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Thank you kindly!. :) I love to hear positive feedback.

I have updated the files to now include the tile sets. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I have updated the files to now include the tile sets. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks for your purchase. :) I will check the file but I’m pretty sure it is there. The whole image (as mentioned above) has been set up so you can  use it as a tile set, either 8x8 or 16x16 or use bigger sizes if you wanted to, so they are not individual tiles. This was the best set up to make it more easy to read and gave choice to the dev. However if you want me to make them available in individual tiles then I will be more than happy to do so. I can do this tomorrow first thing as I’m not able to do it now. I apologise for the inconvenience.:)

thanks you for the great comment! I’m pleased you like my work. Lots more to come in the future. Be safe :)

I persevered for quite sometime on this, but i think the music bugged out on me, which was an important part of this game, so made progress difficult. In the end though, it was the camera function that drove me to quit. It's pretty, but the camera made it pretty irritating.

Thanks for submitting and participating in the jam. :)

Prototype in the title is a clear indication of where this game is, so it can be forgiven to a degree for it's incomplete flaws. A story or some small narrative would of helped this along a bit and given something for the player to consider, but as it is, this platform shooter felt somewhat aimless.

Good effort, good luck with the rest of the development and thanks for participating in the jam. :)

Glad you like it!. It's a very small part of another project i'm developing. :)

That’s great.Thanks for clearing that up. :)

This game is missing a challenge aspect, despite this though, it makes up for it in theme and fun with elements that show great potential. I found it 'chirpy' and i couldn't help but play it with a smile on my face. :)

Well done!, thanks for participating in the jam. :)


your project doesn't load for me. It just hangs on the Godot splash screen? clicking mouse or buttons causes 'not responding' message. Any special instructions i need to know about?, Also, there are no Credits on the games pages, itch game page and submission page, or in the games files. please see rule #4:

4) You must have 'Credits' of the assets used in game from OpenGameArt within the games page description/game comments, and/or in game.

If your credits are in game, and i cannot run the game, then i will not be able to verify the assets you have used. I would ask you to make the credits viewable on the game pages so i can check them. Unfortunately, failure to update your project to comply with the rule then i will have to remove your project from the game jam. Sorry. I am talking to the community on discord to see if anyone is having the same issues, so hopefully we can resolve this ASAP. Thanks.

Its another project I’m working on. I used the jam to create a dialog system for future projects, so it’s kind of a small demo of how the ‘Lone’ game may play,hence the title. :)

Your project looks like it has a lot of depth to it. Must of taking you quite some time to make. How long you have you been working on this project?

Your game has been removed from the OpenGameArt Summer Game Jam 2020. Your project does look very good, but it does not comply with the rules of the jam.

Rules(in part)

 2) You MUST use a minimum of 6 Game Assets from (You can use other assets as well, so long as you have the rights/permissions to use.) If you are unable to find anything suitable for your project on OGA, you can create your own assets, but you should upload them to OGA website BEFORE the end of the jam so they can be considered as part of the 6 asset rule. By doing so you are also contributing to a great community, and we would love to see it.

 3) You must credit the Author of the assets used, even if it's not required by the license. (Because this is nice thing to do)

- Please ensure you follow the license/s  correctly for the assets you use. (for full details click on the asset license link)

4) You must have 'Credits' of the assets used in game from OpenGameArt within the games page description/game comments, or in game.

Thanks! Glad you like it.:)

I do love retro consoles. Grew up with those ones!. 8 bit ,nes,sms,gameboy to begin with and then il move onto the 16bit at a later date. Still finding my feet.:) thanks for the nice comment.:)

Thank you very much, glad you like them :)

Thank you again! :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! Enjoy! :)

 I'm a video game hobbyist: Aspiring GameDev, Asset Creator, Game Rater, Jam Host & Gamer! 

Follow me on Twitter: @denchaser and/or take a look at my discord channel:

Here's my latest work :)

More stuff on my page:

Hi Ben, ive posted your comment on the discord page as well. :)

You can use any of my assets for whatever you like, you don't have to give credit, i release public domain, so you can do as you wish with them. If you want to give credit then just say 'Chasersgaming'. :)

Thank you, very early work this, a new one may become available at a later date. :)

try this

That will be great, good luck with your project! :)

of coarse you can! use for what ever you like. :)

Thanks. I'm very nice. :)

This is the 4th annual 'Summer' Game Jam and the 3rd  of all the seasonal OpenGameArt Game Jams. There has been some amazing games created using the assets available on, so let's make some more!

This game jam is about creating games using assets from

Since 2009 the community at OGA have been creating assets and submitting them for developers to download at no cost. The site has a huge database of artwork, music, and sound effects for 2D and 3D games, from sprites to tile sets, textures, backgrounds, and everything between, all for free!

 Lets see what great games you can make with these great assets!

Here's the jam page with all the details.: and come join us over on the discord channel.

You have a bit of time yet, so why not check out OGA and get a feel for the place if you have never been there before. :)

were look forward to seeing your games!. :)

If you have created a coverage video of the jam, then please link it here for us to see and watch :)

Thanks. Yeah, you could use it for a prison as well. :)

What you achieved on a personal level here was very good, I can appreciate your struggles. take my notes from my ratings here as constructive feedback. when you create your next game you can see what areas to improve on. If would like to discuss anything from my my ratings il be more than happy to go into more detail.

All the best, be safe. :)

Each rating criteria will finish with a 'rank' placement based on an average score determined by, calculated by the votes for that category. For each game ranked in a #1 position for a rating category will be rewarded first place for that category and win the prize. 

So a game 'ranked' #1 in the 'Story/Narrative' category will win 'Best Story' and the prize stated.


"Best Story"  ( Up to the value of £3 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the game ranked #1 in the 'Story/Narrative' category.

The 'Prize' is cash value of 'Up to' (in this example)  £3, where the winner can select a game from the  Humble Bundle Website  up to the value of £3. If a game is less then £3, then there is no 'change' or cash value carried over., hence 'Up to' the value of £3. Consider how a voucher would work. :)

Each 'prize' will be treated as one transaction

To claim your 'Prize', you can contact me or me you, letting me know what you would like by providing a link to the game you want. I will then purchase the game as a 'Gift' and email it to you for you to claim from the Humble Bundle website. (you will need to follow the humble bundle email i send you for instructions on how to redeem.)

'Prizes' are awarded per game, not per person. So those working in a team environment will need to share the prize/s.


Q: The game i would like is over the value of the prize won. can i just pay the difference. 

A: No, Sorry, i have to do this in a one transaction basis.

Q: The game i want is only  £1.50, can i get two games for £1.50?

A: Yes, the prize value is 'Up to' the amount specified. You can select more than one game providing it is within the 'Prize' cash value and is only one transaction.

Q: So, if i have won more than one category, I can combine the cash values altogether? like £3 for the 'Best Story' category and £3 for 'Second place'.?

A: Yes, but it can only be one transaction, and any cash value remaining will not carry over. so if you have won two 'prizes' and decide to combine them for a game that is £4.30 as an example, £1.70 will NOT be carried over or remain as a 'balance'. The 'prizes' have been claimed.

Q: OK, So what if I have been a lucky bugger and won three or more 'Prizes', can i combine two 'Prizes' cash values and still use the third cash value for something else?

A: Well, check you out eh. Yes you can, let me explain this a bit better if i can. I can only do one transaction for each 'Prize' won. Combining two 'prizes' cash values to get one game will count as one transaction, but two 'prizes' claimed, with no remaining balance(should there be any) carried over. If you have another 'prize' cash value still to claim then you can still claim that too.

Q: Do i have to use the Humble Bundle Website?

A: Yes.

Q: is there any way i could just have the cash valued paid to me into 'Paypal', and i'l do it myself?

A: NO!

Q: Can i get a bundle from the Humble Bundle store?

A: Sure, if there is something there that you like and you have the 'prize' value for it. You could even use the store itself, or both if you have two 'Prizes' to claim, remember one 'prize' means one transaction, you could get a bundle with one 'prize', and a game from the store with another 'prize'

Q: Can I choose the charity?

A: Of coarse, if you have a preference then let me know in the email, or I'l just pick one.

Q: There is nothing on Humble bundle Website i want right now, how long do i get to claim my 'Prize/s'?

A: You have until Saturday 31st August 2019 to claim your 'Prize/s', after that time, i will no longer be available, and have quit my hosting duties. 

Q: Something went wrong on the Humble Bundle Website and I can't activate/work my game, what shall I do?

A: Anything regarding Humble Bundle Website and it's games will need to be dealt with by Humble Bundle themselves, once I have sent the email to you, be sure to follow any instructions carefully. I will help where i can, but generally speaking, once i have confirmed, purchased an sent the 'redeeming' email to you, then it's out of my hands.

Hopefully this answers most of the questions you maybe thinking about, if not, then drop a message and I will answer as quickly and as best I can. :)

Whenever I swung the sword, the swing  would never reach the spider/s, out if 100 swings I might be lucky and take a small amount of damage off a spider, but I would always lose health and die myself. It was like the spiders were just to low for the sword swing to be affective.:)