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Trouble in candylandView game page

A bittersweet action-platformer through candyland!
Submitted by RedVoxel — 9 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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The game has an outstanding sound and graphic section.
The intro is very good too.
Its playability based on the style of the platforms is very funny.


Love this game. Awesome graphics and concept. I wanted to keep playing but I couldn't control the character very well as others have mentioned. Too much multi-tasking for my brain :) Great work.


Warp rifle. An excellent mechanic.

Host (1 edit) (+1)

This is a challenging little bugger, i haven't felt this tormented since playing cuphead. :) Love the Boss fight. Very good sir.


Thank you very much for playing!


Super cute graphics and story!  I love the idea of Mr. Licorice as a humbug!  Production values are top notch too, everything feels super smooth and polished! 

I also struggled a little with the WASD, space controls (funny because you are right, that is exactly the combination used by many a FPS and I've never had a problem with those).  

But my main issue was aiming the warp gun with the mouse while jumping around.  I found it very difficult to accurately fire the warp gun because every time you jump the whole screen scrolls causing everything to shift around.  I found I really had to think ahead about where stuff was going to be on screen and plot my shots accordingly.  Well, probably that is the whole point, but my pea brain just couldn't keep up!  

Maybe a little 'auto-aim' assistance would help.  Or perhaps a slower difficulty ramp with the warp jumps.  It does jump pretty quickly from basic warp jumps to reach a higher point to chained warp jumps over a spike pit...   As a related aside, I actually found the jumps required to find the hidden treats quite a bit easier than the jumps for the main path.

Also, the range of the warp gun was quite short.  Does it get upgraded later?   Otherwise, you might consider extending it.  As it is, the short range just makes hitting your targets that much  harder.

All that said, the game is a lot of fun and I'll keep at it to see if I can master that warp gun yet. :)


Thank you for your feedback! In all honesty I didn't really think much about difficulty, my design process was simply "Oh this feels cool to pull off".  As a developer it's really hard to feel what's difficult so your input is much appriciated. Thank you for playing!


I like the graphics, sound and narrative, but I agree with @Flofflewoffle controlling the player with WASD+Space+mouse is really hard.


Cute, fun, and good! I'm pretty impressed by how good it looks. I do find WASD +space to be an awkward control scheme however, I wish you had made the jump button remapable. 

Also, fun how there are not just 2 math games (not including this of course), but also 4 games about food, and 2 games where birds are the villains! Coincidences... cx


I see, I figured that it would be the easiest control scheme since it's what most FPSs use. I can't do very much about it right now since the Jam is still active which prevents me from uploading new files, but maybe I'll add remappable controls in a later update. Thank you for playing!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I think your hatred of birds is catching on ;)