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Submitted by Xom Adept — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline

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first time i've seen that phoenix in action. makes me think about the banner ads we used to get in  browsers, or do we still have them? cant say ive seen one for a while, anyways, thanks for using the asset! :)


You're welcome. This asset has a big potential. For example I think it can make a good RPG boss too :

a boss very hard to beat, which would regenerate at the end of the fight if you did not kill it the right way.

And I'm sure it could have other interesting uses.


maybe I will consider adding it to my RPG NES assets list. If you have some suggestions for animations let me know as I'm not completely sure where I could go in that regard.:)


Animations? Well, I imagine the phoenix facing the heroes, flying "standstill" in front of them, and using fire magic attacks.

Concept made me lol. gameplay is a bit... coarse. Had no issues running the game, but wasn't able to close it without involving task manager.


Strange. I did not have this issue. Normally, there are 2 ways to close the program : clicking on the close button, or returning to the menu with the "escap" key and selecting "exit".

Did you try these 2 techniques?



I'll agree with Spring, love the idea of shooting the phoenix only to watch it rise again.  and again.  and again. ad infinitum.   Definitely put a smile on my face.  :)

I also liked how the aiming was all segmented out, reminded me a of an old LCD type game.  Thought that fit the sparseness of the whole endeavor very well.


Glad you enjoyed it. I like this phoenix image, programming the game was quite fun :-)

Did you find the secret technique to kill the phoenix (if there is really such a technique)?

i'm unable to run this game, missing a file apparently,   SDL2.dll, tried downloading a few times but still no joy. im unable to rate this game until i can play it. if anyone else has had this issue or has someway of solving then please let me know. :)


Strange. I downloaded the Windows zip to check it, the file SDL2.dll is in the archive.

I will try to launch the game again after dinner, I'll tell you if it works.

And yes, if other people had the same issue, please tell it here. I would be a little disappointed if nobody can play my game.

your right, I can see the Image file in the zip, which is why I'm baffled by why my computer says that the file is missing, I've turned my anti virus off, re downloaded, unzipped, it just won't ave any of it.


I just downloaded, unzipped, and replayed, on a W10 computer. No problem on this computer.

You can download the dlls here (and retry) :

Download the "runtime binaries".

ok, il try that tomorrow, failing that, il try my other PC. Thanks for looking into it.:)


just the IDEA of it


I have to say I love this game's concept! 


Thank you. Actually, when I saw this phoenix, I knew I had to do something with it.



np! what you did with it is cool!