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Reloading from a previous save point fixed the 'Jet Pack' issue i was having, now i'm conscious not to use it in constant manner. :) i cant seem to connect the Power Stations to excavator though. Right click, Drag from Power station and it places connectors but does nothing else i'm afraid. I know this is an alpha build, so i expect things not to work as they should at this stage, but i enjoyed it so far and well done. Look forward to having another go when out of alpha. :)

I was constantly hovering near my excavator coz I stupidly dug everywhere around it for the ore so it was kinder floating, and I was using the inventory, then I just fell to the ground after some time, and now can’t use it. I thought it may have to “charge” or given some time, but was like 10 mins and still didn’t work. that said , I haven’t tried to reload my game, that could fix it maybe,  but il have to do it tomorrow and I will let you know.

The tutorial works well, and it gradually eases you into how it works so far, but I’m still looking to carry on, I may have to start again. I will write about it once I’m done which should give you some feedback.:) 

My thoughts so far(ignoring the jet pack bug) 

* Using space bar for the jet pack works OK, I would maybe prefer using the  ‘up’ direction like right and left and have the character just “fall” when the up direction isn’t being pressed as having to press the “s” button to drop. Think this will make a better “flow” of movement, and maybe feel a bit faster, for me it works ok, but feels “clunky” but tolerable. Also I would like to see you being able to continue through movement when mining horizontally, instead of like a stop start when destroying 1 material at a time.

So far everything else has been great, I love the inventory system, it works and doesn’t look to complicated or overbearing and the tutorial does explain things well.:)

Good job!

Hi, was giving this a try, and i like it so far, but my 'Jet Pack' stopped working, so i'm stuck. I can move left and right no probs, but getting up anywhere is a problem, i cant use my machines, so i was wondering if this was supposed to happen, and need to get 'Power' some how for my jet pack? i assume it wouldn't last forever, but couldn't find anything in game to help with this, or is it a bug and your jet pack should always work and this is a bug? Thanks.

Thanks. :)

There are 2 images in the file. These files can be used as tiles 8x8 or 16x16.

What software are you using? if your software doesn't have the function to use an image like this as 'tiles'then i will be happy to generate a 8x8 tile/ 16x16 tile set for you. (bu these are a lot harder to use that way).

Does your download files contain these images? sorry for the inconvenience. :(

Oh is it not there, let me check the files.

I will soon. thanks.

Public Domain CCO license. :)

Assets i have created using a NES colour palette and it's limitations. Public Domain License (CC0) FREE and Premium versions available.

Feedback and suggestions always appreciated. 

Hope you like. :)

Monsters not human types, il see what I can do over the next few months.:)

I could, not sure when though, what did you have in mind?

A massive Congratulations! Your game ranked 1st in the jam. Your game was awarded, 'Best Story', 'Best Music' and 'Best Gameplay', also was the OGA community's favourite of the jam and also receives the 'OGA Favourite' award.

Fantastic stuff, well done!

Thanks for your participation. Hope to see you again next year!. :)

Congratulations!, you ranked 2nd in the jam and was awarded 'Best Graphics' for your game. Great stuff!. Thanks for your participation and hope to see you again next year!. :)

Well done, you ranked 6th in the jam. Thanks for your participation. Hope to see you again next year. :)

Well done, you ranked 5th in the jam and was awarded 'Best Contributor'.Great effort. Thanks for your participation. Hope to see you again next year!. :)

Well done, you ranked 4th in the jam. Great effort. Thanks for your participation. hope to see you next year!. :)

Well done, you ranked 8th in the jam. Thanks for your participation. Hope to see you next year. :)

Well done, you ranked 7th in the jam. Thanks for your participation, hope to see you next year. :)

You Ranked 9th in the Jam. Great effort, Thanks for your participation! hope to see you next year. :)

Congratulations, you ranked 3RD. Great stuff!, Thanks for your participation!

you alright mate!, its my dodgy internet connection! controls work fine. :)

Ok, I've been playing this again and il drop some thoughts in here, I know you appreciate the feedback looneybits. :)

Lanes: It is kind of difficult to realise the separate lanes to begin with unless you been playing a few times.

Suggestion: You have 3 darker trials on the run path, maybe change this to 5 to show the player they are like lanes. After a period of time you could have these lighten/disappear as the waves/game gets harder. Or perhaps the speed effect you have could be rendered in a way they shows the lanes in a subtle manner nearer the zebra playing area.

"That's the deal, if you don't survive you won't get the stars."

I understand that, but i find that this really punishes the player. What i think will be a good idea would be to add another variable that gives the player something else to play for as well, maybe an XP, which could unlock things like a 'Jump' ,'invincibility' or 'continue' perk for a short while to give the player some hope of reaching the end of the waves. On many occasions i got to wave 4 after like 10 attempts only for the tree to kill me, (and i wasn't convinced i actually hit the tree) and lost all my coins on that run. Then to be honest i didn't feel like playing it anymore, had i got something for my trouble it would make it more the while playing or continue trying and not feel so hard done by.

i did notice that it does get slightly faster on some waves.

Hope this is helpful. :)

You cannot update the game files until after the rating period has ended. After that then you can do as you wish. :)

oh wow spring, this is awesome stuff, love chipping round on the mill wheel.very good.:)

Gameplay felt a bit repetitive after a while but wow, what a nice package you have here withthelove. very good job! :)

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This is a challenging little bugger, i haven't felt this tormented since playing cuphead. :) Love the Boss fight. Very good sir.

thought it would be my end, cleared my cached and history, il try another keyboard, i want to beat your game!

Holy Cow  Zebra! this is tough Mr Looneybits. I dunno whats happened, but ive had about 100 gos at it and now my arrow keys are not working for your game. ive refreshed, restarted the browser but its not working anymore. is there a file that gets saved in a local when playing which might effect the game? its the most strangest thing i've ever encountered. :) il try again later. maybe my browser is broken. i'm using google chrome if that helps.

'Failed to load mono' Error, unable to play. :( 

'Broken Game' ironic name, is it intended to be this? if so i will remove from the jam.

OK, Would of given you a chance to win 'Best contributor' uploading it by itself, but that's cool matey. :)

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You should upload the sound effect as a submission, then I can put it in the ‘best contributor’ collection then it can be ‘favorited’ by the community.;)

Looking good!, loving the Banner work, hope you upload the sound effect. :)

Very good!, shame its so short. Would love to see this continued. :)

awesome thanks.

great stuff so far! look forward to a full release. :)

wow, this really good from what i have played so far, waiting for full release. I would ask though, please implement a 'Windowed' mode for resolution configuration on PC/Mac/Linux formats. :) all the best. looking forward o playing again. :)