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The PrisonerView game page

CYOA. Made for the OpenGameArt Summer 2019 Game Jam
Submitted by ZomBCool — 4 days, 10 hours before the deadline
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The soundtrack is luxurious. The sound section in general is very well taken care of.

The graphics are also very good.

Perhaps its weak point is in the gameplay as it is a conversational game.
Still, it's a great production.


Thank you Snabisch.  The music is outstanding. Thanks to the very talented author's. I have just started to learn about game dev and have zero coding experience so it was more of an exercise/practice in game design :) Glad you enjoyed it mate!

  • I appreciate the choices do not seem to have an obvious "correct" answer.
  • Why does the OGAS Unity's fission reactor only have a single control rod? That's not just soviet-level lack of redundancy, that's not even sufficient to prevent a criticality incident!

haha! Alas my knowledge of nuclear physics consists of a quick Google search :) but if Homer Simpson can operate a reactor, how hard can it be ?


Hehehe! Well, I'm not a nuclear engineer, but I'm definitely a fan of particle physics. I liked the ending with Beaker getting shot, but I want to know happens after that! Is the implication that I just doomed the ship?


I tried to throw in a couple of comical endings to offset the mostly dramatic ones. This is one of them :) I probably should have expanded it a bit more. It does seem abrupt.


Nice game !!


thanks mate!


Fun!   My only lament would be the long transition times between each screen.  Felt like I spent a lot of time just watching those doors sliding on, text fading in, etc.

You did a great job pulling all those different art assets together and making them look good together.  I didn't even know OGA had that much high res Sci-Fit stuff!

Story was fun too, and well told.  I liked how each choice was presented as something of a moral dilemma.  I went full bore reckless rookie with all my choices and can't wait to try again with a more cautious approach.  :)  


Thanks matey!

I appreciate it.

Haha! Reckless rookie is my favourite path. Just don't be too cautious next time round ;)



I especially like the music as well as the story!


The music is awesome hey! Mucho thanks to the very talented and generous authors :)


Looking good!, loving the Banner work, hope you upload the sound effect. :)


Thanks mate! I did upload the audio sample for your animated banner. It's in the discussion thread. The link in game will take you there if you then scroll down to my comment :) There is also audio for Vinn0's monster banner as well ;) 

Host (1 edit) (+1)

You should upload the sound effect as a submission, then I can put it in the ‘best contributor’ collection then it can be ‘favorited’ by the community.;)


I see loonybits submitted the banner and added collaborators so everyone can upload their variants. A good way to keep it together. I will ask to be added and upload there.


OK, Would of given you a chance to win 'Best contributor' uploading it by itself, but that's cool matey. :)