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This is a little miracle, bless you Computed James

Whoops! It's on the development branch, but I forgot to retroactively add it to the (old) main branch, and the release branch.

It does go down (very slowly). I was trying to keep it tuned so you'd run out of control at some point. Pickups would be a good addition!

yes, i agree that there's not much meat on the bones of this design; it's over quickly because this game would be quite boring if it was too much longer. Maybe it'd last longer if it was a maze you were being chased through...

Teleportation is interesting, I'd have to replace the chase mechanic, as that'd be a trivial issue to solve.

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it's cute without being cutesy, if that helps

nice work then!

This is really cute!

Isn't this art straight from super meat boy?

I like the ambience and the physics, although you do feel a little floaty on the way down.

Thank you! The rest were bad or unfinished, to be fair.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it definitely needs audio, and to be clearer about whats going on at the beginning. 

Good job! Some tutorialisation at least would be good, perhaps with some premade puzzle style layouts? Thanks for the suggestion!

Very satisfying when I found out you could stick to walls. You might consider adjusting the variables on how often nukes spawn, and I think it'd feel nicer if the harpoon reeled you in quicker. Otherwise a great little game.

Nice idea! I wouldn't have said no to some lateral movement as well as rotational, and not sure the fuel loss / uranium gain felt worth going after more fuel.

Nice! I'd like a reason to not just be clicking constantly, but otherwise fun! (also you should consider making the default game size on itch not be bigger than the standard screen, but that's not a design bit)

Thanks for playing! I'd like to give it a bit more polish, but i think I'll work on the underlying hexagonal code (zooming, panning etc) before i make any visible improvements.

I aimed for it to be a short, repeatable game, so an enemy spawns every move. I think you're right though, there are too many enemies too quickly, and you don't get yo enjoy the puzzlely part

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Nothing really, it's just supposed to look like a planet. I was thinking of having the blue (water) spread more pollution to other water, but it didn't pan out in time

Thanks for playing!

This was a delight!

thanks very much!

Hopefully it'll have an end when I'm finished with it

Ideally swinging around will charge up each point and add a background or produce some nice effect (i.e. awaken).

Thanks for the response!

high praise! thank you for playing!

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my bad, i missed the deadline by quite a bit (i.e. it's nowhere near finished). It's open now

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the work you do playing all these games

This is really cool

Cool game! It'd be nice if questions didn't repeat themselves immediately though.

This is really good! A really pleasant surprise when I realised the key placement was random. Might be a tough one, but some arm animations for knocking stuff would be amazing.

Oh really? Hmm, there's a multiplayer tag on it somewhere, but I guess I should update the description. Thanks for that!


All you have to do is split your brain in two

Thanks for enjoying it!

Thanks for playing! The controls do need some polishing and it also looks like the whole world disappeared when you played??? Sorry about that!

Thanks for playing! There are animations that are nearly impossible to find, and they are underwhelming.

Mmm! good idea! 

Thank you!

Ahh yeah, sorry it's extremely unclear what you're supposed to be doing. But in a way, isn't that the real cat?

maybe the description should say "very unfinished", but I wouldn't say it's not a game

no joke