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Oh, past me. They have moved on, time for you to move as well. 

Last Tumblr update was AUG 29 2021. The two dev's twitter was last twitted Feb 15, 2018 and Nov 25, 2021. And the YouTube channel hasn't been updated in 4  years,  Apr 17, 2017. The video's music is nice.  They have a gmail you can contact

I'm honestly surprised that the latest update was in late 2021, I thought the project was abandoned.  They don't seem to post often, so even though it's been half a year since the last update, I'd say the chances this project is still active is high. 

Do note that I just briefly skimmed their socials, didn't check indepth for any updates. They might have more recent updates, I don't know. 

Do hope this answered your question, have a good day. 

Happy Anniversary! \( =>♥<= )/<(My wallet is ready for those DLCs & Our Life : Now & Forever!) 

Happy happy days! Wish you all the best!

I'm doing well! I'll have to be more careful with titles from now on though,  nice to know you don't mind this title (´∀`•) I await the arrival of the full game! <3  (ノ≧ڡ≦)  Much love!

Oh god I didn't mean to put 'Hey Hey!' as the topic! How the hell do I edit it???????

I was going through my old comments (...and cringing while I silently delete them)  and I saw that this project isn't done yet! The most recent (currently)  update was October 3th, 2019.  I mean no rush,it's just its been 2 years.  I honestly have a vague memory with this game but seeing how positive I spoke about it before, I am hopeful. (Let's see if I was just too positive before)

If this is dropped then..uh....Edit the title to indicate it's been dropped?  I hope you're doing fine these days.

Ahaha! No problem~ It was a pleasure! ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Hey Hey! I've just completed this game and I'll say, damn.

The character interaction made me buckle and the dynamic made it enjoyable! The characters/titles are simple and easy to understand and although the cgs caught me off guard, this game is pretty okay!

Although Souma doesn't pay mind to sugar coating or hesitating to call out on Yuki's bullshit, he didn't 100% come off as a jackass! He was cute and holy hell when he told Yuki he wanted his bone-y ass again I died of laughter.

I honesty felt if this game had a true route, it would be with Souma! I just find it flows better. Also I realize that : [Spoilers come'in]


Izumi had a connection with Yuki's sudden dept pretty early on, but I'm not complaining about that! I'm glad that somehow the game had foreshadowed it with out shoving it in our faces. (Unlike some other games)

I have mix feeling for Izumi, I liked him but when he directly, literally in our face shuts our little 'oh shop, I really wanted to....injure his third leg.  I pity him but dude, stop please. I don't want my affection towards you to drop, please. 

Mei and Rei were quite likeable, Grand-Grand is hell cute! Like a cute little squish-able plush!  

I wonder what would happen if the endings blend together? Like Izumi is still the heir (Through blackmail of course) but is still lover with Yuki. Oh and speaking of their relationship, MY DUDE SOUMA AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!111

Like it's obvious that he likes Yuki, playing through Izumi route made me feel bad...Bone-y ass... Him being drunk, confessing and waking up to see that he's in Izumi's house, and maybe seeing Yuki holding Izumi, MY HEART. (Even pushing him towards Izumi because he knows that's where Yuki's happiness will lies, dude my eyes were sweating)

I can proudly say I got all the achievements and that I cried, excluding us killing Pride-y MCPride Face.  I wonder that was the after math...


Anyhow, I've enjoyed playing the game despite the out of place cgs style change! Nice work lad!


yO I realllllllllly like this game now :3 I am looking forward to the full game >:3

(I really wanna drag Lioji in to the plot more and get a route or a ending where the mc has no love interest and just solves it with her friends and bunny-cat) I need more cat faces.

(I wrote some words backwards)

The first ending I was surprised to see the CG, I mean we were a oggod ! But then my head started thinking. Tundere dude was saved by.. us, the Dork was kinda treating us as a namuh, and the greeny was the only one what I thought who treated us like a oggod. But do people really do blush when seeing a oggod? Also can someone explain how the tittle relates to the plot twist?

Nice game! I don't really know what to put her so uhhhhh..ummmm YEAH! NIcE gAmE !!!!

Cool! Landon Parents would be joyed too I guess :3 Tyler will forever be my Bae <3

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Does anyone need a walkthough because I need one for real life and every game XD Seriously is there a walkthough for this game?

(there are less choices in the dudes route yet I can't get the good ending T_T ) 

No problem! I am excited for the full release <3 

OMG I freaking love this game!! HOLY WACKY MOLEY KJHDKA I loved It! All tho I kinda wanted to see more lovey-dovey stuff XD And I'm kinda wondering if Noelle and Askash gets together?  Anyways LOVE IT!!! XD I ship Min and Diya TO MUCH!

I like the game. I evened played the demo but the differences between the sprites and the background is a bit distracting.  Also the demo and the "full game" are a tad to different, the demo was a pixel RPG while the  full game is a visual novel. Overall I like the plot! You have something going just try not to sprinkle clish in the Full FULL game <3   

SOOOOOO Spoilers!

I took back my words and I played and got all the endings and the extra. I'm crying. I CALLED IT! I'm also a bit peeved that I didn't see Erik's reaction to Emma's positive on the test.  How would the other boys react to? Anyways I LOVE THE GAME!!! The art for breaking Emma's promise made me cry also, is flame head gonna be the villain in the next game?


I kinda wish there was a walkthough for life XD

Gha No Walkthough? I'm gonna fail XD 

Fun fact: With out a walkthrough I always get a bad endings  XD Just like in real life.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FULL GAME AHHa Also after this game is done what are you going to do next?

no problem I can't wait for the full game, good luck! :3

Hiya I just played your game and I love it but I don't really get the main plot like :

is this a story about a girl with a disable/Pdsd/anxiety with love at the side?

About a girl who has a disable and is trying to over come it with the power of LOVE? (and shiz like that)

I don't really get it XD but I love it, I can't wait for the full game if there gonna be one.

I have played this a while ago and I still love it :3 also to help player is there gonna be a walk-though or nah. Also is it still gonna be free to play?  or do we have  to buy?

I see thank you very much :)

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I was on thee 12 chapter and the next day when I opened the game it didn't have my save file and the pattern didn't show on the neckline it only showed on the collar. I  will go back to the 12 chapter and try again to see if it was a one time thing ( didn't save....)

Ummm :) I cant put the pattern on the top part it only shows when i put a collar but i well try again.

Also I lost my save file  T_T but anyways thank you for replying 

When I am fulfilling the requests  some time it says it wrong and sometimes it doesn't even let me put patterns soooo i cant passs chapter 12 T_T WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY  

 Usually  I would prefer romance but this seems interesting 

I'ma check it ~💖