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Actually not a glitch. Pressing down switches the character to the crouch animation. Haven't used it in other platformers, but this one needed to have as many controls as possible. My favorite "glitch" in this game is that pressing up on the ladder (after finding Jump) causes your character to go really high because it is climbing and jumping at the same time.

Very well made game and a lot of levels for a 10 day jam game. Congratulations! I especially appreciate (for a quick jam playthrough) that collecting all stars was optional and you could still make it through the levels. There were enough times on the first couple levels when I was still learning the mechanics, where I just kept dying and did not want to have to collect every star again just to see more of the game. Made it to Level 6. Gonna come back after rating some more games :)

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Cool concept. The tanks are hovering now! Run for your life! :) 

Unfortunately had a hard time turning, especially while the tank was moving. Maybe you were already planning this, but it would be neat if the hovertank could glide up the steep slopes.

Like the atmosphere of this game. When you described the "enemies" as being the puzzles and isolation, I thought there was going to be a sanity stat or something at first. Glad there was not, because that probably would have made the game way too rushed.

Concept was interesting, but I also had a hard time figuring out what was going on.  A button to advance to the next instruction at the beginning and an additional button to skip right to the game would have been nice. Just out of curiosity, what engine did you use to make this game or did you make it right in HTML?

Beautiful pixelart graphics. Story was fun with an interesting mystery, though I felt did not get to enjoy it properly, always being on the rush to grab food or get back to bed before the meters ran out. (What happens if they do? I managed to never let that happen.)

Thank you. Glad you really liked the story. Sorry you had to start over. I had made a note at the beginning to be sure to save often, but maybe should have mentioned how to get to the save menu. Guess I can also give the player the option to skip the intro.

Good message. Some choices would have been nice, even if they did not effect the game beyond some minor dialog changes . Like an options to tell your mom "No, thank you, maybe another night" or "I'm busy. Leave me alone." Responding to the "friend" could be either complacently saying "Ok. Maybe another time," leading to the friend saying, something like "Yeah, whatever" or trying to assert themself by insisting the friend come pick them up, to which the "friend" tells them to get over being left out. At this point, maybe the player considers joining the family dinner. Whether they follow through could depend on their earlier reaction. If they had rudely declined, they might be hesitant to seek their family out.

Really  cool graphics and fun story. Got a bit stuck at the giant because when I tried to jump on his foot, it did not seem to turn red more than once if you tried to jump on it multiple times it was in the same spot.

Very relaxing, innovative game.

Thanks. I really had to rush at the end, so that point especially had a lot of spelling errors. Besides having the ending working properly, spelling is one of the first things I want to have fixed after the jam and I have already gone through and corrected a lot.

Like the story between the two letter writers. Shows how someone taking the time to care and be sympathetic can be really really help someone struggling. Some neutral music would have added to the vibe and if you can, uploading a thumbnail image would make people more likely to play it. (You are allowed to edit your game page in this jam. Just not the actual game file.)

Great. Always nice when you figure out there is a way to tell your engine to do the trick you want it to :)

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the game. I'm going to upload a version with the ending working properly after the jam. I'd like to say I'll also have the mana potions incorporated in that version, but I've done enough jams to know there is a good chance I won't have all the features I missed implemented in that timeframe. I did mention in the intro mana and food were not properly implemented, but that might have gone by.

The original intent was that a key mechanic would be Toru needs to keep his energy/food and magic levels high enough they won't deplete overnight, hence why the game starts with Toru needing to fetch food and mana. Near the end of the jam, I thought I would just focus on mana, but even that got kicked out due to time constraints. That's why the whole losing mana over time plot point became reduced to Toru feeling drained and saying he needed a potion the next morning. I'd also wanted Toru to camp in the cave so you'd have to survive two nights.

Maybe if you did a brief fade and restarted the scene. I assume Unity has a restart command? I don't use it myself.

There. It's a low quality recording and it didn't even pick up the sound track, but here's the ending. You should be able watch it right in Drive.

Darn! I must have somehow exported it before I got it properly finished. Interacting with the angel is supposed to send you to a present day, version of the shrine and a brief conversation with the wizard. And the cave had Marabell's ghost who explained the mystery of the world and an easter egg I had a lot of fun making. Maybe I'll make a video of the end of the game so people can at least see what was supposed to happen.

Strange. I thought I fixed those. I thought the final version had those working. It works in my editor file. Let me check the uploaded version.

Keep catching the birds. Every now and then, the frog will appear by the pond in either the first or second location (I think second after a while) and you'll progress the plot. Oh yes, to get to the second map,  go to the cave. To get there, go onto the ledge with the fern at the top of the map. there's a slope on the left you ca go down, though it took me ages to notice.

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Thanks. Just found the transport spot in the upperleft corner. It might help to make that spot more obvious. I walked all over on a couple different playthroughs and never found it until now.

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Nice, well-polished philosophical game.  It could have benefitted with either having the game fade into darkness and a restart menu after the last text, or looping back to the starting point to represent the never ending isolation. Though I did pick up on Discord, you had to change games near the end, so you may not have had time to implement a clearer ending.

After being sent out into the desert, there's no way to continue to the volcano. I can interact with the horse, but am otherwise stuck.

Cool more assets. You always make great backgrounds.

Thank you. I'll have to go give that a try. Hoping I will be able to proceed, because I was really enjoying the game.

When I tried to unzip the game, I got the error message "Can not open the file as zip archive. Is not archive."

Beautiful, but I am not sure if the flames are doing anything for me/slash maybe I'm collecting them wrong. I go straight through them, but they don't disappear or act affected by it and it does not seem to change the player much (maybe it speeds up a bit?). What are they supposed to do? Will you eventually stop if you don't go through any?

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Loved the concept and visuals are beautiful and well polished. Controls could use some tweaking. The jumps feel hard to control sometimes, you slide when landing (maybe that's supposed to be implied ice?) and if you jump while up against a wall, you go up in the air, but the arrow keys won't work, like it thinks you're against the wall the whole jump even if you're in open air.

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Neat prototype. It would have been nice if arrows also allowed movement, as well as WASD. My one qualm is that I can't tell if/how Warmth for Survival was incorporated?

Hi. Liking the visuals for this game, but having a hard time navigating around the objects, though my reflexes aren't the fastest. Also can't see the very bottom of the game because the game is too big for my screen. No idea if the settings can allow a Maximize button so it can fit people's screens?

At this point, I won't be able to get through the game today, but want to try again soon, since it had a nice start and others have enjoyed it.

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You're welcome, and that makes sense. We did only have two days to develop.

Nice idea and pixelart . I often don't get past one house though, because the next spawns too far away :(. It also seems that as soon as I get warm in a house, I immediately start to get cold again. Maybe you had a reason to set it this way, but it doesn't make much logical sense to me --if you go in a warm house IRL, the heat's not going to turn off as soon as you're warm :) -- and makes it harder if you have to jump up midgame. 

Sure. I'll check it out again later. I really did think it was one of the best ones I'd played through so far, and I left it a decent rating despite the hitch. Nice, relatively polished visuals, good system with the amply placed campfires and the ropes made it a little more unique a basic platformer. Just got stuck because no matter how close I put that second rope to the cliff, I was always just too far away to land on the cliff.

Unique idea and nice visuals. Unfortunately, you can't jump while standing on the rope and I just could not make that second jump the first time you have to use two ropes.

Thanks. Glad the fire event triggered properly. It was just the wording I need to fix.

Looks like this is your first game. Unfortunately, when I tried to unzip, I got the message "Can not open the file as zip archive. Is not archive."

I would suggest looking up the error. Hope you have better luck on future games.

Love the visuals, but it looks like one of the controls is "Mousewheel," and I am on a laptop with a touchpad, so I don't have that control. I don't know what percentage of itch users have or don't have mice, but when you add such a mouse specific control, it can be good to have another more universal control like Space or click as an alternate option.

Wolf RPG Editor. It's kind of like RPG Maker, only free and has a few less bells and whistles. Pasting a link below. I love it. Not many people use it, so it might be harder to google issues, but it's got a great manual and a sample game that explains the basics really well.

I deliberately made the pine grove on the opposite side of the map so you needed to explore to find it, but maybe it would be better to have it closer to the start point. I had a hard time "hitting" the items too, despite setting a slightly larger hitbox. Maybe I need to make it a little bigger. Thank you for for noticing.

When you interacted with the fire after finding the wood, but before the flint, did you get the message "Now I need to start the fire." Maybe I should change it to "need something to start a fire."

Thanks. I really hated the item I used for the flintstones, but it was the best I could find in the default tiles. If it had been a longer jam, I would have edited them in GIMP to be a little darker. Also would have liked to have set the default HP and MP bars to warmth and hunger stats that could be effected by finding food, taking a break by the fire, etc., but of course I did not have time for that :)

I really enjoyed using this software to make a survival game, and would like to make another longer one sometime. I'm in another longer jam that starts in a couple days, so I might experiment with making a similar game with energy and health stats.

Oh yes! Did you play the most recent version with the whole game I uploaded last night or the first version that only covers the first day by the river?

Neat concept. I had a little trouble fighting the goblins since the character moves so quickly, I kept going by the goblin or accidently spinning too far so that the ax is attacking the opposite direction. If you ever tweak this game, a way to make fighting them more interesting would be if they vibrated to let you know you hit them and/or had an HP bar over their head. 

Oh yes, had some issues with the fire. I keep pressing E, but it does not seem to do anything to the fire or the campfire bar.

Thank you. Either you forgot to put that in the explanation or I missed it. I personally found swapping between Space and mouse click a bit complicated, especially since I'm using a touchpad instead of a mouse, but I see why you needed a mouse click with having to throw sticks at bats.