default. It just grabs a random number and shows one of the keys at random. This way it's easy to add more hiding placing, you just drop more key actors in. Let me know if that makes sense!

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Today I learned I am a horrible father.

Also, incredible. I love that you have the story and voice acting in place and everything. Was laughing pretty heavily there for awhile. 

The best part for me was after repeated failures the dad said "Maybe I should stop shooting the babies."


Thanks for playing :D

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That's some amazing feedback, thank you!
It seems so obvious now, but the near clipping plane option completely escaped me until you mentioned it.
Everything does seem kind of floaty, doesn't it? I'll fix that too. And the more whacking power, the better!

This was really fun!

This is awesome!

LOL you made me realize I forgot to put down Space = Jump. Whoops! I'll update that when the Pizza Jam is over (I can't update anything until after voting is done).

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Hah, it always makes me laugh when somebody finds the easter egg. Thanks for playing!

My brains on fire! I loved every minute of it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the video and for playing!

Thank you!

That's fast! Thanks for playing!

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Yes please!
It's really appreciated because it provides us with feedback. We get to see how people play the game, what they get caught up on (if anything), and areas that we might be able to improve. Not to mention the warm and fuzzy feeling!

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That was amazing. I read your comment and was excited someone found the easter egg. But then yup, It actually got broken lol. Thank you so much for playing!