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Hi!   This took me a bit longer to get to than I was expecting, but some progress has been made.

Just posted a new build that adds the option to save maps as a series of separate images and the ability to re-order maps.

Hold shift and click map up/down buttons to the current map up/down in the map order.   Not quite as slick as dragging and dropping them in the preview window but it should give you something to work from until I can get time to code that bit of magic up.  :)

Image sequences are named 'selected_filenameXX.EXT' where XX is the map number and EXT is the file extension of the selected file (default is png).  Hope that works for you.

Thanks again for the feedback!

>  Could you add a shift click for grabbing multiple tiles?

Done.  Well, I went with simply click-drag to select a range of tiles.  Let me know how it works for you, I thought it was slightly easier and more intuitive than a shift-click approach.

> I just tested it out a little, it seems to be a bug tied to the tile swap, since it works before I swap tiles but not after.

Did some testing, and I think this is the 'Window sometimes doesn't respond to clicks on title bar or window frame' issue that all my apps seems to have.  I hate to point fingers, but I think it's something in SDL library that I use for display.  I don't know what it is but it seems to get confused about whether the window is active or not.  At some point I hope to do a deep-dive and figure out what is going on and hash out a solution.

In the meant time, try clicking off the window and then very specifically clicking back on the title bar area.  That's usually enough to kick it back it shape for a bit.

thanks so much for the kind words!

Really glad to hear someone else might find this tool useful.  Similar to Pixel Palette Tool, I had some hesitation making it because it seems like it's got to be re-inventing the wheel at some level.  After all, there are already so many other great pixel art tools out there.  But I couldn't find anything that was quite this simple for this particular task, so I figured I might as well give it a go.  It helps that the code base is really just a stripped down version of Pixel Palette Tool, which I'm sure you could guess from the slightly wonky GUI.  :)

> I couldn't find a way to close the app, had to close it from the taskbar.

That's odd.  Did it launch in full screen mode or windowed mode?  It should just start up in a normal Windows window with an 'X' button to close it just like any other app.  But maybe I messed something up and it's launching in full screen mode for some reason.

>  Could you add a shift click for grabbing multiple tiles?  Maybe use the destination tile as a top left coordinate? 

>  it'd be especially helpful when rearranging big objects like trees.

That's a great idea!    Thinking maybe it's just drag to select a group of tiles.  I'll work on it and see what feels best (shift or drag). 

Thanks again for the feedback!  :)

> Perhaps that could be a way to earn extra owls though !

Ah, but there is! 

Bonk 10 Beaky Birds and a heart will spawn, catch it to heal 1 heart. 

Bonk 50 Beaky Birds and an owl egg will spawn and hop across the ground.  Go catch it to earn an extra life!

> Not that I really know if you are interested in updating this game further,

I'm always up for hearing ideas and improving my games!

> Never have I heard a more withthelove plot :3

lol, guilty as charged.  :)

>Never seen more withthelove graphics :3

> cool to see your graphics improve as well!

> The birds look great, hough the trees look awfully square x3

Thanks, I have been really trying to improve my pixel art skills, so I'm glad it's showing a little bit at least.  :)

> The same seems choppy with a low framerate however, and also like a Wonder Kids clone.

I guess we PM'd about this.  Sounds like switching from windowed mode to fullscreen got things running at a proper frame rate for you.

> But I suppose math games are your new calling :3 If that is what you want to do, then don't let me tell you different :3

I'll admit all these edutainment games serve a double purpose for me.  I enjoy the challenge of making learning fun and they're a way to trick my kids into doing math.  :) 

Thanks again for all the kind words!  

glad to hear it,  that's just what I was going for.  :)

Hi!  thanks for your kind words!!  So glad you are finding the tool useful.

I'll try to answer your questions and concerns as best I can.

> What do the arrow buttons do? There are left/right buttons below the "Image" label and up/down buttons below the "Palette" label.

These buttons are for scrolling through the available colors if the palette contains more colors than can fit on the screen at once.

I hadn't thought of it, but I guess it is funny that the 'Image' palette gets a left/right arrows and the 'Map' palette gets up/down arrows.  :)

> being able to change the palette order would be nice. I imported a whole bunch of palettes and would have liked to rearrange them afterwards in order to put similar palettes next to each other.

Colors within a palette can be re-arranged at any time by simply dragging the color squares around.

However, I think maybe we have our terminology a bit mixed up here.  So if it's ok, I'd like to define a few terms here to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

* The 'Image' palette is the list of colors in the source image.

* The 'Palette' or 'map' palette is the list of colors to use in the destination image.

* A 'Map' is a mapping from colors in the 'Image' palette to colors in the 'map' Palette.  

If I am guessing correctly, when you say 'palette' above, you mean what I have dubbed a 'map', is this correct?

If so, I think I see what you mean.   Currently, you can add, remove and clone 'maps' but you cannot re-order them.  Actually, I have often wanted this feature myself and for the reason you suggest, I create a bunch of maps and then want to re-arrange them a bit to put like ones near each other in the list.

I'll think about how to add a way to re-arrange the maps without adding too much clutter to the UI.  I'm sure it can be done.

> I would have liked to set names for my palette mappings.

I hadn't thought of this before, but that's also a really good idea.  Again, I'll think up a way to add this without complicating the UI too much.

> It would be great if instead of saving one big output picture, I had the option to save individual pictures for every palette in my project.

Another great idea.  I had only just recently added the ability to select between stacking the maps vertically or horizontally in the output picture.  I'll work on adding a third mode for saving them a series of separate images.

> if relative paths in the project file were used it would be more portable.

Hmm...  Sometimes I work out of a C: drive and sometimes out of a D: drive, so this is an issue I have encountered myself as well.   On the other hand, I can think of cases where absolute paths would be preferable.  For example, if the source image is in some arbitrary path not really related to where you palette or project files are located.  Still, let me think about this.   What you'd want would be paths that are relative to the project file, right?  

FYI, as a workaround until I get something working for this, the project files are all just plain text, so if you ever move things around, you can open the project file in any text editor and change the image and palette image paths manually.

> on the right side all the images are in one vertical column. I imported 14 palettes and have to scroll up and down a lot. But there is a lot of unused space available that could be used to show all the images in multiple vertical columns.

hmm.  I see what you mean.  Although, this does depend on the aspect ratio of the source image and the current zoom level.   For example, if the source image were very wide or you were zoomed in very closely, then you might not have as much free space.  Anyway,  I'll think about how to fit more maps into the preview area.

If it helps, you can switch to any map simply by clicking directly on it in the preview area.  This can help save some time vs. just using the map up/down buttons.

Thanks again for your nice words and your thoughtful, well written feedback.  I can't promise when I'll get to making any changes but you've actually caught me right at a lull between projects so hopefully I won't have to keep you waiting too long!  :)

Thanks!  Got a big post-Jam update coming, so stay tuned for more Good Times!  ;)

Thanks!  Got a big post-Jam update coming, so stay tuned for more Good Times!  ;)

Thanks!  Got a big post-Jam update coming, so stay tuned for more Good Times!  ;)

Hi!  I posted banners for the winter jam.

Yeah, got to the back of the arcade on my second play through.  Very fun surprise in there!   :)

I lost all my money betting on Fighter 1 and then got killed in the NoGo sector...Brilliant!  I love it!  Very fun!

Not yet, been busy trying to get my submission together (yours looks cool btw).

Thanks for posting the XCF files though, I will get to it once the jam ends and I have a bit more time.

yup, getting the same thing.  I reported to the admins in the Discord chat.  Hopefully it's just some hiccup on the server...

To answer your question, I mostly just use the GIMP to produce a low-res, low-color version of the logo.

Then I use my own Pixel Palette Tool (available free on to swap the colors and create a version for each palette.

Sometimes, I'll tweak the colors by hand or do a 2nd round of color reduction for a particular palette, but for the most part that's it.

Funny you should ask, I just made up another, there's a low res - Monochrome version:

In addition to the forums on, there is also a discord channel and an OGA Forum thread dedicated to this jam, you can check them out at:


Here's a few 'Made For the Fall All-OGA Game Jam! 2020' banners for folks to insert in their game startup sequences.

Displaying one of these logos in your game is strictly optional but seriously fun!   :)

Sega Master System Palette

NES Palette

Game Boy Palette

Dawn Bringer's 32 Color Palette

Dawn Bringer's 16 Color Palette

These logos along with some source files to help you spin your own if you like can also be found over on OGA at:

If you use one of these logos in your project, be sure to give a proper attribution credit, like so:

Title:  Fall All-OGA Game Jam! 2020 Logo

Author: Scott Matott


License: GPL 3.0

As a bonus, if you use one of these splash screens and give proper credit, it will count towards the 6 OGA Assets required by the jam rules.  :)



Thanks for the kind words and the bug report, I'll look into it!

Converted the jam logo to a 'Made For The OpenGameArt Summer Game Jam 2020' splash screen.

Here it is in few different palettes if anyone else cares to make use of it for their submission.

Sega Master System




Credit Xom Adept ( for the art.

There's even an OGA Submission for the original banner ( so if you use one of these you can count it towards the '6 OGA Assets' requirement  :)


know the feeling!  :)

Awesome work!  

A genius mix of early arcade maze action and open world exploration and bombastic RPG storytelling!

I'll go against the grain and say I loved the story!   Ripped right from the headlines!  And the way it was presented, with that scrolling city backdrop behind it was vintage beat-em up action at it's finest!
But if there's a pandemic on, shouldn't our heroes be wearing masks out in public?  ;)

Thanks!  Much more to come, so stay tuned!  :

Aha!  Got it now, thanks!

Love the concept and the dialogue!   
Can't seem to do much more than just walk around and talk to folks, found anya and octo but not Jek, any pointers?

A little stuck, got inside the castle but can't figure out how to get down the ladder.  any pointers?

great work!   each boss was well realized with it's own unique attack pattern, figuring out the right counter strategy was lot so fun.   Progression system was great too, I felt like I could take on the whole empire myself by the end!  :)

Great choice of art!  It all looks great and fits together really well!  Terrific example of how different OGA sets can be used together with great effect!  

Any pointers on controls or what to do?  I figured out move and jump plus 'x' to talk to the kid but after that I'm stuck.  If I jump into the little block under the green froggy thing I end up in an inventory or puzzle interface of some kind but I'm not sure what to do there.  If I go down into the cave I just get stuck.

No worries if that's all there is, it's still a great start especially for only 5 days of work!

Thanks!   We have a lot more planned for the game so stay tuned!

Thanks!  The music and graphics are all ZomBCool's work but I'll take the blame for the low difficulty.  Promise they'll be a hard mode in the full version which we hope to release shortly after the Jam ends.

AWESOME!!   Going right back to try for the other ending!
  I don't want to spoil anything for anybody but I'll just say there are some great surprises in there.

Great work!

Thanks very much for trying the new version out,  glad you liked it!   

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Oh sorry, yeah, I truncated those two comments together, but I did understand that you meant them to be two different issues 'buggy transitions' and separately 'get kind of lost'.

Anyway, just released the 'After Hours Jam Edition' which fixes the transitions and adds a mini-map so hopefully that helps a little on both counts.  :)

Thanks!  The title was definitely something I wanted to improve upon from the Jam build (whose logo was strictly rough draft territory), so I'm really glad to hear you like how it came out!

Hi!  Maybe there is some confusion, Yulpers is already completed and released, you can get it for free here:

Yulpers Game of the Jam Edition is a planned expansion of Yulpers, which will add new enemies, areas, challenges, etc. and double the number of levels.  Sort of a 'Yulpers 1.5'.   Sadly, I must admit that Yulpers GOTJE has fallen on the priority list for a bit as I have so many other exciting projects going on and one in particular that I've been working on for waay too long and really need to finish for my own sanity's sake.  But I do plan to get back to it one day.   Hopefully the time away just gives my creative juices more time to stew so I can make Yulpers GOTJE that much better for you!


If you liked Scarfy, I think you'll like Yulpers also.