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Thanks a lot for your feedback.
I'm relatively new to, I've been here for a year and I've seen the numbers that your JAM has generated (visits, downloads, etc...) those numbers are numbers of a top JAM so keep your amazing job up, and thanks for creating this awesome JAM.

Thanks mr. Snabisch !!!

You play it til the end you are awesome mr. ChaserGaming ;)
Thanks for playing and for your feedback !!

Thanks mr. Snabisch!!!
Your music pushes that game to another level,  so thank you for your great music ;)))

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Thanks for your review, I really do appreciate it !!
Nice idea,  I'm going to include it on the next iteration...
Just for you an exclusive preview ;)

Hi !!

First of all thanks for your feedback,  it was very useful.

"I did not succeed in any mission :-("
Making an impossible game was intended (Is not a bug is a feature XD), what I mean is the hero will never be able to payoff the debt, but what was not intended is frustating the player,  so I'm going to check the difficulty level  in the next iteration.
Thanks ;)


Samsara was created for extra-credits-game-jam-3.


It's a puzzle game where you have to get the same map as  shown on the right side of the screen. Just click on the elements of the map for going through  life cyclesbirth, develop and death page

Enjoy it.

Age rating ( Everyone )

Thanks for your amazing feedback.

Hi !!
 I've uploaded a new version and I believe that some of your petitions were covered.
Your feedback was very useful, thank a lot !!

Thanks for your feedback !!

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"...I would have liked the clicking to be instantaneous instead of taking a second to activate, but perhaps that was on purpose?"

Yes, it was a design decision, in fact is a variable that could be changed. What I want to explain to the player,  with that delay, is the temporal cost of each life cycle, even the death takes a few seconds.

I  really do appreciate your feedback ;)

Thanks for your feedback.
You have the artwork available here for free and published under public domain license.

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It was a hard challenge. I've to admit that  I was planning another thing,  where the player had to use the camera for winning yards but I re-read the JAM rules and I found out that the libraries involved in the process weren't allowed... so that version is a last minute change and I'm not happy with it, anyways thanks for playing  and  rating .

" Maybe by giving the team that just lost in score an edge by placing them forward, so player are incentivized to use the "love power"? "

mmm... interesting... I'll take it into consideration.

That comment went straight to my heart ;).
Thanks !

Thx for your feedback.
I've published the artwork under public domain license (CC0) you can find icons,field and characters  here.

Enjoy it ;)

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Sorry guys, It was  a  last minute change, I'm not happy with the result.

I've had not enough time for polishing the game.

"Field Ball"  Indicates when you can throw a fieldgoal and get 3 points.

"Fan's love" you get by default 2 hearts on each match, those hearts represents the love of your team hooligans and you can press that button for advancing 10yrds. 

1 heart == 10yards
1 Touchdown== 7 points
1 FieldGoal==3 points.
That's all ;)
PW: Thanks for your feedback
I'm not happy with this version but here it is. I've to say that I'm working on somthing more polished and nice,  with the same mechanics , and  it'is gonna be involved the cam ;)
Good luck with your submission.

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My plan is to develop a little football game using a well known turn based system. Right now I've no idea how  I'll make it,  if that's gonna work or even if that's possible. It 's going to  be hard but I'll try it.
 Let me know what do you think  ?

Thanks !!
Nice video you have my "thumbs up"

Hi !! Nice job , congratulations !!
Keep it up ;)

Thanks for your feedback !!

Thanks !! That's an amazing pack.
Thanks for sharing !!

It's my first first place in a GameJam.
Thanks to all!

Nice job!!

Awesome !! Keep it up ;)

Very nice!! It's rounded and well done.

That's a hidden GeM ;) 

You can find me on Twitter @looneybits and that's my unity profile , let's see what can grow ;)

The artwork is awesome.
Nice job!!

Thanks for your feedback !!

That's addictive, the pixelart is not bad,  game itself is equilibrated gameplay, artowrk, sound.
The sound in my opinion is good, fits perfectly with the gameplay. It could be great have traps for enemies for adding more strategy to the game  but in conclusion nice job!! keep it up.

Yes!!  I'm using Unity3d for developing my games.
I'll take your offer into consideration ;)

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Hi folks!
I've adapted an existing game for participating in this JAM, and I've published the artwork under public domain license because I thought that could be useful for others participants.

Download here:

Enjoy it.

Thanks for voting,  congrats to the winner. 4Cubes ends in 4th place, not bad at all but I need to improve a lot as I can see in the results and  thanks to the host of this JAM for giving me the opportunity of participating.

See you next Oga JAM ;)

Nice job !! Congrats !

Thanks !!

Players don't understand the mechanics... added to the ToDo list ;P