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License is CC0 Public Domain. :)


Yes, the animations will grow over time. I used to do around 24 animations before, and would like to bring them back . As well as not just player sprites, I’m thinking NPC type animations, such as occupational themes, ‘typist’, ‘sweeping’ ‘cutting wood’ etc as examples.
Yes, there will be a free and paid versions. My ethos is ‘free and affordable’, so I will be reasonable with my pricing and have options that will suit many game devs that are like me being a hobbyist. :)

I think so too! and that's exactly what you will be able to do  with this project. :)

gracias. Me alegra que te gusten y te deseo éxito en tu juego. :)

gracias. Me alegra que te gusten y te deseo éxito en tu juego. :)

not sure what you mean? But this is the only version/s

of coarse! You can do what you want with them. :)


not currently, sorry. You could try gamedevmarket, you can use card there I think.

ah yeah, got to start making that a habit. Lol. Still not used to doing it. Thanks for the reminder. 👍🏻

Hi, you can use the assets in commercial and non commercial projects. If you make modifications and you share them you must use the same license, CC-BY-SA or CC-BY-.4.0, and credit me ‘Chasersgaming’.

There is some confusion over my licensing, for which I am trying sort, and will hopefully have that sorted with the newer works. I originally set my license for CC-BY-SA, but itch does not include it as an option, so I had to select CC-BY-4.0 in the metadata as this was the closest.

That said this particular asset(footaball) is CC0, public domain so you are free to use how you want for what you want, commercial, non commercial, make modifications,edit etc with no credit necessary, although always appreciated.:)

Hope that helps. :)

hmm, itch doesn’t have CC BY SA as a selection, so CC BY is the closest. I’m not to bothered really to much about the license as I’m happy for anyone to use my work for anything BUT NFT’s., which is why I have those licenses in place in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater of NFT’s, but anyone using my work in a restrictive manner to others isn’t what I want for my work, so those particular licenses offer me some protection. Im not going to jump up and down on anyone for not adhering to the license fully, but I will if I find an NFT. :) that make sense?

thanks. :)

thank you :)


thank you. :)

yes, when the ‘theme’ is complete. with this version, then the16x16 version will be released. :)

OK, didn’t realised anyone did or could search by license type. Thanks il look to do that.:)

glad you like em, and yes, the fantasy characters creations have begun! :)

oh no! I didn’t know, sorry about that. Thing is, it’s a very old piece of work I did and I’ve had 2 hard drive fails since then and I lost a lot of work. I don’t have it anymore sadly, I thought I’d hidden it on itch. but I did find this on my OGA page:

I’m not sure it’s the same one I had on itch, but it’s the best I can do I’m afraid. Hope it helps. :)

yes, ALL assets I have created will be available for the respected tier. Although it’s all a bit of a mess to find stuff on Patreon if I’m honest. it’s all better organised on my Discord(I think). Patreon pledges will give you access to the relevant Discord channel, :) 

No, you don’t need to license you’re project like that, you can license your project how you want. All you need to do is credit me for the assets used somewhere in your project. Example: ‘King’ character created by chasersgaming, that’s it. :) 

hi, I can’t activate a ‘pay with card’ option as it requires business/company tax ID. I’m not a business, sadly I don’t make no where near enough to be considered a business. Sorry. The bundle should be available on gamedevmarket soon, I know you can use a payment card there. :)

Glad you like them. I will be doing more in the future that will be different themed. :)

Thanks! Glad you like them :)

CC0 Licence (Public Domain) :)

These assets are CC0 License. :)

ive done the occasional commission. I don't always ahve the time, but you can email me if you want and il see what i can do. :)

Yes. :) Im just planning things at the moment, but i will start releasing more brawler assets in the near future.

im pleased you like them Thanks for the support. :)

Hi, I have updated the file to include the original image, and made the changes to include 'Sand'. Hope this works better for you. Any other issues then let me know and il do what i can to assist. :)
Please re-download the updated file.

Thank you. :)

Thanks for your comment. Yes, they will come eventually. :)

I’m happy your happy. :)