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This was a delight!

thanks very much!

Hopefully it'll have an end when I'm finished with it

Ideally swinging around will charge up each point and add a background or produce some nice effect (i.e. awaken).

Thanks for the response!

high praise! thank you for playing!

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my bad, i missed the deadline by quite a bit (i.e. it's nowhere near finished). It's open now

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the work you do playing all these games

This is really cool

Cool game! It'd be nice if questions didn't repeat themselves immediately though.

This is really good! A really pleasant surprise when I realised the key placement was random. Might be a tough one, but some arm animations for knocking stuff would be amazing.

Oh really? Hmm, there's a multiplayer tag on it somewhere, but I guess I should update the description. Thanks for that!


All you have to do is split your brain in two

Thanks for enjoying it!

Thanks for playing! The controls do need some polishing and it also looks like the whole world disappeared when you played??? Sorry about that!

Thanks for playing! There are animations that are nearly impossible to find, and they are underwhelming.

Mmm! good idea! 

Thank you!

Ahh yeah, sorry it's extremely unclear what you're supposed to be doing. But in a way, isn't that the real cat?

maybe the description should say "very unfinished", but I wouldn't say it's not a game

no joke

have done

Seemed like it'd be fun, though I couldn't seem to kill the green alien at all, so couldn't get past wave 1.

Interesting idea, was there a reason not to put turrets down everywhere though?

I gave this a go as a single player but it seems great! What a cool idea.

This is a delightful game.  I had no idea what was going on at the start because I was clicking and immediately dying.

this is amazing!

Urgh, I'm sorry it didn't work for you, it's a pretty annoying accessibility problem.  Thanks for the positivity!

woah, high praise! There are a lot of amazing games in this jam, so I won't raise my hopes too high


Thanks! We're quite happy with the way it looks and sounds! 

Keyboard detection is a bit more difficult; we'd have to hand edit each level for each keyboard layout, because there aren't maps for key positions. Maybe if I think of a smart way to scan keyboard images... 

On the other hand, the escape key thing is a good shout! it was a last minute addition so it's definitely on the list of things to change. 

Thanks! It's certainly a protoype; there's a lot of tightening that could be done to improve the gameplay. Adding levels would be pretty reasonable after that.

Great stuff, really feels like i'm using more than 3 buttons.

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interesting game, i didn't really get what was happening in the first level, but eventually I saw the light!


Yeah I know, it's an unfortunate side-effect of the input requiring spacebar as it's single button. I could add some code that would disable key events for space, but I'm not sure what effect that'd have in general.

For now, you can go to fullscreen mode and you won't see any motion.

Thanks for mentioning it, by the way.