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Awesome! I love chess. This game is really cool to play. I love de sound, the graphics and the gameplay. Yet sometimes I confuse the Queen with a Tower.

I had a great time playing this piano. I wish there were more instruments and more than one music table, so I could mix to melodies and compose cool stuff hahaha. 

Hi, Paul,

Let me show you the science behind our game: we included a text about the species that appear on the game and how ice melting represents a danger to them on the Credits scene.  In case you haven't seen, I'm attaching it here. The game features' the Adélie penguin, a species from Antarctic that has been affected by the ice melting. During the gameplay, some blocks of ice may fall apart, showing the ice melting issue. The objective of the gameplay is to help those penguins survive and on purpose it is difficulty to reach the end of each level with all penguins alive. Notice that the ice melting is a consequence of the climate changes that are happening in our planet, which fits the jams' theme. Do you still have any doubt?

Those penguins are in real danger!

I'll have nigthmares. It was like watching Don't Hug me I'm Scared for the first time. Art was okay, I was trying to figure out how to play and then things just started to get really akward. I guess I was suppose to shoot the vaccines with my barking, but controlling it was confusing and difficulty. 

Some texts are hard to read and the screen is too dark in the game. Sometimes it's difficulty to see things and then suddenly there are lots of infected people in front of you. I didn't enjoy gameplay. 

"I can't protect my waifu smile any longer"

Nice game! I was doing so well until there were blocks on my way. Good level design. Interesting game concept.

If I had read the description on the game page before, hacking would be easier.  Cool graphics and sound. Awful plot, awful game concept, but somehow I played it until the end 2 times. Why?! Gameplay is good. Probably "so bad it's good".

Well, I laughed. I tried to reach to the top of the place. It's something. 

I wasn't sure about how to play it.

I've played the 2018 one. I've seen some games about ordering pizzas on the Pizza Jam a while ago and many of them had mechanics of remembering where you should give pizza instead of deliverying it to everyone. Maybe you could use something like that. Challenges for skins sound good.

It's unplayable. My eyes hurts from those lights, the art would be good if it wasn't for it. The sound is cool. The game concept is okay, but controllers and physics are bad.

This one was really good. I loved it! Very bad and yet very good game. Good job!

It was boring. Not much gameplay. Maybe next time you can make a bad game that is still fun... I agree it could have more challenge. I also guess it could have a faster speed. I like the Sponge Bob's house and that's all.

This game is surprisingly fun! Please continue developing it. I want to play it with my friends.

I thought I was suppose to escape too, but not really because of the title. The first thing I saw there was a window with the view of the city and some objects I even tried to interact with. Seems like an escape game. But then I went on the direction of the door and there were drones. After shooting then for a while it got really boring. I didn't get what those green blocks were. There's no plot, nothing more in gameplay. Only pretty graphics and bad gameplay.

At some point of the game there's only an empty space down there. I would have enjoyed it if there was more level design. It's just incomplete, so keep working on it!

I don't want to play it enough to do the entire process it requires to be played. 

I didn't get someone to play with me neither. The graphics works well in game, but are bad on menu and other screens. Some music and sound effects would make it better. It would be cool to have more elements in this game, such as skins for characters and weapons (keeping the art style, like in BattleBlock Theater) and more gameplay stuff, cause now it's too generic and plain to be a good party game. I wouldn't play it with my friends.

Nice graphics. It needs some sounds. The texts go too fast I couldn't read it all. Then I got stuck because I didn't know what I should do to progress. The game concept is cool.

It was really "so bad it's good". I like the physics of this game. Though I couldn't even finish level 3, the game is cool. It's only too difficulty to me.

The concept of the game is fantastic, it can become a very nice game. 

Couldn't move beyond the tittle screen, the game chrashes.

Wow, you played it multiple times, cool! Thank you! Yeah, the game could be worse, but it's definitely a good thing (though I want to earn a bad Steam game xD). 

We got some bugs on the history's routes, sorry about that. We will fix it.

Thank you! I'm really happy you like the character design I've made!

Thank you! I'm interested in the championship. Can you give me more information about it? 

Hi! I'm looking for a team. Not sure about what I'm going to make yet (it may be a comic, a game, etc). I'm a designer, an illustrator and I also use Godot. You can see some of my drawings there:

Thak you!

 Yeah, the game needs more intensity and difficulty and a better theme music, I plan to add it. 

Thank you for your feedback! You're right, at first I didn't want to publish because I can't test the build. But since you asked for it, I uploaded a linux build and also a mac one. Please try it! 

Thank you for the information. The .exe was there, but I forgot to zip the data.pck, that's why it wasn't working. I uploaded it properly now. Please, try  it again.

You're welcome! It would be cool to join your team on another jam

Thank you for playing! The question is "Is that okay?", but currently it only works if you type it this way: "is that okay?". My bad. I intend to adjust it and add some music. 

It was really fun!

It's good. The only thing I don't like about it are the weird control of the direction, but I've seen it's a little bit better in the last update. I guess this is my favorite in this jam so far. Nice job!

Lovely. But some parts where kinda of imposible in phase 2. I feel like it better fits the pastel jam, though. The aesthetics are pretty in general, but the guy sleeping scene could be better. It's like it was just throwed there to make the game fit the memory theme. Then it has nothing to do with the gameplay. Playing it doesn't feel like remembering a sandwich recipe. Maybe it could be better if the thing to collect where ingredients, not entire sandwiches.

Is there more then one question? I answer to question one and get a "you win" message. Is that all?

It could move faster. When a new wave of enemies appears it is already hitting you, there's no time to get away from it. 

The windows 64 bit version ins't working. I couldn't play it.