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Calming and also addicting, i recommend trying it!

The changing cameras were very sickening and disorienting. One static camera angle would be the best here, however the cinematic camera entrance is fine just not during game play. It messed with the ability to perceive projectiles and where my character was in general. Id say remove camera angles, and rid some of the post processing as its just slowing the game down and taking away from the gameplay

Was a very fun game, i enjoy it a lot. The scrolling text is way too fast in the start and ending scenes. When i found out you could power the "stations" with windmill power the game became very easy. Before that i was trying to use a power generator for each one and that takes too long. Anyways, good job on this one 

Cute little game, it felt like if i tried to do anything out of order, it wouldnt let me pickup anymore objects or interact with them. Anyways i loved the concept and the music was pretty fitting i liked it good job. 

If anyone would like to see how the game is supposed to be played and finished here is a video of me playing it inside unity; it works a lot better for no apparent reason in editor: 

i only got to work on this for less than a day. so im sorry its buggy and unfinished. youre supposed to parkour off to the right for a few jumps and you get up to where youre saying

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, my game felt ok, not extremely clunky and unplayable right? in the editor. Well, turns out as soon as i hit build it would make the game feel clunky and you would get stuck on everything. Makes no sense, anyways if anyone can point me in the direction as to why theres such a huge difference when you build thanks.

i got to 100 questions, and i was starting to think it would never end,  and this is how i would die. I was very close to quiting, i hovered my mouse over the x button. For whatever reason, i said, ill just spam answers till i die. And well, i won shortly after. neat little game

Thanks for the feedback, i was time limited due to work and other stuff so i didnt get to spend as much time as i wanted. I accidentally put the wrong grab button in the itchio page because of years of using e in games to interact, i just naturally put it as e without thinking. Thanks again

Yeah grabbing things can be annoying, i didnt have time to put something in the center of the screen. My bad. Thanks for playing

Thank you very much, and thank you for your suggestions. I did have most of this in mind, however, i submitted with 30 seconds left on the deadline. There was an 8th item planned but.. well 30 seconds left says why it isnt there. 

However, i didn't think about adding bombs or any other things to make it more difficult to sort. That would be a good addition, thanks again! 

loved it. flares felt underwhelming (maybe a few seconds longer) other than that awesome work

Speed ran in 24 seconds, very fun destroying the house. The music was fitting and the art style worked for its purpose