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You can use the “global pen” in the pixel editor of NESmaker to change colours to RGB that NESmaker can read, then assign your palettes.:)

Thanks! :)

I’m so pleased to see your game is being continued to be worked on since the OGA jam. The update notes  is looking really good from what I see so far. I shall look forward to the next update! :)

Easy and short  but this was so much fun!, I 've never seen an episode of M.A.S.H and from what i have read it sounds hilarious. Because of the description it really gave your game some humour to which i thought was absolutely brilliant and i was in stitches. your game is certainly  one of my favourites of the Jam so far.Well done. :)

wow, brilliant stuff, loved it. :)

not a bad rendition of a spongebob game, or indeed the episode your portraying  :) but like @niadocraz has mentioned, i too kept losing mouse control upon death forcing a task manager end game and restart. This completely killed the game play for me,and i fear this bug may sadly let your game down. :(

Your welcome, il update the music credit.:)

working on creating game assets that replicate the limitations of the NES and Gameboy systems. Here's my latest assets.thought I would share the work with the community. Hope some of you find it useful.:)

thanks! :)

maybe I will consider adding it to my RPG NES assets list. If you have some suggestions for animations let me know as I'm not completely sure where I could go in that regard.:)

the locals didn't like me very much. think my companion may have done his business in one of there shacks. haha, good boy. :) 

oh yeah, button mouse, why didn't i think of that!

first time i've seen that phoenix in action. makes me think about the banner ads we used to get in  browsers, or do we still have them? cant say ive seen one for a while, anyways, thanks for using the asset! :)

i liked the concept, i knew what to do just wasn't sure i was doing it right. You need a sound in there to congratulate the player for getting a row, or something that lets them know you doing it right, otherwise the screen just changes and you think "what happened there?".  cool though. :)

wow, smashed it. i few close calls, and man did i feel bad when i sailed away in my boat and that lonely roman was there screaming for me to safe them. still i just looked in my bag of coins and the feeling went away. :)

addictively challenging. :) its very cool.

ok, well, I just restarted anyway and was fine with no problems, so just a freak occurrence.

wish I'd of wrote them down for ya, er, one I think was after I was selecting through the fonts, the game wouldn't start a new game, keep flicking, and then got, obj.fall error. And the other one was obj.talking but I can't remember how that one occurred.sorry, not very helpful.

had a few errors pop up but its OK. didn't have a clue what to do though while playing.

this is brilliant work. a very good game.:)

ok, il try that tomorrow, failing that, il try my other PC. Thanks for looking into it.:)

your right, I can see the Image file in the zip, which is why I'm baffled by why my computer says that the file is missing, I've turned my anti virus off, re downloaded, unzipped, it just won't ave any of it.

woooah!, this is a tough little bugger,:) great challenge.

i'm unable to run this game, missing a file apparently,   SDL2.dll, tried downloading a few times but still no joy. im unable to rate this game until i can play it. if anyone else has had this issue or has someway of solving then please let me know. :)

good idea, controls are good, needs work on the levels though.

brilliant, i haven't played a game like this for ages, well done.:)

nice music, cool looking characters, but bit slow and easy. do you actually smash a pumpkin? what are the controls? A = left, D  = right, space jump, whats the rest? i pressed every button on the key board and no joy im afraid, please advise. :)

the music does let this down, but its actually pretty good!. :)

a good game here, controls bit awkward to begin with, which make it  'clumsily difficult' and it felt slow, but generally it's OK. :)

Thanks, glad you like it. and thank you for the tip. )

 It does feel slow. needed something else to add to it. a level objective would be good, and i would suggest maybe giving the player a button to use for attack otherwise it feels too automated so i didn't really feel involved enough in its game play, but it's a good base to start from if you plan on continuing with this. :)

I almost ran out of trees!, i liked this, well done! shame there was no music though. :)

i don't get happen this end, only it stays in a run animation if i keep 0 held down, but doesn't go anywhere, oh well never mind, the jams over now and was rushing the whole thing anyway, perhaps there are just to many bugs to render it playable. il pick it up some over time, im to busy with other stuff right now to worry about it. i apreciate the feedback though. thanks. :)

ok, il just remove the pause altogether, that eliminates that problem, :). Was never really should of been there, put that in at the very beginning and forgot about it. I had no big issues with the controls, they seem to work fine, but il check em again. Thanks.

thought they would be, let me know what bugs you experiance and I'll look into fixing them later, if you don't mind if coarse.:)

I know the jam is over, I'm not looking to participate but I was going play and rate the submitted games, I was just unsure about rating the 'system' catergory.

When rating, how would one rate 'Systems' ? could you explain a bit more of what your looking for with this? thanks. :)