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Great name!

Game was good fun too!

I tended to get lost in the dungeon but by some bit of grace I managed to save enough of Ogazuhl's treasure to win!

The look of the dungeon set a nice atmosphere, the battles were fun if a bit basic.  Catching those little buggers trying to steal my gold made whacking them all the more satisfying.  :)

Great little retro game!  Definitely brought back memories of playing many a similar title on my old Commodore 64.  

The climbing controls feel a bit loose, easy to wiggle about and accidentally fall off when going up the ladders.

Could use fireballs or an 'Evil Otto' mechanic.  Something to put a bit of pressure on the player to finish the level.  As it is, it's perhaps just a tad too low key.

But those are just minor qualms, overall this is a great effort and I had lots of fun playing it!

I'll agree with Hugh Greene, a mini-map would be great, but otherwise a stellar effort!  Fast and fun!

the answer to both questions is yes.  Sorry for the slow response, didn't send me a notification about your message for some reason.   And yes I know that's technically blaming the messenger  ;

Hi all!

Here are two 'Created for's Spring 2019 Game Jam!' screens you can use if you like.

They are by no means required, just something I wanted to do for my OGA game jam projects so I figured I'd share them for others to use as well if they like.

Working on a low-res pixel art conversion using the Sega Master System palette to use in Spring and I's project, will post that as soon as it's ready.




Awesome!   Looking forward to it!

And if I didn't say it already, Shattered Skies is a bloody great name! :)

Awesome!   thanks for sharing, it's always a big help just to watch other people play.  Your play style is remarkable controlled!  Personally, I always get greedy and make a dash for those hard to reach coins, senators, etc.  It burns me every time!  ;)
And yes, the game does continue indefinitely although the lava does speed up a little bit each time you cycle through the levels again.  Wish it could have had a few more levels, but ran out of time.  Hope to add a few more as well as expose the  level editor for a little bonus post-Jam release.

oh dear, sorry about that!

Here it is spelled proper like:

Got it, thanks!

No worries, and definitely put your studies ahead of entertaining all of us!  :)

Congratulations!   Well deserved!

Knew I recognized that title art from somewhere:,236734/

that's one I drooled over in magazine ads a lot as kid but never got to play.   Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. :)

Maybe too ambitious for a one month jam but wow did you get far!

Core mechanics are all here and while it could still use some polish in a few places, the overall presentation is very impressive!

Giving names to all the little Knights and warriors was a great touch and the building descriptions are really fun!

It does have a bit of a laid back feeling to it, being as you never directly control or order anybody about.  But I kind of liked that.  

The only missing feature I'd say would be some kind of countdown to the next attack and maybe an indicator of how strong the attack will be.

I guess it's also a bit on the easy side.  I never had enough gold to hire many soldiers, so I literally lost every battle until I finally happened upon a few gold mines and after that I won every battle!

Music was also very well chosen.  Fit the setting, mood and tempo of the game perfectly.

Great work! And seriously impressive how much you got done in one month!

Definitely an ambitious game for a one month jam!   Pretty impressive results too.  Nice to see some of OGA's 3D assets highlighted too.

Wish the enemies were one or two shot kills.  I couldn't figure out a way to dodge their shots.  Crouching worked for some enemies but not others.  Just trading shots, I could only survive one or two encounters.

Great choice of sprites for the lead character, very cute!   

Liked the shadow effects on the trees, very sharp.

I found a big pile of wood right next to the bridge and was to repair it and exit very quickly.  Don't know if that was intended.  I didn't even have to find the axe or start a fire.

It was fun though, credits presentation was cute.

Neat idea!  I like the idea that just making matches isn't enough, you have to go the extra step and destroy your opponent as well!   

Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be much strategy in it for me.  I found I could just stack four blocks in the exact same spot every time, get 6 axes and destroy the other boxes.   Maybe I missed something?

Love it!  Got a fun almost inverted Pac-Man feeling to it.

The fact that the creepy disembodied deer heads don't actually hurt you does make it a bit easy and take away some of the strategy.  I couldn't think of a reason not to just hold shift and keep planting seeds everywhere I walked.  

Still, great game, definitely lived up to the awesome title!  :)

The visual effect of constantly circling the globe is great and very well done!

I didn't understand the 'must lock to fire' mechanic at all.   Would not have figured it out if not for medicinestorm's comment.   Once I realized how it worked though, I kind of dug the mechanic.  It creates a nice tension as you track the enemy hoping to get a lock before they make it off screen.  A similar result could be achieved by giving the enemies a big health bar that depletes slowly as you shoot it.  That way the player has the satisfaction of being able to shoot whenever they like but they still need to track the enemies for a good bit in order to destroy them.

Very fun!

Music is really well done.  It sounds exactly like an early arcade game.

Gameplay is neat if a bit straight forward.  Could use coins or something collect instead of just killing all the baddies.   Otherwise, no complaints.   Great work! :)

I see it now.  Unfortunately, the links aren't working for me.  If I click on them, it just returns me to the title menu.

Can you reply with a quick list of the OGA assets used?

Hi!  The credits button on the title screen doesn't do anything.

Can you provide a list of the OGA assets used to make this game?

A Racoon once made it's way onto my roof and caused all sorts of damage.  Suffice to say, I found the first level of this game very satisfying.  :)

I'll agree with Spring, love the idea of shooting the phoenix only to watch it rise again.  and again.  and again. ad infinitum.   Definitely put a smile on my face.  :)

I also liked how the aiming was all segmented out, reminded me a of an old LCD type game.  Thought that fit the sparseness of the whole endeavor very well.

A little bare-bones but I enjoyed it.  Definitely thankful for the strategy hints you provided.  I spent my first game chasing monsters around like an idiot.   Player does move quite slow.  I think you could double the player's movement speed and it would still all work.  One observation, the core mechanic of your health constantly ticking down (ala Gauntlet) does seem a bit at odds with the 'conserve movement' strategy.  It's hard to wait around for the monsters when you'll run out of health if you don't keep killing them.   On the other hand, I could see these two impulses (wait for monsters to come to you vs don't run out of health) working as a kind of yin and yang to the gameplay.

lastly, the respawn effect was really nicely done!

Very fun!  Love the idea of making a puzzle out of where and when to use the different spells.

It is too bad it ends so soon, here's hoping you get a chance to revisit the idea some time! :)

Some have commented on the player moving a bit slow.  I didn't find it slow, but I did notice that attacking would halt the player.  This was especially noticeable when jumping.  Not necessarily a bad mechanic.  I have seen 'can't move while attacking' put to good use plenty of times, but it may well have been what was making the game feel 'slow' to some.

Love the choice of music, sets a great mood and tempo for the game.
I also love the main characters attack animation, what fun!

The way the backdrop shifts brightness as you go up or down in the world was also really cool. A  very fun effect that's put to good use here.

Love the title art!   Game is great too!   One question, are the lights supposed to go out in some rooms?  Sometimes things would get extra dark and the foreground tiles (cave walls, etc) would disappear.  At first I thought it was a bug but then I noticed a small 'light switch' sound going off whenever that happened.

Controls were sharp also, which was good because some of the levels do require precision movement.   

Full of lots of nice little touches, like the names scaling up as they disappear in the credits, etc.

Great work!

My one quibble would be with jump being mapped to UP.   Using a face button for jump generally works better since it's easy to accidentally push up when moving the joystick left and right.  On the other hand, using UP to jump was a staple of games from the era this game clearly takes inspiration from, so maybe it just makes it more authentically retro. :)

Hi!   This game doesn't appear to have a credits screen or a CREDITS.TXT file.

Rule #3 of the jam requires that you credit the Authors of all the OGA works used in the game.

Do you have a list of the OGA works you used to create this game?

Loved the lighting effects and the look of the fog.

I also really liked how the story was told.  Was sad when it ended, look forward to the rest of their adventures!  :)

Climbing the bricks vertically like a ladder was a little odd.  By the dialogue I was expecting a classic wall cling mechanic.  But once I figured it out it wasn't too hard.   If you ever revisit, maybe go with bricks with vines on them as the tile for this as that's the more universal symbol for 'tiles you can climb' in video-gamese.

Main character moves a bit slowly, jumps feel kind of stiff as a result.

But other than those minor quibbles, I really enjoyed it, great work!  :)

Love it!  I give the graphics a 10!!  ;)

Secret doors and vampires degrading to skeletons were great little touches!

Thanks!  The game was made using the Sega Master System palette, so I think it would be very pleased indeed to see a NES looking upon it with envy  ;)

1) Oh no!  You're right!  Looks like I forgot to add the 'Story' category!   I checked and it's too late to put it back in there.  Sorry to all!   I realize this is double unfair on my part because my personal entry into the jam is a definitely a 1 star story!   Sorry!

2) Yes votes are anonymous.

3) Polish is the extra touches that make a game look, sound, feel or play smooth and refined.   Term comes from the english idiom 'spit and polish' which refers to the practice of spitting on something (shoes, silver, etc) and then rubbing it to make it shine.

So generally, does the game look or play like a rough prototype or a finished product?

@Xom Adept:  Thanks!   It's always good to be reminded that not everyone's keyboard looks the same.  And just to add to that, I actually mouse left handed, so even though my keyboard does have a WASD layout, it's kind of uncomfortable to use and I typically prefer the arrow keys.

@mnilsson:  'the browser interprets the down key as scroll down the page',  I have actually had this problem in HTML5 games before too.   :(

@Spring-Enterprises:  Now that's living the dream!  ;)

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Thanks!   I think there are a few places where the coin paths are actually more valuable than the rescue paths.   Well, more valuable in terms of score in the game that is.  More valuable for your eternal soul, maybe not so much.   ;)

Thanks!   Definitely had 'temptation' in my mind when placing all those coins and citizens.   Glad to hear it worked out, although maybe not for your poor runner.  ;)