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Submitted by Saliv — 2 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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I have to highlight the great soundtrack.
The game has good qualities.

  • No obvious way to move to the next story prompt; just have to wait if I'm a fast reader, I guess?
  • This bunny has a bonkers jump arc! I love it.
  • Short game. I guess it should be called "Get Star" until you have a chance to add more content. Haha!

Help! I'm stuck in the second room!  The big fire ball is blocking my way and I can't seem to find a way around.   Can't tell if I'm just missing something or if that's just as far as you got.   Looks good though, and the story was definitely drawing me in.


That is as far as I got. The goal is to collect the star and return to the door at the start. I was planning on building more, but I ran out of time.


Gotcha, and no worries I definitely understand running out of time, sitting on a list of about 100 things I meant to implement (or fix ;) for Miracle Math before the clock struck 12  :)


Hmm, I have a feeling that there must be something hidden in this game, otherwise it's very short o.o


Sorry, I ran out of time. There is technically an Easter egg if you can find a way to get past the fireball, but that should not be possible to do in normal play. I don't think you missed anything.


Awww, and I thought there was this big hidden world! Maybe you will add that sometime :D


Sorry for the delay. I have ideas for what I want to do next and have tagged this release as version as v0.1 so I can keep going, but I am not exactly sure on the time table right now.
Thank you for the encouragement. :)