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I don’t have a active website currently but you can reach me here on this email. :)

Sadly I don’t. There are tools out there that you can used to change the colours to suit.:)

Eventually yes. Just a slow process at the moment with theses sprites i'm afraid as i am focused on other assets. :)

Wow,  for the Amiga! You've done some great work there. congratulations and thank you for crediting me, and letting me know. It always so good to see my assets getting used. :0 love the sound track too. :)

Thats cool! :) Thanks for the credit. :)

Hi there. Yes that's fine. :)

Thanks! :)

I have checked and seen the error. I have corrected the sprite sheet. Please re download to get the updated files. Thanks for letting me know matey. :)

Er, no its not. Il look into it and make the changes ASAP, apoligies. :)

Hi, I think the vehicles are around 8x16 pixels. All my work are based on 8x8 and the consoles screen resolutions. 🙂

If you want them bigger, as long as you stick to the ‘power of two’ rule then you can just resize them to a suze that better suits your needs. 👍

Hi there, thank you for your kind comments.

Yep, you can use fir your game no probs. No credit needed. Enjoy and good luck with you game. :)

Hi, the license for this asset is CC0, public domain. :)

Thanks! screenshot look coool! :)

Absolutely! Thanks for your comment

Yes, modify as you want. :)

Hi, think i may be being a little silly here but where is the file to execute the software? i can't find a .exe. How do i open up the software to use? 

thanks. :)

Thanks, yep, those things are in the pipeline. May be a while but I’m getttimg there. Thanks for your support.:)

I haven’t released anything paperboy, but I could do something like that in the future. Il certainly consider it. The RPG series keeps me busy, and also the brawler series, adventure series is another one I’m working on, plus I have some more platformer stuff in the pipe line. Then I’d like to do point n click stuff. I have lots of ideas which I’m sure will keep me busy for many years to come.:) always appreciate the feedback so thanks and I’m glad you like the style. It’s great for motivation.

Thanks! Your welcome! :)

Awesome! Thanks for using them please leave a link to your game if you can, il have a go, and I’m sure others would like to see the assets in use. All the best :)

no credit or attribution required. Licensed CC0, Public Domain. Free to use as you want. :)

gracias :)

OK, unfortunately i have lost the original files (Harddrive failure long time ago) so i can't upload those, however i have created another tileset which is very similar to the original. Sorry about that. i hope this will be OK for you. The download file has been updated. thank you. :) 

hmmm, its the wrong file uploaded. i will need to locate the original and re-upload it. i will do this ASAP. Thanks for letting me know, and sorry for the inconvenience. :)

give me some time il have a look at the tile set to see if its all there. :)

of coarse you can ! thanks. :)

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OK, this is what the sheet looks like:

this is what it looks like with an 8x8 grid placed using an editor:

Hope this is more helpful to you and others :)

Thanks for using the assets and your feedback. :)

????? Each tile on the PNG is 8x8.

Been eager to play this one. i remember the first game fondly and was excited to know you were working on this again, and it doesn't disappoint. This current version from it previous outing is a massive improvement. The inventory works great and the level area is much more filled in with content than before. it's exploration is still engrossing and to see enemy's in a more balanced fashion is great, better than that annoying bird, and with a working inventory makes it much more reliable. Starting the game from 'camp' than the ship was a good move. i loved the first game, and i absolutely love this newer, fresher game. i still haven't got round to exploring all that is on other as its quite a huge map, but i will certainly look forward to playing this long after the jam has finished.

Couple of points i would like to mention:

1) Screen size. Full size is a welcomed, and the ability to adjust to what screen size you like is great, but there is an issue, where by selecting full screen has a massive impact on the game speed. it becomes laggy and slow. now it most likely doesn't help that my RAM and graphics may not be up to the job, but it's significant to mention it anyway. When on the big openworld its bad, but step into the door, and the game becomes so fast and responsive and this is no doubt how the game should feel all the way through. Still, making the screen small in size rectifies this issue, but i would say the screen is to small, and you don't get the immersion as a bigger screen would, and you don't get to see the the lovely art assets and animations of our character. :)

2) Getting in and out of the airship. i kept jumping on and falling through, and when exiting with 'F' key i kept falling through the floor! lol, ideally i should position the ship better and use the entry as told, but i just couldn't help it, it was impulsive. my suggestion is to let the player at least jump on the boat platform and enter there aswell.

not massive points, and they are not a negative as such only mentions to consider. I really do love this game RedVoxel and i really do hope that you will continue to develop it further. :)

thanks for playing and your feedback. yep, it is hard. il work on that in the future. :)

Nice job. Menus, levels, music all very well polished. loved the colours and i see some among us and zyan cat characters in the background. nice touch there. Only had difficulty with the forest level, its very busy and difficult to see oncoming obstacles, but other than, well worked game. well done. :)

Cute little game with a very cool dialogue. love to see this this progress further. Great job. :)

This is not a bad runner really, it very hard(like i can talk) so its hard to progress. i would expect when holding the spacebar i would be protected from oncoming projectiles at least until i landed, but i just couldn't make the landing on the first jump on every attempt as i would die instantly, either from the blue orb object or the arrows being fired. i liked it, i wish i could of progress though. :)

I beat the Zomb! 32! walls are very forgiving, but my button clicks are not. Works very well, and art is nice. good job. :)

Good effort for first jam!, well done. :)

Good effort for first jam!, well done. :)

yeah, difficulty is a bit of a bummer. lol. Definitely going to work on those elements in a future build, but so glad you loved it anyway, and the art comments are great. You can't beat that Master system feel. :) Thanks for your feedback and giving it a go! :)

That’s awesome, glad you like them. What game jam? I’d love to see what you did. :)

Great feedback, thank you and thanks for playing.:) I would of liked to of had a tutorial part, like shooting bottles at a cavern/wildlife to get familiar and practice the shooting and reloading. The levels I would of started steady and got harder, instead because of time you were very much thrown in the deep end, lol. Sheriffs were supposed to come in when you shoot civilians but I had to change it all to have something playable, so yes, they do shoot you. Cash and goodies is nice idea, maybe I could add something like that. Not sure about the screen shaking though, targeting can be tricky and may be a little to much disorientation, but it could be worth a try. Thanks for you comments. :)