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Miracle Math LandView game page

Help the Wonder Kids Rescue the Numbers!
Submitted by with the love studios — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline
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It's a game with a lot of qualities to win.




This games mint! Love the style! The only negative for me is that I realised how rusty I am at maths. I was staring at those equations for far too long XD. I am looking forward to your updates and trying multiplayer. I bet that's a blast.


haha, thanks!   I'll freely admit that tricking people into doing math was absolutely the #1 design goal on the game!  
 Also, the updates will add even more math so study up!  ;)


Gameplay felt a bit repetitive after a while but wow, what a nice package you have here withthelove. very good job! :)


Thanks!  Working on a big package of updates that should add more variety to the game, so stay tuned!   :)

Deleted post

haha, yeah, it's intended as a boy and a girl sprite but the difference is pretty subtle.  On my 'todo' list for a post jam release is better different hair, faces, clothes, hats, etc for the different characters all modeled off they're respective Sega Master System heroes.

Deleted post

Ut oh, sounds like you need to do some SMS research ;)
Here's a tip to get you started, Alycks is pronounced Alex.

Deleted post

Haha, yeah I guess SMS wasn't exactly known for it's famous game characters.   I am working on adding some character introductions that will drop a few hints as to where their names might come from.   Hopefully that will help.    So stay tuned...   :)


Nice game I love the retro look&feel, but I've to say that I found 1 annoying thing, when you die the player is respawned just over the enemies and die again and again, it would be nice if you respawn the player in a safe place, for example on a formula's rectangle or inside a shield bubble or just respawn the player immortal for a few secs.

But overall, you have made a nice game, congrats!!


Here's some explanation of the respawn mechanics in case that helps.
When you re-spawn the player parachutes down from the top of the screen.  You can steer her/his descent slightly by pushing left/right.  You can ditch the parachute and jump right into the action by pressing the jump button during your descent.  The player is invulnerable as long as he/she is parachuting.  However, once you either land or jump you are fully vulnerable again.  The general idea is that you have to time your jump or landing carefully to be sure you land safely, which admittedly can be difficult owing to the chaotic nature of the play field.
That said, I'll consider adding some sort of invulnerability that lasts for a short time after you land or abort you descent by jumping. 


Update: Miracle Math Land v1.0 adds a brief period of invulnerability for the player when re-spawning.  I've also tweaked many of the level layouts to provide safer landing spots for re-spawning players.   Thanks for the feedback!