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Thank you for playing! I'll take what you said about the movement into consideration. :)
Also, I'm confused, what version of the game is this refering to? You don't lose a chunk of your health in the remake, and also there's a tooltip that says how you summon your airship.

I have never been more stressed in my life. 10/10 great game nice graphics.

Thank you very much :)

Great game! Although I also liked the first version, this version is even greater. I especially like the overhaul of the visuals, and the small details like how the pig starts walking instead of flying when touching the ground. I wish the final boss was a bit easier though. Most textbox attacks are way too hard to dodge, and some are downright impossible to dodge. I had to do a LOT of grinding to defeat him. Otherwise, very cool game  :)

Old project:

I'm remaking this:

Oh whoopsies


This project has currently been abandoned.

Wait nvm found it

How do I exit the map :O

I accidentally pressed the wrong controls and now it's unplayable for me. How do I reset them?

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for playing!

Thank you for your feedback! In all honesty I didn't really think much about difficulty, my design process was simply "Oh this feels cool to pull off".  As a developer it's really hard to feel what's difficult so your input is much appriciated. Thank you for playing!

Do they spawn on a grid? Because sometimes it felt like they were blocking multiple roads, and it really threw me off guard.

Super fun game! It especially felt really satisfying to controll the wheel. I do have some complaints though. Some things didn't really interact well with each other. For example, while the melon barrels are destroyed by player bullets, they are not destroyed by jumping on them and enemy bullets. There were also a lot of objects that needed shadows for depth perception, like the bullets, and sometimes the player shadow dissapeared as well. However, I did really enjoy this game (especially the first quest) and the music was always super catchy. Good job!

Is there a way to control the ball? It seems like it just bounces off my paddle in the same direction.

Fun, but it's really unclear where the hitboxes for the trees are.

Hi Callum! I'm afraid I can't do anything about it for a couple of reasons. The main one is that I made this game using the Construct 2 engine. I uploaded the files as Construct 2 exported them and since I don't have a linux computer I am also unable to test them. Since this is a game jam entry I am also unable to upload new versions of the game for the time being :/

I see, I figured that it would be the easiest control scheme since it's what most FPSs use. I can't do very much about it right now since the Jam is still active which prevents me from uploading new files, but maybe I'll add remappable controls in a later update. Thank you for playing!

Holy shit this game was amazing

Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words! I agree with your critique, and if I ever make an update I will take your feedback into consideration :). (Side note: I was WAYY to ambitious while making Shattered Skies,) I had plans for research maps which could unlock new crafting recipes,  I had an idea for ancient turrets that would appear after you've completed a temple, to make the game more and more difficult. The temples were also supposed to be a lot bigger with different paths you could take kind of like a metroidvania game. I also wanted to NPCs which you could trade items with and so forth. Also, the growth temple is supposed to be the second temple you find, but I kind of messed up the placements of the torn maps.  

Fun game! Although the crediting is wrong, "the spookiest skeleton" asset was made by me. The one you used was a rework but you still have to credit me. 

I really liked this game, good job!

This game is so much fun. The art-style is perfect and I love the cutesy but dark atmosphere. One thing that I especially liked was the enemies. They were all unique and they all had beautiful designs. I do have some complaints though.

The shooting/charge idea is very clever, however it has a long cooldown and the charge takes too long to fully charge. There is one corridor with one of those smiling minions that runs toward you where it's impossible to not take any damage. There's no room for me to jump over him and I still take damage if I do the dash/dodge attack.

The camera is small, and makes the artwork look blurry and it loses some polish. Also it's very easy to dash into enemies that are out of the camera's view.

There are no checkpoints which is frustrating since you have to watch the entire beginning cutscene again and again.

Thank you very much!

Hello and thank you for playing Shattered Skies! 

  • First off, you use the left mouse button to mine, and the right mouse button to use your sword. Also, you can't mine while in steering mode.
  • The birds are there to keep things interesting while exploring, and they are quite hard to fight off with your sword and I recommend to use the ships cannon since it has longer range and therefore it can keep some distance between you and the bird.
  • There is no minimap, which is a concious  design desicion that I made. The game's focus is on exploring, and if you don't have the patience to explore for a while you probably won't enjoy the game. If you press M you can open a blank map of the entire game world, if you need more help with the controls I suggest you open the help tab in the top left corner. The map is blank so that you have to explore the world yourself without just going from point A to point B. You can however place out waypoints which can help you mark out places where you've been. The three temples are quite hard to find, but you can find different clues scattered around the world which might give you a sense of direction.

As long as you don't use my assets, I'm cool with it

I can't see me being credited anywhere

The graphics are awesome! Though for an action platformer the movements of the player are kinda stiff. It take a long time to accelerate and it doesn't feel that smooth. Also, I love the style of the game!


Thank you!