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I really like the concept of the game! I do wish there was some more explanation on what everything meant, as well as sound, but other than that the art was great and I liked it!

Fantastic visuals! I really like the mechanic of using different robots for different tasks, it creates a lot of interesting gameplay variety (it would be cool to explore that concept more)! The music is good, the only issue that I have is the amount of time it takes to move robots from one area to another - perhaps a more condensed map would help keep the game exciting. Overall well done!

Very smooth and well designed controls!

Very creative and unique concept! Unfortunately my brain was not big enough to understand even the first level, but I really like this concept and would love to see it expanded!

Great art and gameplay! I like the puzzle aspect and how you executed the theme. Good work! 

Great art! Looked awesome. I couldn't figure out how to play though, and the options menu did not work. 

Nice concept, good luck with development! I like the design of the character :)

Very creative concept and unique take on the theme. I love the mood as well, after getting used to the mechanic I was able to get pretty far!

Love the art style! The 2D on isometric look is great. The adaptive story is good too, I explored everything my first run and "failed" I guess. Overall, great submission!

Fun game! Nice job with the graphics and sound, the puzzles are really addictive but also super challenging. The scissor block mechanic means that there are a lot of situations where the game gets pretty intense - you have to think through the correct moves ahead of time or risk having to restart the level. From what I was able to finish, the levels are really well designed and clearly thought through. Overall well done!

I like the concept a lot, and having the scenery change was a very nice touch! The game eventually got so difficult that I couldn't even keep up with a single stream of notes, let alone four of them!

Cool game, liked the animations and art overall. Would have definitely liked the a restart button though...

Cool game, was a bit confused at first what exactly to do, but once I got it it was pretty challenging :)

Really fun! It was unfortunate that I made it so far and lost my whole game to one mistake, but that's what happens when you waste TP during the quarantine! I also really liked the coin mechanic, nice touch :)

Really awesome puzzle game! I think how you personified the shapes and made the puzzles challenging yet beatable, all while making the characters work together. Great submission!

Excellent implementation of RTS mechanics for such a short jam! I also really appreciate that you implemented a full-fledged tutorial, not enough jam games do that!

Fun little platformer with good animation. Didn't really understand the objective, and got stuck in a few of the secret areas. I liked the music and graphics though.

Fun game! The minimalist graphics are really solid and work well with the rhythm-style mechanics. The red circle is difficult to avoid at first, but a little predictable once you've been playing for a while. Having some kind of pattern system for the red areas would be cool, perhaps you could even synchronize them with the music! My best score was 3285. Overall nice job!

Fun guessing game, very cute and good looking graphics!

Love the concept and the art! Super creative and I think it was a great idea.  Everything is so cute (except the laughing, its gonna give me nightmares :p). I wish the music was original just for that extra splash of creative touch, but other than that, great entry! 

Great music and graphics! I thought the early levels were really hard and frustrating, but you nailed the theme and your assets were great.

Funny game

Nice entry! It's really impressive that you implemented a (mostly) working vehicle system for a jam game. The aesthetic is pretty solid, the parallax adds a ton! The movement feels a little sticky, and there's definitely room for improvement there. As the standalone player you feel pretty helpless without a tank, which I think actually helps make the gameplay more interesting in certain scenarios. Overall well done!

Incredible sound and graphics design! I loved figuring out what the modifiers did and playing around with them, very good entry!

Fun shooter! Like others said I lost my ability to shoot sideways when I rescued another human, but I really liked the whole concept of gathering more humans to fight the virus, definitely fits the theme! Music and sound were also great :)

Very good looking game, and excellent animations!

Awesome idea! Super challenging, my highest score was 18000. I'm a big fan of the idea of having to learn how to operate a character with both regular and inverted controls simultaneously. It'd be nice if there was a little more variation in gameplay (more levels or more companions, etc.). The aesthetic is really solid. Overall well done!

Very good looking demo!

Fun clicker game, I like how the earth changes when more viruses attack very fun detail :)

Fun concept, the aesthetic is really solid. The idea that you need to station cells around the level in case a cell turns into a virus is a really interesting and creative idea. Some more variation in each cell's abilities would be cool, as well as some sound effects. The general gameplay feels very polished, overall nice work!

Fun game with unique controls, I was confused about the controls at first but once I realized how it worked it was very intuitive. I like how sometimes you have to make a choice of which group of people to save :)

Fun puzzle game! Sometimes it was a little unclear where exactly I was supposed to click to move the walls, but the concept is very solid and original. Funny take on the theme as well :)

Relaxing little game with a great aesthetic. Would have liked better explanation of the controls.

Nice entry! The music is awesome, and the change in tempo based on your cart's movement is super cool and innovative. The shader effects fit the mood nicely and the cart models & physics are on point. The objective is a little unclear in the jam version of the game, and I'd recommend making it obvious which aisles the cart is going to turn down to make it easier for players to understand the control scheme. Overall great job!

Very nice graphics, the world was colorful and fun to explore :)

A+ graphics design, game plays very well and is a great example of how mood can make or break concepts like this. Very intuitive and easy to understand without instructions, I found myself spending a lot of time on this entry. Very well done!

Good game! Reminded me of old arcade games like Tapper, but with a unique twist. With a little practice I was able to get over 200! Very good use of theme, and cool graphic and sound design. Solid entry!

Cool game! Played with an Xbox One controller, very tight handling. Really like the turning animation for the truck! It would be awesome to see more varied objectives or elevation change along the truck routes. Overall nice job!

We enjoyed the varying mechanics of the game, and the difficulty curve. Cool little game!