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Nice graphics and music :-)

I found it a bit difficult too, but I guess I am bad at tower defense games.

I like the musics of this game. The story / narrative is another good point.

But the difficulty is too hard. I did not succeed in any mission :-(

I like these goblins :-)

Funny game. I like the "easter" option that you have put in your game.

Playing the same game with different graphics is a great idea. :-)

Cute game, nice GameBoy graphics ! It would have been better with some music, though.

Hello, Spring ! For an unfinished game, it is actually very good. I think it is my favorite of this jam.

The badger main character is funny (and the bosses too), the graphics and the music are excellent.

It is also fun to play, even if a bit too easy. Well done!

Hello. Most of the time, I change the keys in the options and put "zqsd" instead of "wasd" or "up/down/left/right".

Or sometimes I use "up/down/left/right". 

Finally, I found a solution for the games of the jam which did not allow keys remapping : go into the "system parameters" of the operating system, change layout to QWERTY. So when I pressed "z", it was like if I pressed "w", and pressing "q" was like pressing "a".

So it was not that much a problem after all. Keys remapping in the game options would be appreciated, but not indispensable.

I am quite satisfied to see people became aware of this issue, though.

Animations? Well, I imagine the phoenix facing the heroes, flying "standstill" in front of them, and using fire magic attacks.

Good work. The game is fun, and set in interesting historical events. 

I hope there will be other games like this one in the next jams.

My favorite "browser game" of the jam. I finished it!

Your game is one of my 4 favorite of the jam. Gameplay, graphics, music, sound... everything is nice.

About the azerty / qwerty issue I talked about, I forgot to say it but I have found a simple solution... going into the "system parameters" of the OS to change the layout, and that's it, no more problem. :-)

I will add a post on the topic, so other devs see it is not an issue anymore.

Funny and hard game. Gnu with an AK47, mustard trucks... This is perfect!

You have a lot of imagination.

Excellent music (I have put 5*) and gameplay (4*), a bit short. You have an interesting concept, here.

I hope we will be able to play a longer version one day. Good work.

This game is my favorite of the jam on the "gameplay" criteria. Really fun to play, a lot of traps, which make the player die and retry, again and again. Well done, sir!

This game is my favorite, on the "story/narrative" criteria.

The idea of a woman exploring ancient ruins with such a strange "companion" is really great.

The game is a bit hard, though, and I got lost after the fall.

It is unfortunate that the story criteria has been forgotten, but your game is great on many other levels, especially graphics.

Well done :-)

You're welcome. This asset has a big potential. For example I think it can make a good RPG boss too :

a boss very hard to beat, which would regenerate at the end of the fight if you did not kill it the right way.

And I'm sure it could have other interesting uses.


Strange. I did not have this issue. Normally, there are 2 ways to close the program : clicking on the close button, or returning to the menu with the "escap" key and selecting "exit".

Did you try these 2 techniques?

Glad you enjoyed it. I like this phoenix image, programming the game was quite fun :-)

Did you find the secret technique to kill the phoenix (if there is really such a technique)?

I just downloaded, unzipped, and replayed, on a W10 computer. No problem on this computer.

You can download the dlls here (and retry) :

Download the "runtime binaries".

Strange. I downloaded the Windows zip to check it, the file SDL2.dll is in the archive.

I will try to launch the game again after dinner, I'll tell you if it works.

And yes, if other people had the same issue, please tell it here. I would be a little disappointed if nobody can play my game.

1) OK. Unfortunate, there were 2 games which deserved a lot of stars for their story/narrative.

I think I will be more generous on their other criteria, to compensate the impossibility to rate their story.

2) Great, the rating will be more honest, then.

3) I understand, thank you very much.

Now, I'm going back to play and rate :-)

Hello everyone, I have 3 questions.

1) Has the "story / narrative" criteria been forgotten? It does not appear in the "rate this game" list of criteria.

2) Are the votes anonymous? Or will every developer be able, at the end of the jam, to know who rated his game and how?

3) What is meant by "polish"? As I don't know for now, I put 3 stars to everyone (maybe I will correct it later)

Hello everybody.

I have an advice to give to some of the developers. About the keyboard controls, more precisely about direction controls for characters.

Please use the up/down/left/right arrows, not the w/a/s/d keys.

In some countries, we do not have "qwerty" keyboards, but "azerty" (France), "qwertz" (Germany) or others (Italy, Portugal...). 

See the map at the top of this page :

So for example, I am French, and my keyboard is an "azerty".

Games with the wasd controls for directions are really awful to play for me, I am not used at all to these controls, and I keep making mistakes (with an azerty keyboard, zqsd would be OK).

I simply gave up playing some good games just because of this.

Anyway, I have not finished to play all the games, but except this problem on some of them (which is not a problem for everyone), all the games I played were great.

Congratulations to all of you.

Thank you. Actually, when I saw this phoenix, I knew I had to do something with it.