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know the feeling!  :)

Awesome work!  

A genius mix of early arcade maze action and open world exploration and bombastic RPG storytelling!

I'll go against the grain and say I loved the story!   Ripped right from the headlines!  And the way it was presented, with that scrolling city backdrop behind it was vintage beat-em up action at it's finest!
But if there's a pandemic on, shouldn't our heroes be wearing masks out in public?  ;)

Thanks!  Much more to come, so stay tuned!  :

Aha!  Got it now, thanks!

Love the concept and the dialogue!   
Can't seem to do much more than just walk around and talk to folks, found anya and octo but not Jek, any pointers?

A little stuck, got inside the castle but can't figure out how to get down the ladder.  any pointers?

great work!   each boss was well realized with it's own unique attack pattern, figuring out the right counter strategy was lot so fun.   Progression system was great too, I felt like I could take on the whole empire myself by the end!  :)

Great choice of art!  It all looks great and fits together really well!  Terrific example of how different OGA sets can be used together with great effect!  

Any pointers on controls or what to do?  I figured out move and jump plus 'x' to talk to the kid but after that I'm stuck.  If I jump into the little block under the green froggy thing I end up in an inventory or puzzle interface of some kind but I'm not sure what to do there.  If I go down into the cave I just get stuck.

No worries if that's all there is, it's still a great start especially for only 5 days of work!

Thanks!   We have a lot more planned for the game so stay tuned!

Thanks!  The music and graphics are all ZomBCool's work but I'll take the blame for the low difficulty.  Promise they'll be a hard mode in the full version which we hope to release shortly after the Jam ends.

AWESOME!!   Going right back to try for the other ending!
  I don't want to spoil anything for anybody but I'll just say there are some great surprises in there.

Great work!

Thanks very much for trying the new version out,  glad you liked it!   

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Oh sorry, yeah, I truncated those two comments together, but I did understand that you meant them to be two different issues 'buggy transitions' and separately 'get kind of lost'.

Anyway, just released the 'After Hours Jam Edition' which fixes the transitions and adds a mini-map so hopefully that helps a little on both counts.  :)

Thanks!  The title was definitely something I wanted to improve upon from the Jam build (whose logo was strictly rough draft territory), so I'm really glad to hear you like how it came out!

Hi!  Maybe there is some confusion, Yulpers is already completed and released, you can get it for free here:

Yulpers Game of the Jam Edition is a planned expansion of Yulpers, which will add new enemies, areas, challenges, etc. and double the number of levels.  Sort of a 'Yulpers 1.5'.   Sadly, I must admit that Yulpers GOTJE has fallen on the priority list for a bit as I have so many other exciting projects going on and one in particular that I've been working on for waay too long and really need to finish for my own sanity's sake.  But I do plan to get back to it one day.   Hopefully the time away just gives my creative juices more time to stew so I can make Yulpers GOTJE that much better for you!


If you liked Scarfy, I think you'll like Yulpers also.

Thanks!  It's very kind of you to offer moneys but in all honesty, just knowing you enjoyed the game and it put a smile on your face is plenty enough reward for me.

> This is totally everything I love about retro games and platformers in general!

Awesome!  I really wanted the game to feel like the kind of game I'd waste a lazy Sunday afternoon playing on my real SMS as a kid (except maybe not as soul crushingly difficult ;)  So if I hit that note with you, I'm thrilled!  :)

Thanks!  Glad you could see through the bugs and hope the 'After Hours Jam Edition' fixes everything up for you!

Fantastic!   This one had me right from the faux-loading screen, complete with authentic high pitch squeals, my son complained they were loud and annoying, which is true but they still made me smile!  :)

Game itself is very fun!   Got a fun puzzle solving vibe to it.  It's less about platforming and quick reflexes (although there's a touch of that) and more about exploring and figuring where and how to use the different items you find.   
Graphics and sound are top notch.  Skelly looks excellent as do all the backgrounds.  Amazing what can be done with one color tiles!  
Music will have you busting a move!

Really great game here.  Took me way back to my C64 days, a really good retro experience that has a lot of the rough edges from the old days but still goes down silky smooth!

too bad, this looks like it would have been fun!   Well, hang onto the project files, someday OGA is supposed to run a 'finish an old project' game jam.

Thanks for the kind words!  Especially in regards to the enemy placement.  

> Some controls and some screen transitions are buggy...You can get kind of lost

Working on an 'After Jam' edition which will add many more screens but also fix the control and screen transition issues and add a map screen, so stay tuned!  :)  

> Maybe in future versions you can fix that inertia it has when you are falling after jumping

Working on it!  :)

Thanks for the kind words!   I definitely have an 'After Jam' edition coming so stay tuned!  :)

Thanks!   Glad you enjoyed Scarfy!   It was actually partially inspired by your Polar Bear Platformer submission on OGA, so thank you for sharing that!  :)

The Adventures of Yulpers! was released in the summer of 2018, you can check it out here:

The Game of the Jam! edition is still under development.   I was hoping to have it out sooner, but I'm afraid I've gotten side tracked finishing up some other projects on my pile.  :)

Well, got a play through in and there's still a few broken room links but at least what's there is playable.   I'll fix it all up and add more content for the already-in-the-works After Jam Special Edition!  :)

Thanks again for granting me that extra time!

oh dear, data problem was worse than I thought.  Something in my tool chain was nuking the links between the different rooms in the game, leading /alot/ of dead ends. :(     So, I used some the extra time you've generously granted to do a little audit and make sure everything's all linked up like it should be.

I've also put together and OGA submission for the art work in the game.

using the extra time to fix credits.

oh, I didn't see your posts, thank you! thank you! thank you!

ah well, turns out the first installer I uploaded was broken and had two game breaking bugs on the first screen.  All three issues were simple data problems, I fixed them and uploaded a new installer, but I guess you could fairly say I missed the deadline by more like an hour at this point.  :(

I just missed the submission deadline by 53 seconds!!!


Any chance I can get my project added?

I can't believe I came that close!

Well in fairness, I probably need another hour or two to double check the credits and put together an OGA submission for the new art.

I am running with the 'an animal simulation' game idea, although everything pulled away from 'simulation' pretty quickly for my game, but I still think it'll be fun.

shoot, i am not on Discord.  you want to just shoot me an email and we can work it out from there?  I am scott dot matott at gmail dot com.

@Naraku:  Hi!  I know this is coming late and quite close to the deadline one, but I am working on an entry and would love to collaborate if you are interested in making sound and music for the game.  Let me know if your interested and we can work out some way to communicate privately about it.

A really great start!  Graphics are top-notch, and even with only the 2-player VS mode working it's still a lot of fun!   I like the idea of the bonus dispenser bouncing around and randomly dropping goodies.  Adds a little extra something for the player to keep track of and hold out the possibility to turning a match around by collecting a power up when you are down.

A jump kick attack would be an awesome addition!  :)

Love the look and the story!  Difficulty ramped up pretty quick for me, but it was still quite fun.

Only feedback would be to suggest having the player sprite follow behind the pot as it's pushed.  Not really necessary but would help sell the 'pushing' action a bit more.

If I understand you correctly, those are the Color Map save/load buttons.  These load/save an individual color mapping.  The Project load/save buttons save an entire project (src image, palette, ALL color mappings, etc).  

The idea is to provide a method for sharing individual color mappings between projects.   For example, you might set up a general purpose mapping from say the Sega Master System palette to the NES palette.  You could then save just this mapping and reload it into whatever projects you might want to use it for.

If you open the text files in notepad (or the text editor of your choice) you should see some difference in the contents between a Project save and a Color Map save.  If not, let me know!  :)

BTW was just testing this to make sure before answering your question and noticed that the load/save dialogues for an individual color mapping refer to the mappings as a 'Color Swap Set' when it should call it a 'Color Map' to match the rest of the GUI.   Sorry for any confusion that might have caused.  Internally the code calls maps 'color swap sets' for whatever reason and it looks like I accidentally let some of that language slip into the GUI.  Will try and remember to change the dialogue titles the next time I roll a build.

Thanks for the kind words, so glad to hear you find the tool useful! 

for those interested, you can find some fun 'Made For The Fall All-OGA Game Jam! 2019' splash screens here:

The idea is to display the screen when your game starts up to let everyone know your game was made specifically for this jam!

Update: Miracle Math Land v1.0 adds a brief period of invulnerability for the player when re-spawning.  I've also tweaked many of the level layouts to provide safer landing spots for re-spawning players.   Thanks for the feedback!

Update: Custom control interface has been added with v1.0!  So you can now map those keys however you like! :)