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A simple platformer made for OGA Fall Jam 2022
Submitted by JackOatley (@f_oatley) — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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Ah, lovely platformer! I faved this art kit too hoping I could do something with it, I'm glad to see that someone else chose it too!
I agree jumping with the up key is a bit strange, but the overall game feel is really nice and there is some nice polish too in menus ands sfx.
I would have change the spikes color to something more visible like orange or red (or just a solid color maybe?) cause they tend to blend into the background.
Also level design is great, with a progressive introduction to mechanics and new enemies.
Great work!

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Up = jump, bleh!... otherwise, no notes! Good game. :)

So, I experimented with all of the "You Lose" screens (actually, I just died a lot) and several of them seem to be pointing to a previous level. I.E. dying (lots) on level 8 says "Level 7 Lost", or something to that effect.

This is nice and whimsical. The level design is great and movement feels tight. I can echo that sentiment about the spikes, they are hard to figure out at first. All in all, I had fun with this and I really enjoyed the variety of environments that you created from such simple assets. It all "clicked" really well.

The last level was a fun twist! I never know what to rate narrative on an arcade-y game, but this had enough variety in it that I think it fits the criteria.


AH you're right, I never caught that! It's simply that the level is stored in a single number. When you lose it's decremented so that you restart instead of progressing. It doesn't make sure the text says a different number in any way. It's not breaking anything, but yeah! :P

Thanks. And I simply didn't bother with story. This was mostly an excuse to make a platformer which is something I just don't usually do. Give those narrative stars to someone who did have story. :)


Most enemies appear to be filled, so maybe filling in the spikes might make them stand out from the other background items.


Great fun!
Loved the look, and really appreciated the fact that everything from your movement down to the credits scroll stuck to the 8x8 pixel grid.   I actually made the controls a bit jumpy but that was no big deal once I got used to it.

Difficulty seemed punishing at first, but for each level, after a few tries I figured out what my strategy should be and was able to clear it soon enough.   Also by the end I'd gotten good enough that I was able to beat the final level (which was a really fun surprise btw) on my 2nd try.

My only knock would be that the spikes didn't stand out quite as much as I needed them too.  More than once, I walked right into one because my brain had tuned it out as being just a background item.  Not sure the best fix for this, could be recolor or fill in the spikes so they look more prominent on screen, or maybe give them a small animation.  Or maybe I should just have my eyes checked!  ;)


Hey thanks for playing!

The final level wasn't meant to be hard at all, initially it was just to run to the end but I added that little jump in the middle where the bee is back and forth just to throw ya off a bit. :P

As for the spikes. I didn't really want to edit the assets at all, as that's the key thing for this jam. So I left them like that. The only major edit to assets was the UI which I changed the  color of to match the game tiles/sprites for consistency. But yes in terms of gameplay I probably should have changed them, haha.

What are the requirements? I'm using Google Chrome and Windows10 and can't see anything, I tried yesterday and now today, tried clearing cache. If I go fullscreen it becomes black and still nothing. Tried pressing all kind of buttons - nothing. Do note that I don't have such problems with other browser games here.

Sorry to see this. Could you check developer console (F12) and see if it has any errors? There will be a bunch of warnings saying "Returning existing sound" which is fine that's just a thing in my engine I didn't remove. I'm expecting a red error message from index.js.

Also is this AFTER clicking the "Run Game" button?

Yes, AFTER clicking run button:

Developer (1 edit)

Ah OK, so that's because you have Chrome set to block cookies. I can work around the problem so it runs, but you wouldn't get saved progress.

I'll let you know when I upload a fix.

(1 edit)

Ok, so I enabled cookies and now have this:

No text =/ And there were no any errors in the console other than returning existing sound you mentioned.

Edit: Which wasn't a problem, I still finished all 10 levels :D


OK, so there seems to be a lot of issues with the text. I've actually seen it once and it was fine after a reload. So I do think it's just trying to do something with text before it's actually loaded. Because it's just CanvasAPI and I have to recolor it per pixel on another canvas, it wouldn't know there's no image yet and my code probably just assumes it's loaded. It may even be the same issue as CrankyCranton, just his canvases start with random data... I'll maybe upload another fix on Friday.

Anyway, I uploaded a new version which allows you to have cookies off. It just won't save your progress between page reloads.

I'm glad you could play it finally, haha! Thank you. :)


I liked the art, but the spikes/bees/snakes could be higher contrast. This may just be a bug on my computer, but the font is a bit hard to read. I am using Firefox on a Garuda Linux operating system.

Unlike my game, the controls are very nice and simple. I liked the grand finale :D.


That's really odd. I've tested on Brave and FireFox on Linux Mint and no issues with the text like that. It looks like some kind of repeated pattern, maybe it's trying to recolor the pixels before the image is loaded... So the image ends up as random data at a random size. That's the only thing I can think of that'd introduce those colors. Does it always happen or is it fixed on reload?

Anyway, thank you for playing! :)


I reloaded the page, and it seems to change.


Well that's just incredibly odd. I don't immediately have a fix without being able to reproduce it. I can only apologise!


That's fine. It's still quite fun!


Fun platformer. I liked the art. It's simple yet unique and felt a bit like a blueprint come alive. I definitely would suggest adding some instructions beyond just arrow pictures. I had to run into the rock a couple times to realize it was an obstacle. I also got stuck at level four since I couldn't jump over the snake on the other side of the gorge. Maybe there's a trick I missed?


Thanks for playing! Yeah, I originally forgot to even add controls to the game page. And certainly could have displayed them better in game.

You can hold Z to shoot the snakes. If you mean the end of level 5 where there's 2 snakes in a pit and another across the gap, you have to just time your jump for when it's walking away, when you land just shoot it. Let me know if you get past it. :)


If there's a way to shoot the snakes, I should be able to get past them. Thanks.