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Thanks for the kind words!
Sadly, a browser version is probably quite far off.  I'd love to get one working and it's theoretically possible as the code base for all my stuff is done in C# with a portability layer built into the engine that I have used successfully in the past (to release games on the Playstation Mobile platform, if you remember that one! ;).   I'd also love to get a linux build going at some point.  It's mostly just a matter of having the time to sit down and get it all working.

It appears developers have used different methods to get around this problem.  You will have to do some research to find a solution that works for your setup.

The forum post I gave a link to includes some advice.  Some one said to avoid using the statement:


in your code.

Someone else posted what looks like PureBasic code for a program that modifies an executables size and crc checksum to help it pass common virus scans.

I don’t use PureBasic so I can only be of limited help here but if you read the forum thread I posted and search the PureBasic forums for other threads on this topic you may find a solution that works for you.

I agree it is an annoying situation and understand your frustration, however this jam simply can't t accept entries which are actively identified as a virus by common anti-virus programs. 

If you still wish to use PureBasic for your project, there do appear to be some things you can do to help your executable pass common virus scans.  The PureBasic forums are full of posts with developers talking about things they have done to solve this problem.   Try searching there for a solution.  Here's one example:

And here's a web site that can help you check if your exe file will get flagged by common anti-virus software.

There are many, many anti-virus programs so hitting a few false positives probably is unavoidable, but if you could get the exe to pass the most common ones (McCafee, MS Defender, BitDefender, AVast, Kaspersky, Norton, Trend Micro, etc) it'd be acceptable for this jam.

Unfortunately, entries which are actively identified as a virus by common anti-virus programs can't be accepted.   I realize this is most likely just a compatibility issue between PureBasic and MS Windows, but all the same we're not able to accept entries which require users to disable or otherwise circumvent their anti-virus software.   I wish I had a better answer for you.   This appears to be a long standing problem and it's not clear why it hasn't been fixed yet.  On the plus side, there are many alternative to PureBasic out there.  If you PM me over on discord, I'd be happy to help you try to port your code base to one of them.

If I can chime in here real quick, I’d say your best bet with the camera is just turn it over to the player either with mouse look or some other method that puts the player in control of the camera.   Things just seem to work better that way.  Auto cameras always struggle to frame the action correctly.   Just my two cents.  :)

gotcha about the shadows.   I was able to make the jumps without them so it wasn’t a game breaker or anything but definitely something to look into if you ever decide to expand on the game.   Depending on how deep you want to go on the technical side of things, there are lots of low-fi tricks you could use in place of GoDot’s built in shadow stuff.

That’s funny about the sword, I had a feeling it might’ve been a cut feature.    The game is probably stronger without it anyway because without an attack the focus is solidly on jumping around and dodging the enemies.

While it does look cool, probably would be best to remove the sword because if the character is holding a sword the first thing a player is going to do is try and swing it.   That was definitely my first instinct.

Grenade was a fun treat, maybe not as cool as an awesome ninja sword, but probably better suited to the gameplay style.   

Fun concept and well executed!

Just two comments:

1) A shadow for the player character would help alot with judging the jumps.

2) Why can't he swing that giant sword?  did I miss a button?

Well the rules say the game has to be playable on a windows PC, but I suppose if you posted the game as an archive that included all the materials you’d need to make and play the game I could count that as ‘playable on a windows PC’

Yeah, there are a lot of great complete or near complete art packs on OGA but the rules of the Jam call for you to use a minimum of 6.

If you find a sprite/tile pack that has everything you need, you can still use other OGA assets for things like music, sound effects, fonts, etc.

A sequel would definitely be accepted for this Jam.

You are allowed to use/re-use whatever framework you want for the game, so using the code base for an older game is perfectly acceptable.  Just make sure all the /content/ for the game is new.   In your case, this would be using new images from OGA and new text descriptions and puzzles, etc. etc.


Many apologies for the delayed response, was swamped over the holidays.


The story blurb is great!   'Pumpking' is genius!  Wish I'd thought of that one myself.  :)

The gameplay is a little twitchy.   It was hard to judge the difference between when I was going to destroy an enemy from 'landing' on them and when I was going to die for touching an enemy.   A death animation and/or fanfare would be a nice addition.  Snapping back to start of the level so fast when you die sometimes makes it hard to understand what you did wrong.

The graphics looked good, nice choice of backdrops.  They really added a nice creepy touch to the levels.

This was fun except for the major plot hole in the story.  If someone were truly stuck in a museum with all that glorious OGA artwork, there's no way they'd want to escape!  :)

JK.   Good game and a great show piece of OGA artwork too!

Great fun!
Loved the look, and really appreciated the fact that everything from your movement down to the credits scroll stuck to the 8x8 pixel grid.   I actually made the controls a bit jumpy but that was no big deal once I got used to it.

Difficulty seemed punishing at first, but for each level, after a few tries I figured out what my strategy should be and was able to clear it soon enough.   Also by the end I'd gotten good enough that I was able to beat the final level (which was a really fun surprise btw) on my 2nd try.

My only knock would be that the spikes didn't stand out quite as much as I needed them too.  More than once, I walked right into one because my brain had tuned it out as being just a background item.  Not sure the best fix for this, could be recolor or fill in the spikes so they look more prominent on screen, or maybe give them a small animation.  Or maybe I should just have my eyes checked!  ;)

I had to play on easy to get anywhere, mean I kinda sucked at the game, so take that into account when reading these comments.  :)

Fun idea!

Having the corn slow you down but not stop you is a fun twist on the traditional 'maze' formula.  I found myself consciously thinking about when I wanted to follow the maze and when I was better off just pushing through the corn stalks, especially if the farmers were hot on my trail!  :)

Having to press space to pick up the gourds slowed things down a little, but it also added some strategy because it wasn't enough to just get to the gourds, you also had to make sure you had time to pick them before the farmers got you.

Love the music, perfect fit for the game without being too obviously 'country' or 'farm' music!

The animation when the farmer catches you is brutal!  He really pins that poor turkey down!

It took me a while to figure this out, but the one thing that was throwing me was that even though the it's a strict top down view, the camera is rotated 45 degrees relative to the maze.   It shouldn't matter, but it gives everything a slightly 'isometric' feel to it, but that had my brain orienting the controls to the fence grid, meaning I would instinctively push up to move diagonally up+right on the screen, down to move down+left, etc.   Once I realized what I was doing, I was able to correct my brain and control correctly.  Probably my confusion is just a result of having played too many isometric games with funny controls as a kid. 

cool!   Don't forget, the OGA theme is always optional, so if you can't make that one (Gourds) fit, it's no big deal.  :)

Absolutely,  submitting a game to other game jams is ok.

There are no 'exclusivity clauses' in the OGA Game Jams.  ;)

> I just wanted to say thanks for organising and running this jam

thanks, although the pleasure is all mine.  :)

> Do you mind if we share our discord channel here once we're set up?

No problem, go right ahead!  Glad to hear you are working more on the game, it was a lot of fun to play and I'm excited to see it expanded upon!  

In order to give everyone plenty of time to play and rate all the jam entries, the voting period has been extended by 1 week.

Voting now ends at Midnight on August 21st, 2022.

Awesome!   thanks so much for making this change and being understanding about it.   Since the goal of the jam is to show off openly licensed art, it wouldn't do to have a pirated logo in one the entries.  :)

Ok, I have temporarily disqualified the game.   This should allow you to upload the new version.   Let me know when you've done that and I will re-qualify the game.

Done.  Thanks for doing this!

Yikes, sorry for the slow reply, been busy few days IRL.

How serious are the bug and performance fixes?

Traditionally, I have been open to allowing updates for critical bug fixes.   This like crash bugs or 'game starts but you can't play it' or 'game gets stuck on level 2' kind of stuff.   The idea being that it doesn't serve anyone to have a broken game in the jam.  Plus, I'm a dev too and we've all been there, so I don't think folks can get too upset about bending the rules a bit to help  someone out of a crash bug jam.

For smaller bugs and performance stuff, I've generally assumed that players are ok with a few warts considering it's a game jam.

Yes, I will add the note '(one URL link = one work)' to the rules next for the next jam.   Again, apologies for the confusion.  I try to make the rules as clear as possible but I don't always get it right.

Awesome, thanks!

No problem.   Thanks for responding so quickly and in good spirits.   Sorry for the confusion, I know you must've been frustrated to see your game disqualified like that.   In the past, I've given people more time to respond before disqualifying their entries.   This time I was a little more aggressive about it because there were so many bogus entries.  However, I think I'll go back to giving people more time to respond next time around because I can see it was not fair to entries like yours that did their best to follow the rules and just things mixed up a little.

There you go, the game is re-qualified and visible in the jam again.

Glad you were able to find and fix the bug so quickly.   

nope, I'll re-qualify it from the jam admin page.

Thanks for adding appropriate credits!

Thanks for doing this!

No problem, I am going to dis-qualify your game temporarily in order to allow you to post a new build that fixes the error.

Let me know when the new version is posted and I will re-qualify the game.

thanks for doing this!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my game in time for the jam!   But there are still a lot of other great entries for you to check out.

Sorry for any confusion.

The rules state: 

'You MUST use art from a minimum of 6 different works on .'

They can all be from the same creator, but they must be different works on OGA  (one URL link = one work).

Thank you very much for adding credits for the OGA work you did use.

Awesome!  thanks so much!

No worries.  The voting ends on the 14th, so as long as it is fixed before then, it'll be fine.

Just fix it when you get back and then reply to this post to let me know you have an updated game ZIP ready.

You can update the art on the page whenever.   However, itch won't let you update the game ZIP file during the voting period.   So what we'll do is when you have the update ready, I'll temporarily dis-qualify the game from the jam, this should allow you to post your update and then I'll 're-qualify' it.

This is not the first time I've done something like this allow a late update to a Jam entry, so don't worry, we'll sort it out. 

In the mean time, relax and enjoy your holiday!


Please see my reply on the game's submission page. 

Your game has been re-qualified in the jam, you just need to add a list of credits to the game's page.

Apologies for any confusion.

The rules of the jam require you to give credit BOTH in the game AND on the game's page.

The game doesn't list any credits on it's page which is why I disqualified it.

I have gone ahead and re-qualified the game, can you add the credits to the page?

Other than some lost time for voting, the disqualification should not impact your ranking in the jam.

The rules of the jam require you to give credit BOTH in the game AND on the game's page.

Can you add the credits to the page?

thanks in advance and sorry for any confusion.

Ok, I am going to leave the in the jam for now.

Can you change the title as soon as you get back on the 6th?

There are some mechanics involved in allowing you to update the game once voting begins.   Can you PM on the discord channel and we can work out the logistics of doing that?