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OK. So he called you the "Coward Knight", then. I hope you can have your revenge and beat him another day. 

I made an afterjam patch to the game, with some bug corrections and improvements.

If you come back to the game page, you will see a new paragraph in the game's description, called "AFTERJAM EDIT", and a 5kB zip called "".

Your suggestion has been taken into account and is one of the improvements to the game.

Another good change I made is that you can now drink potions in the castle when not fighting.

Now I think the game is complete. That game jam was fun !

Glad you enjoyed it.

So, you triggered a fight against the jester. How did it end ? Did you flee the fight ? Did you kill him ? Or did you get a game over ? I like how irritating this character is.

About the improvement you suggest, it is a good idea. I might add it in a post-jam version, with a bug correction (I noticed the number of HP can exceed the maximum number of HP by simply drinking a potion), and maybe 1 or 2 more jokes for the jester.

Good job, Ragnar Random. This game has the best gameplay among the 5 games of the jam.

And it is one of the bests for graphics (this one and Emoji Invaders are the bests on graphics in my opinion).

Overall, I think OskFups is my favorite game among these 5 games. Good job !

Nice game, with funny opponents. The difficulty is quite high, but maybe it is just me being bad at shoot em ups. Anyway, that was really fun, congratulations !

Great game. Thanks for all this fun !

Congratulations for this game. Hedgewars is in my top 2 Linux games (with SuperTuxKart). I play it a lot. 

Congratulations. I had a lot of fun playing this game.

A masterpiece.

Good job ! I am another fan of Metal Gear, so I enjoyed your game very much (I finished it, by the way). I will be following the current 32bit jam with great interest.

Thanks a lot ! If I ever make another game, I will consider using it somehow.

Someone finally did the shooting seagulls game !

Well done. That was fun :-)

Good. Making a card game with a fantasy theme was a good idea.

I really like this AI generated art. What did you use to make it ?

Good job. Probably your best game.

It reminds me a bit of TimeSplitters (an FPS about time travel).

My favorite mission is the one in Rome.  All missions were very fun, actually.

The Transylvania mission and the one in "Crime City" were a bit too difficult, but I managed to finish the game anyway.

I have rated it with three "5 stars".

I just uploaded 3 new versions of the splash screen there, see the comments :-)

I shot him too. At least I did not shoot the deputy...

Good job. Very nice graphics, but the gameplay is a bit hard.

Cute game. I would like to see the next adventures of the princess, now that she is going to team up with the dragon.

Usually, endless runner games are not my type of game, but here I really had fun playing this one.

I like the dinosaur customization part, the graphics, and the music (you have 5 stars from me on the "music" category).

Well done !

Good, but a bit hard. I did not get very far.

Very nice demo, you got an interesting idea for the story.

Now, it needs improvement on the gameplay, but congratulations anyway :)

Funny. Now I want to adopt a rock :)

I guess more games will be made on this Game Jam than in the previous jams (with the 2 monthes length + the fact that people can reuse old projects).

I am so impatient to play them at the end of the jam...

Nice. This is the best Game Boy image here :-)

Great, thanks.

Your GameBoy version is much better than mine.

I would say your best image is the MSX version.

Yes, from all my versions, the Apple II is my favorite too.

It is not "needed". Actually, we do this mostly for fun, and in case somebody makes a game with a NES / Master System / GameBoy... graphics style.

So do the others only if you enjoy making them :-)

By the way, your tool seems very interesting. I have downloaded it and I will test it on a Windows PC when I have the time (it seems much easier to use on Windows than on Linux).

Dithering worked well. Thanks, chasers, I would not have thought about it if you didn't talk about "settings".

Here are the corrected banners (the Game Boy version remains the least good, in my opinion).

Apple II :


ZX Spectrum :

Master System :


Game Boy :

I see what is wrong. Maybe I should have used "dithering"

I will try it tomorrow.

Yes, the quality is not very good. withthelove's tool seems to be better for this.

I guess the problem comes from these palettes I downloaded, not from GIMP's settings, but I will check these settings anyway.

Good idea, I liked this game. It was a bit hard (I did not finish it), but I liked the concept of this flying pig exploring some caverns...
That was quite mysterious and original.

Here is how to do this with GIMP (I learnt it yesterday).

1) Downloaded GIMP palettes from here :

2) Put them in the palettes folder.
If you do not know what this folder is, open GIMP then go to Edit -> Preferences -> Folders -> Palettes.

On Linux, with GIMP 2.10, I can tell you the default path is : /home/userName/.config/GIMP/2.10/palettes

3) Open GIMP, open the image you want to modify.

4) Go the menu : Image -> Mode -> Indexed.

5) Select "Use custom palette", then select the palette you want to use. Click on the "convert" button.

Like for previous game jams (Summer 2020, Fall 2020...), here are some different versions of the banner, with other color palettes.

Here is the Apple II version :

The MSX version :

The ZX Spectrum version :

The Master System version :

The NES version :

The Game Boy version :

Well done, that is my favorite game for this jam.

- Good dialogues, well written.

- I like this kind of "old school" graphics

- This is also the one with the best musics. I immediately recognized nene's style during the battle. He is one of my favorite artists on OGA for musics. I also added the 8 bit tracks from kreznykov to my favorites. Good choices here :)

The game is quite promising.

The only default I see for now : the characters moves are a bit too slow.

Good job, anyway.

Nice game. Well done :)

Thanks for making a game with this otter.

That was fun :)