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This game is polished!

Hehehe! Well, I'm not a nuclear engineer, but I'm definitely a fan of particle physics. I liked the ending with Beaker getting shot, but I want to know happens after that! Is the implication that I just doomed the ship?

Warp rifle. An excellent mechanic.

  • I appreciate the choices do not seem to have an obvious "correct" answer.
  • Why does the OGAS Unity's fission reactor only have a single control rod? That's not just soviet-level lack of redundancy, that's not even sufficient to prevent a criticality incident!
  • Help and credits screens move way too fast for me to read.
  • Seems like the ball only has one possible movement angle.
  • Not winnable, but it is a functional breakout clone otherwise. :)

I had fun with this!

  • when I try to make watermelon nectar, I'm told I don't have any "grape". When I click on the pineapple icon without having any pineapple, it still makes it, but uses watermelon instead.
  • If I have the supplies for one of the drinks the customer wants, but not the other, why am I not able to make the one drink for them and offer a refund on the other for partial credit?
  • No obvious way to move to the next story prompt; just have to wait if I'm a fast reader, I guess?
  • This bunny has a bonkers jump arc! I love it.
  • Short game. I guess it should be called "Get Star" until you have a chance to add more content. Haha!

Looks promising. What is it written in?

I love tower defense games; always fun. This one is no exception. I did find it somewhat difficult to strategize without some indication of my tower's maximum range or relative refire rate.

Love it. Came here from your profile, but noticed you haven't shared any of your stuff on OGA. Good voice clips are always in demand, there :)

O... M... G! I had no idea what a flawless tribute this was! That's fantastic.

That is all exactly what I wanted to hear. :) I'm sure I'll be writing to you soon with more Godot questions.

Understood. Given the time constraints, you accomplished a remarkable amount. This is a promising game. :)


Character speed and actions were too slow to really allow me to react effectively, but the game is fun. :)

A bit short, but solid controls and gameplay. I actually really like the function of the floating dagger spell. I'd like to steal that if you don't mind. :)

I must admit I never would have figured out the climbing thing if I hadn't read the comments below, so I have to second the critique about tile ambiguity.

That said, I just learned a ton about narrative delivery from this game. Thank you for that. Opening the game to a conversation with a sapient talisman was very intriguing. I also like the passive-dialoge-during-gameplay. It wasn't critical enough that I had to stop and pay attention, but not distracting enough that I wasn't able to both focus on gameplay while reading the conversation. The parallaxing added to the feeling of vastness and melancholic ruins. As did the music!

I love that I was able to understand some of what was going on just by context clues and snippets of the conversation. The fact that the negative effects of the fog were not (immediately) clear (or even tangible!) made it very freaky.

I didn't pay much attention to Godot, but you've showcased some of it's power. That shadowcasting effect: Is that a tool abstracted by godot or did you have to manually code the entirety of that feature?

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Looks good! I like the music, but there was no detectable sound effects. The controls are intuitive, but I found it nearly impossible to destroy more than a few opponents. I'm not sure if it is intended, but I found it frustrating that I am not able to fire at all unless I have a lock, which usually takes longer than the opponent is on the screen.

Though I realize this is to encourage me to match velocity with them before I can take them out, I was rarely able to match their speed and heading before they were out of detection range.

Concept made me lol. gameplay is a bit... coarse. Had no issues running the game, but wasn't able to close it without involving task manager.

I won! though it was essentially effortless; run right and left-click repeatedly. Credits screen doesn't open for me. Is there something I'm missing to view the credits?

A bit short, but playable. Music was good. Graphics were nice, though a bit mismatched. The movement speed of the character seemed incongruous with the jump physics. The slow pace of movement made it frustrating at times.

I needed it. :)

That's a good point. I actually try to use both, but I think Spring has the right idea to make the controls customizable.

Oh, right. I have played some other games of yours. I don't know why I didn't remember that. Haha! Well, once I had the controls down, it was a pretty fun game. :)

Did like. Mustard truck made me LOL. Y U no shoot down or diagonal-down?

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Well-crafted game. Good challenge but lets me jump right back in to try again. Liked it a lot. Most of my deaths were from landing on a magma rock on the screen below since I had no way of knowing it was there without having died there before, which is a bit cheap level design, but I learned to hover between screen transitions.

Nice! However, this has to be the first game I've played where the default [confirm] button is the [F] key. Being able to remap the keys was nice, though it's hard to remap them if you don't know which key selects the "remap keys" menu item. A quick "controls" blurb here or in the game may go a long way.

Interesting setting. Intro lags a bit. Movement feels... difficult. I don't think there is nearly enough time to figure out what I should be doing and how before I die of hypothermia.

Not bad. Though the instructions don't actually mention any controls. How to move around was initially unclear (I assumed WSAD). Conventional wisdom generally implies touching monsters harms the player-character, not the monster, so I avoided touching them and kept trying to find the "attack" button. I'm able to continue attacking monsters after they're defeated, so it was unclear to me that I was just wasting time stabbing a corpse. Lastly, the game often stops recognizing my keyhits like [spacebar] or [R] when I try to return to the game or exit the credits menu, so I have to refresh the page.

I enjoyed this game. Usually attrition and upkeep annoy me in this genre but this felt natural and well-balanced.

Nice. Do you have a credits file available? I'd like to look up some of the assets, but the credits menu doesn't allow me to click or copy text.

Game jam rules: "...please include a README or CREDITS text file that also includes a list of the assets used with the above information."

Thanks! I'll work on making the mechanics more apparent. Beam color never has any effect on what directions you're able to go. What Zone where you in when confused about direction restrictions?

Hahah! "Submitted ... with 8 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline" 

I had plenty of time! :)

Hah! "But I tell you, love your enemies..."

Neat twist on the classic shmup... A "shmdown"?

Nice use of the science assets!

I have to admit I ended up playing this one for quite a while. I'm impressed the AI gave me a run for my money!

Such a simple concept, yet so challenging to master!