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Submitted by looneybits (@looneybits) — 4 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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The game has an excellent technical section.
The gameplay is reminiscent of Konami's mythical Penguin Adventure.


I had no idea about the existence of this game, glad you liked it.
Thanks  @Snabisch for your comment ;)

I have introduced some changes.

Lanes definition done !


Ok, I've been playing this again and il drop some thoughts in here, I know you appreciate the feedback looneybits. :)

Lanes: It is kind of difficult to realise the separate lanes to begin with unless you been playing a few times.

Suggestion: You have 3 darker trials on the run path, maybe change this to 5 to show the player they are like lanes. After a period of time you could have these lighten/disappear as the waves/game gets harder. Or perhaps the speed effect you have could be rendered in a way they shows the lanes in a subtle manner nearer the zebra playing area.

"That's the deal, if you don't survive you won't get the stars."

I understand that, but i find that this really punishes the player. What i think will be a good idea would be to add another variable that gives the player something else to play for as well, maybe an XP, which could unlock things like a 'Jump' ,'invincibility' or 'continue' perk for a short while to give the player some hope of reaching the end of the waves. On many occasions i got to wave 4 after like 10 attempts only for the tree to kill me, (and i wasn't convinced i actually hit the tree) and lost all my coins on that run. Then to be honest i didn't feel like playing it anymore, had i got something for my trouble it would make it more the while playing or continue trying and not feel so hard done by.

i did notice that it does get slightly faster on some waves.

Hope this is helpful. :)


Yeah!! I appreciate your feedback a lot, in fact I've introduced things that were proposed on SensibleGear comments, like coins(stars), a terrain and also I've decreased the difficulty (not much as I can see) but this game is slower than SensibleGear, so thank you very much for your feedback.

  • The game appears to have 3 lanes. So it took me a while to realize that the game has 5 (and not that the game has gradual transitions).
  • For whatever reason I did not get to keep any of my stars unless I cleared all of the waves (Firefox). So at first I thought it was impossible to unlock the other characters.
  • Waves 2 and 4 of the four wave set are my favorite (but wave 4 should probably be faster).
  • The game could probably use a mechanic to encourage risky choices.
    Overall I liked the game, but towards the end of 100%ing it seemed to lose a lot of the charm.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!!

  • Lanes definition is something that I have to improve.
  • That's the deal, if you don't survive you won't get the stars.
  • 2 and 4 (small)rocks and shots. OK, got it ;)
  • Like deciding a path left-right at some point or something similar, right?
  • Maybe adding other types of missions could help to the game to be more re-playable.

Here is a bit more detail on some of those points. Still trying not to spoil the game for anyone. (Go play and vote before reading this, if you haven't already. >.> )

  • The stars are all or nothing. So you don't make good progress towards unlocking the other characters until you have mastered the difficulty of the game. This makes for a poor engagement curve.
  • Small rocks is the only wave in the game with no stars, instead it has more complicated patterns that ask you to look ahead and plan your route. This provides a difficult but rewarding challenge. I think if you take a good look at how your game is using stars you will find they currently take away a lot from the game.
  • Wave 4 is hype... the first few times. Unfortunately, the star placement is a distraction (try later in the wave) and the wave gets long and easy after the first few times. Still it offers something that no other part of the game does. (Also, your character choice has some amusing effects on the context of wave 4. Not saying I would do anything about it, just that it is weird how much one character can change the interpretation of the story.)
  • Encouraging risky choices: Placing collectables in a line leading up to an obstacle to encourage the player to wait until the last second to change lanes. Splitting the path into two routes one easier one more rewarding and letting the player choose which half they want. Offering power-ups or special paths that offer a huge benefit, but sometimes placing them in hard to get to places. Just to name a few I have seen. The advantage to this is it lets players adjust the difficulty of the game themselves while rewarding them for turning up the difficulty. This makes the same level fun for multiple skill levels.
  • Yes, that would help it be more re-playable, but you have to keep in mind the type of experience you are trying to make. It is okay for a game to end. Not all runners need to be endless you know. That said the thing I see in games that have A LOT of replay value is that they don't change the way they interact with me, I change the way I interact with them.

I hope that helps.

  • That's right the learning curve is not smooth enough.
  • Got it, using stars in another way could give a better game experience.
  • I agree.
  • Yeah, nice idea !
  • Interesting answer, so I need to build a custom game language.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and giving your point.

It was very helpful!!


Holy Cow  Zebra! this is tough Mr Looneybits. I dunno whats happened, but ive had about 100 gos at it and now my arrow keys are not working for your game. ive refreshed, restarted the browser but its not working anymore. is there a file that gets saved in a local when playing which might effect the game? its the most strangest thing i've ever encountered. :) il try again later. maybe my browser is broken. i'm using google chrome if that helps.

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

It's your chrome, for sure !!  I've used Unity3d to develop this game and I'm not using any special config or lib, so try this; clean your cache or try to use a private browsing new window (When you close that window you'll lose all your progress).

PS: I'm sorry for your keyboard.


thought it would be my end, cleared my cached and history, il try another keyboard, i want to beat your game!

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

I've had to put a disclaimer !! Just for your keyboard... ;)


you alright mate!, its my dodgy internet connection! controls work fine. :)


Love the look!   The constant stream of lines dashing by creates a great sense of speed and the Zebra is cute and looks like it's really hauling tail.  :)


The lanes could be made more visually distinct.   Either by stretching them out, so each lane is visually wider on the screen, or by making the ground coloring of each lane more distinct.   

Some more visual feedback for the collisions would help.  The cut straight to the 'You died' screen works, but because everything moves so fast, I was sometimes left me wondering what I'd hit, or feeling cheated.   Actually showing the zebra hitting the tree would at least visually confirm for the player that they hit something.

Difficulty ramp is sharp.  Well, more like it starts hard, I wasn't good enough to really know if it gets harder.  ;)  Could maybe use a warm up phase just to introduce the idea of lanes, obstacles and coins before everything gets rolling.

Fun game though, which I had the skills to unlock that piggy!  :)


I can see that's a constant, the communication between the game and player is my greatest weakness, the player is not receiving enough feedback from the game.

Thanks a lot !!


Fun, but it's really unclear where the hitboxes for the trees are.



Thanks for your feedback!!

I knew that those trees could be problematic or misunderstood, with this wave in concrete I was looking for recreating the experience of running through the woods. Maybe another kind of trees could be more effective, and less confusing.


Do they spawn on a grid? Because sometimes it felt like they were blocking multiple roads, and it really threw me off guard.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yes, the objects are spawned in a grid!!
I've built a wave generator and what you are seeing here is a row of 5 spawners seeding 1 tree per row in a sinusoidal  triangular shape, same for coins, but in a reversal sinusoidal triangular shape.


Aww yes!! I beat it! 

It feels good to beat a hard game like this. I was hoping the pig and dog would have different levels, but I guess not. A shame, but still very good!


Thx ;)


I love animals and this game looks and sounds great! 

It's quite hard until you get used to the fact that you have to tap the buttons over and over and not hold them o.o


Wow !!
Nice feedback very useful, a little big detail that I missed completely.


no problem! 

Another thing I suggest is maybe having a keyboard shortcut for restarting the level, so you don't constantly have to move your hand between the keyboard and mouse every time you die. And I die a lot ;w;


I'll second the request for a 'continue' short cut, but contradict the request for 'continuous movement'  Because the play field is a grid which distinct lanes it's better to keep the controls discrete, one tap moves one lane.  Moving the zebra continuously would make it very confusing and hard to tell which lane you were in.


Yes, you are right, but I'll take into consideration for SensibleGear, where the player drives a car.
Thanks you all for your feedback I'm learning a lot.