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Looks good! I like the music, but there was no detectable sound effects. The controls are intuitive, but I found it nearly impossible to destroy more than a few opponents. I'm not sure if it is intended, but I found it frustrating that I am not able to fire at all unless I have a lock, which usually takes longer than the opponent is on the screen.

Though I realize this is to encourage me to match velocity with them before I can take them out, I was rarely able to match their speed and heading before they were out of detection range.


i was thinking no sfx because space ;p

free-fire lasers were definitely intended but i had no time! When i go back and finish this i will keep your feedback in mind. The locking mechanism was actually a way for me to use UI elements and the mouse to hack together a targeting system without doing proper physics and ray-casting and such, but i think with the improvements you have implied it could be a solid mechanic.

thanks for testing

Understood. Given the time constraints, you accomplished a remarkable amount. This is a promising game. :)