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Nice, that's cool, good luck with your game!!

@gynvael Thanks for your donation!! ;))

Thx ;)

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Done, I've released an asset pack, that was on draft for some time, now available here (check out the link) under cc.by4.0 license. Enjoy it ;)

I'm flooded with work but I'm going to try to publish another car pack, that I've had on draft for long time ago, for free and under cc licensing

Mr.@andreas_landwehr thanks for donating ;)

Thx ;)

@artuhin2010 thanks for donating ;)

Thanks @Chasersgaming !!

I had no idea about the existence of this game, glad you liked it.
Thanks  @Snabisch for your comment ;)
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@kingkeith thanks for your donation !! ;)

I have introduced some changes.

Lanes definition done !

Yeah!! I appreciate your feedback a lot, in fact I've introduced things that were proposed on SensibleGear comments, like coins(stars), a terrain and also I've decreased the difficulty (not much as I can see) but this game is slower than SensibleGear, so thank you very much for your feedback.

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I've had to put a disclaimer !! Just for your keyboard... ;)

  • That's right the learning curve is not smooth enough.
  • Got it, using stars in another way could give a better game experience.
  • I agree.
  • Yeah, nice idea !
  • Interesting answer, so I need to build a custom game language.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and giving your point.

It was very helpful!!

Thanks a lot for your feedback!!

  • Lanes definition is something that I have to improve.
  • That's the deal, if you don't survive you won't get the stars.
  • 2 and 4 (small)rocks and shots. OK, got it ;)
  • Like deciding a path left-right at some point or something similar, right?
  • Maybe adding other types of missions could help to the game to be more re-playable.

Nice game !!

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It's your chrome, for sure !!  I've used Unity3d to develop this game and I'm not using any special config or lib, so try this; clean your cache or try to use a private browsing new window (When you close that window you'll lose all your progress).

PS: I'm sorry for your keyboard.

Yes, you are right, but I'll take into consideration for SensibleGear, where the player drives a car.
Thanks you all for your feedback I'm learning a lot.

I can see that's a constant, the communication between the game and player is my greatest weakness, the player is not receiving enough feedback from the game.

Thanks a lot !!

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Yes, the objects are spawned in a grid!!
I've built a wave generator and what you are seeing here is a row of 5 spawners seeding 1 tree per row in a sinusoidal  triangular shape, same for coins, but in a reversal sinusoidal triangular shape.

Thanks for your feedback!!

I knew that those trees could be problematic or misunderstood, with this wave in concrete I was looking for recreating the experience of running through the woods. Maybe another kind of trees could be more effective, and less confusing.

I like the graphics, sound and narrative, but I agree with @Flofflewoffle controlling the player with WASD+Space+mouse is really hard.

Thx ;)

Nice game I love the retro look&feel, but I've to say that I found 1 annoying thing, when you die the player is respawned just over the enemies and die again and again, it would be nice if you respawn the player in a safe place, for example on a formula's rectangle or inside a shield bubble or just respawn the player immortal for a few secs.

But overall, you have made a nice game, congrats!!

Wow !!
Nice feedback very useful, a little big detail that I missed completely.

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First of all thanks for your stars & feedback, I'm revisiting the project for fixing all the bugs (known bugs), so could you explain to me more about the issue that you found in the Bus collision?  Maybe, bus collider is too long and when you try to avoid the new wave the car collides with the old one, because the 1st level is faster than the 2nd one ?

Thanks !!

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I love this game concept. I've designed a 2D urban car pack, it's published under a public domain license, maybe it could be useful for you.
You can get it here:

and here

Enjoy it and keep your nice work up ;)

All of you are awesome !! 

You are awesome !!!

Thanks !!