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Hi folks!
I've adapted an existing game for participating in this JAM, and I've published the artwork under public domain license because I thought that could be useful for others participants.

Download here:

Enjoy it.

Thanks for voting,  congrats to the winner. 4Cubes ends in 4th place, not bad at all but I need to improve a lot as I can see in the results and  thanks to the host of this JAM for giving me the opportunity of participating.

See you next Oga JAM ;)

Nice job !! Congrats !

Thanks !!

Players don't understand the mechanics... added to the ToDo list ;P


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Is my bad, the game mechanics aren't well explained , that game is a mix of  rubik, tetris and 4 in a row... well that  what's intended, if you put  7 blocks in a row, you're gonna be rewarded with 2 rotations and then you're gonna have the chance of moving each row like a rubik's cube...
  so I've to polish the user experience , explaining better how to play , also I've to add block's animations (destroy, move,rotate,etc..) and a new game mode.
Thanks for your feedback ;)

It's just a little tricky  at first, but after a few levels you get it
Thanks for your feedback ;)

Done!!  just in time... uff!
Good luck with your projects and enjoy it!!


I'm working around an old concept, 4 in a row,  but using a cube.
I've no idea what's gonna be the result.
What do you think folks?

I'll use isometric view and this artwork

That game is a Hidden Gem.
Nice player experience, levels are challenging and the artwork is awesome.

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Thanks dude!!
See you next year too!!!
I love your JAMs ;)

I've reudced the intro and transitions times.

Thanks ;)

I polished the game little bit.
Check it out.
Thx for your feedback.

Music added ;)
Thx for your feedback.

Congrats for your 1st place !!!
You've done an excellent job ;)

It's a great idea, I've done a map generator tool for programming the game so I can adapt it easly for getting a run-time map editor.
Nice.. thanks a lot!!

Thx !!

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

The SFX and music are amazing. I like the game concept.

I love the animations, the gameflow and the artwork but the controls aren't polished is hard to play that game with keyboard...

It's different... ;)

Nice job !!

It's up to you. ;)

Thanks for your comment!
Yes it is,  in cinematics and menu I'm using the joth work take a look here  is amazing, and  inside the levels you are gonna listen only the SFX.

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I'll take your advice into consideration for the next version.


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Thanks for your feedback.
I've had no more time but  I'm going to try to improve it with a second version
where I'm going to add traps and  more and better animations.

Nice job there.

It's a retro-fresh idea.
Good job dude !!

I love the idea and If you want to polish the artwork later  you should check  this out. I think that's gonna fit really nice in your project.

I like the concept. It is fun and challenging.

JoB Done ;)

Enjoy it !!
And Good Luck with your projects folks!!!

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Yeah! It's a puzzle game where you have to program your bot to reach the aim, avoiding the enemies, traps ...

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Hi folks!!
That's my first JaM and I'm working on this little game called iNTRUDER. I've the story, the enemies, the hero and just right now I'm programming the game mechanics and the GameFlow... it's on 50-60% and I will spend the rest of the time to sketch the intro and designing the animations, the hardest part in my opinion...
Good Luck with your project!!