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This was a fun concept. Might be nice if the first stretch was open for a bit longer so that the player can get the hang of grabbing before having low walls thrown in front of then. I barely had time to click a couple times before hitting that first bottom wall every time. While I made it past eventually, I never lasted more than a few seconds into the game, though I was never that great at Flappy Bird either.

Having some trouble jumping from the ice to the ledges. Might need some more practice. If the software allows it, it would be nice if right hand/arrow controls were available in addition to WASD. Otherwise, I am having fun with this game so far.

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Separation. The most general definition I can think of people or items being made to be away from each other. 

Some examples are if a person moves to a new town, they would be separated from their old friends. Some recipes make you separate the egg yolk from the egg white. When sorting clothes, a person would separate their clean clothes from their dirty clothes. In school activities, a teacher might separate kids into small groups. Sometimes separation can be by choice, like oil refusing to mix with water, a person leaving the room to get away from someone who upset them and in English a divorced couple are sometimes called separated.

I hope this helps.

Update: I have yet to do anything for the sequel beyond creating a new file, so I decided to save it for next jam. As for this jam, I do still have plans to submit a game. I recently made a rudimentary prototype for a strategy space exploration game for GoedWare jam that used exactly 6 OGA assets. Planning to make some more progress and submit it to OGA jam.

I'm sorry. No matter what I do, I cannot get the computer to activate, even after watching a walkthrough. A little white dot and some red text that says Interaction appears, but that's it. Graphics are beautiful and the story sounds interesting, I just can't get there. I'm on a Windows PC.

The jam host extended the deadline a couple hours, so that might be why it says two hours instead of 30 minutes.

Finally got around to playing the game. I like how you incorporated the theme. The mechanics for the alternate Hell reality were neat, though I got a bit disoriented near the end.  Sorry you had issues with music. Must have been really challenging making your own game framework and I could not imagine trying that myself. I often leave the music 'til last minute too and it can be really stressful finding the right track on short notice :)

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Thank for your detailed feedback. I'll be sure to post on Discord if I ever finish. 

Working on some ideas to rework the commands a little so that you have to go see Plower in the conservatory to consume plants, similar to going to Starr for the field report. I want to make it so that you occasionally see Intel-3k too. Maybe I can have them stand to the side of the options screen, report back on what was found on the current planet, or just have an option to speak with them if you need anything reexplained.  I have debated the possibility of adding some more cutscenes at certain points of the game, though I may just stick with creating a cut scene for the ending.

For sound, I have been thinking of adding some click effects for the buttons. I might add a different sound track for the start menu and possibly one for the ending and probably the game over screen, though I do not feel the tone shifts enough to warrant too many sound track changes.

Just finished trying survival mode. Fun game and amazing amount of work you put into it with the fancy menu, loading screens and exploration mode and normal vs hard. Sometimes I had a little bit of a hard time controlling the vehicle, though that may be because I did not try to use the WASD keys much. Hope more people in the jam try it out.

If you have to add them in manually, that sounds like something that could happen. It was actually kinda funny seeing the humans on the sign though because it was about two humans high and they were directly on top of each other, so it looked like the top human was hanging from the sign and the bottom one hanging from the first XD

When I played there was a point where a couple humans appeared to be hanging from a sign in a park. I tried to shoot them, but my bullets were blocked by the sign. I wonder if maybe the humans were somehow set to walk through solid objects, since that would explain these incidents.

Figured out what was up. Most games have the .exe in a folder with the game's assets that needs to be unzipped, but your game was all contained within the .exe. I'm so used to having to unzip, I downloaded and unzipped the .exe without realizing what it was. Thanks. I'll go play the game now.

Hi. Game unzipped and opened fine for me, though I usually have no issues unzipping .rar files which does not seem to be true for everyone since I have seen this issue in other games. Might depend on your device and if you use 7zip. I'm on a PC and did use it.

I tried out the game in exploration mode and loved the visuals for the menu and various worlds.  The best worlds were the ones with tall structures to inspect. The more empty worlds felt more like you were in the middle of nowhere and not really going anywhere. Probably stands out a lot less in survival mode, which I am going to try later.

Hi. I downloaded your game, but can't find the .exe. What folder is it in?

Thanks. I will :) 

I wish I'd ended up getting to do more setting up the stats. The only stat based game I'd made before was a short twine game about descending into an abyss where I only had to track health and depth, both of which changed at a consistent rate. This game has way more stats with more complex relationships with each other and multiple outcomes per turn. I have an idea how I will do it, but I think I procrastinated a bit just because it was so daunting XD

Music was picked pretty last minute from a quick search for space music. As soon as I played it, I knew it fit the tone of my game. 

Fun and good music. I like how the commands to start the game is a subtle tutorial, but I would suggest adding the keys into the description too since I forgot everything but the space bar by the time the game started. On a final note, for some reason on my first playthrough, it was not even registering the spacebar and I had 0% by the end, though that could have been me since my next playthroughs were fine.

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Only mildly boring :)

I like your choice of making the alternate reality a black screen with "fireworks" upon advancing text. It gave the feeling of actually being in an alternate reality we cannot perceive beyond blackness and an occasional flash of light.

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Art is neat, but I am very confused as to what each card does beyond pass some time. A more detailed explanation would be helpful. Maybe I'm just not picking up the obvious or you are still working on these details, but it would be nice to know what exactly is the goal of the mission and who each individual is supposed to be. Are the robots guarding the door? Which character is the spy?

Having a great time with this game. There is so much to it. Just wanted to pass on a couple errors. One, the little red mimic chests in the game will attack again if you interact after defeating it. Not sure if just one of them do or they all do.

Second, there is an exit in the hills thats transfer location is on top of a tree tile. Here are screen shots of where it happens.

Stuck location

The exit that sends you there

Well done mystery/lawyer story. Always love the voice acting in these games.

Thank you. No need to worry about the late response. Good to know I can use the old game as a template. I hoping I can reuse the wall and floor image and soundtrack, but otherwise I am looking at all new assets. I already have a lot of great art saved to my favorites just for this jam :)

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Wow. I think these are some of my favorite backgrounds you've done. Hard to say why. I think I just really like realistic painting style and colors of these nature scenes. Hoping to use these sometime soon.

Thank you for confirming.

Spoiler thoughts --

My impression is that the mom died of an illness. She and the little girl looked happy in the photo, so I feel like the father's abuse began after the wife's passing as opposed to him having killed her. Since he looked sad in the photo, I suspect her illness was known at the time and it was already taking its toll on him. The fact that the master bedroom had not been opened recently definitely implies his grief was too strong to enter after his wife's death. (It's also possible the wife left him as as opposed to dying, but I don't feel that's the case.)

I am pretty sure this game has only one ending.

Wondering if I would be allowed to make a sequel/longer version of the game I made last time, OGA Gallery Escape? I only had a few days to make it, yet a lot of people seemed to enjoy it and it would be fun to try making a longer version over the whole month.  I would reuse some of the assets, but would recreate the game in a new file as opposed to editing the original file.

Hi. I have one nearly finished game that I just need to finish bug testing and another game that would need a few weeks to finish. Would I be allowed to submit both?

I am really liking these beautiful new backgrounds. I just got into the mobile IF game app Spinoff and these backgrounds will work perfect for it. Thanks :)

That's what I would do too. The images are pretty big and tall, so if you cropped out the middle segment, it would probably give you an adequate background for a horizontal game, etc..

Just out of curiosity, what does "omiter" mean? I'm not really getting anything from Google beyond a misspelling of "omitter". Guess that makes sense in the context of the game.

Thank you. Art's not my own, as shown in the credits, but I had a lot of fun editing it to show different times of day.

Wow. I did not think it was possible to make a major expansion on the Melisa game that was not just a "boy version" of Melisa, but this was amazing and a unique game in its own right. I look forward to seeing how Anna's take is.

Neat story. I liked the first couple chapters best and found them thoughtful and insightful. It got a little confusing after chapter 2, but that might have been partly because I took a break before starting chapter 2 and did not realize that we were having a flashback to one of the mom's digs. On a minor note, in chapter 3, I think you accidently had Eleanor speaking instead of Flora.

Beautiful art. Did not expect the ending.

Art work for this game is outa this world. I like how a lot of the story and why the world is the way it is is kinda of explored, yet at the same time left to the player's imagination.

Great graphics and gameplay. My one issue is that the game window is way to big for my screen and even hitting the full screen button does not make it fit. I had to zoom out 50% to see the whole game.

Neat idea. I would suggest finding a way to introduce the crow in the route where you get on the subway so it's appearance is not out of the blue if you choose not to fall in the hole. Maybe after talking to the hooded guy, the protagonist sits down, doses off and dreams an oddly familiar crow is telling them to wake up.

Fun game. I liked the drawings and exploration aspect to it. It felt like I really was on a hike getting to see scenic places and meet interesting  people. Definitely needs to be found by more people in this jam.

Fun game. Sounds like there might be a sequel planned?


Is anything else supposed to happen after you recognize your face in the photo?

Really well made game and story. A sort of reverse "Nightmare Before Christmas". I really enjoyed it.

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Art was really nice and I enjoyed the fun Christmas-y story :)