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Hello Kilthunox,
Thank you very much for you purchase.
Yes you can use those in a commercial product, please follow those licence instructions:

I have also updated the description so it mentions licence usage.

Happy making and don't hesitate to post a link to you project here if you use my assets, I'll repost it ^^


Oh I love this one, it has a simple yet compelling gameplay Loadrunner style =) and the artstyle matches the retro feel perfectly.
There is a cinematic here :O
However I has issues when playing with a controller where the character acted all jiggly, sometimes got locked into walking in a direction, or moving the opposite way.
Everything went fine when I switched back to keyboard.
I definitely want to play more of this later :D
Good job!

Cool and short story to go on an adventure =)
The jump mechanic is nice (longer press = higher jump), but it feels more like pumpkin dude is jetpacking rather than jumping. A little more tweak on gravity would give a better feel of the jump imo.
I guess the S pickups augments movespeed, right? This is an interesting mechanic here that would deserve more digging.
The background are nince and add nice touch to the overall and the music is cool.
Keep gamemaking!

Ah, lovely platformer! I faved this art kit too hoping I could do something with it, I'm glad to see that someone else chose it too!
I agree jumping with the up key is a bit strange, but the overall game feel is really nice and there is some nice polish too in menus ands sfx.
I would have change the spikes color to something more visible like orange or red (or just a solid color maybe?) cause they tend to blend into the background.
Also level design is great, with a progressive introduction to mechanics and new enemies.
Great work!

Top down 3D game wow! I played with a keyboard too and I had the spacebar bug as well. Powerups are a nice addition that adds more to the gameplay. I'll try agin with a controller tho I think the gamefeel will be better.

Hello there, thanks for your feedback ♥!
I totally agree, and I don't like how I made the movement either. Controls shouldn't be a hastle, I experimented with new ways of coding 4 directionnal controls, but it's definitely not the best way to do it, it would need a total rework ^^'

Hello thanks ofr your feedback ♥
The ghost should have had a different behavior actually, but no time to do it ^^'
The controls sucks indeed. I wanted to have retro-feel stuff but it just doesn't work.

Nice looking platformer, with consistent graphics! I like the fact tha the carrots are somewhat growing with time, sometimes I found myself in a situation in which I had to reexplore the level to find the missing ones. There is a progressive teaching of the different ingredients as well
Just a suggestion here, but the meat could give a temporary malus (lower speed or jump height). As long as it doesn't break the metrics, it would add to the gameplay.
The jump feels a bit floaty and the UI would benefit from a bit more polish, then you'll have a pretty nice little game, well done!

Well done! Graphics are consistent and I liked how the music evolves as the player progresses.
The jump feels a bit floaty, but with all those sneaky penguins roaming around, I understand that Mr Bear here had to develop exceptionnal jumping abilities.
Oh, and the fact that he fishes with a fishrod too haha that made me laugh =)
I think that the bear's collision box could be a bit smaller, that would help for some jumps that requires precision.
I also really appreciate the narrative justification for hp. The fish you carry is your actual hp instead of traditional hearts and damage.

Nice platformer! The wall jump were a bit difficult for me ^^'.
However I love the artsytle and the consistency in the graphics! The use of a dual world is a great use of the theme!

Fun deckbuilding game with a nice graphic style! There's a lot of potential there, so keep it up!

Nice arcade feel! I think the inertia is a bit too much though as I quickly felt that I was not in controle of my character.
The straightforward core mechanic along with random hazard really makes me fell like ancient Atari games. Could be a nice starting point for mobile game using touchscreen!

Took me a while to get the grasp of the gameplay, but I got caught up eventually. It reminded me some of those old Game&Watch type of games where the rythm drastically accelerates over time.
Maybe a short tuto level would help with accessibility to have a better understanding of the mechanics

Ahoy! Nice naval combat game! I was very hooked to put an end to the pirate's reign! Alas, like all my predecessor, I failed and never returned +_+

Ahoy! Nice naval combat game! I was very hooked to put an end to the pirate's reign! Alas, like all my predecessor, I failed and never returned +_+

Yay I survived the storm!
I really like the graphic style switch after the first sequence, it caught me off guard and it was a nice surprise.
Maybe a few guidance improvement I would humbly suggest, like a tad more visible floor guidance, especially in the first half where it's really dark and hard to see (I know there's no power but still :p) maybe some faint red lights like an emergency lighting or something?

Otherwise, great work with nice music and graphics and a good narrative force with so few elements.
Well done!

Hello, thanks for your feedback!
Haha you're one of the bravest who played the broken version (before Withthelove authorized to fix last minute bugs), so cheers to you!
I"ll have to keep in mind the difference of keyboards while making games, as I didn't realize that my azerty layout will lead to unintuitive control scheme ^^'
More enemies and stuff, that was planned, but I have been overambitious this time haha and I had trouble scoping. I'll see if I can take some time to make something actually more consistent and close to a real game, featuring more OGA art!

Hello! I actually used the Nintendo NES palette to achieve graphics consistency, hence the retro feeling. I'm happy it reminded your GameGear stuff, it's a nice compliment for me =)

Hello there, thanks for your feedback!
Glad you liked that humble platformer =) I didn't had time to create more challenging levels within the tiimeframe of the jam.
I wish I could have done more to integrate story elements inside the game, but you know the deal, no time hahaha

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Hello! Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I took me a big chunk of time to actually work with the graphics, because I manually recolored everything to fit the NES palette. (I will post on OGA the recolored assets along the ones I specifically created)

For the keyboard controls, I realize that they are weird for a lot of people because I use an azerty keyboard, which leads to confusing control schemes, as most people use qwerty ones. Maybe just translating the action keys to X, C and V may do the trick though.

PS: added controls notice in the description as you suggested, and I will rework them later

Hello, thanks a lot for your feedback!
I'm happy you globally enjoy the game. Well, "game" because it's more just a tutorial haha. I do agree tho that keyboard controls need better thinking.
As for the boss, I didn't originally planned to implement it, so I had to rush it ^^'

Cool little RPG with a good use of the theme! I like the treasure mechanism as it changes from traditional battle-only rpgs.

Nice one! The trade mechanism is simple and adds a nice refreshing touch of reflexion in between the platformer sequences. Well done!

Ha ha thanks!
This took a lot of my time as I tried to figure it out by myself at first. This and the auto-tile map consumed a lot of time/energy.
I just submitted an improved version, I you feel like giving it a try, be my guest!

Hello thanks for your comment!
I just submitted the StopWaitingForGodot version. It's much better, give it a try!

Hey Pingu, thanks!
I DID IT ! ! !
Yeah I had a couple more ideas like, letters could be moving blocks and the word "words" would become "sword" and that's how you'd find a sword :p
However, not enough time, but this time the game can be completed!
Your idea with slots was exactly what I had in mind, and now I had the time to implement it, give it a try !

Not sure if I'll really push this one forward, maybe at least a little I guess so I could implement the things I couldn't implement in the submission.
At first I just really wanted to try and explore a room based topdown camera view. But maybe I could find a little story to tell with this.

Honestly, we have a winner here!
I think I played it until the end =)
How could we call this? A meta-adventure survival-action-text based game? I never played a game in which I had too read and escape ennemies at the same time.
Controls are easy to figure out, music is enticing, there is humor in the artworks and a good amount of polish over the top.
Awesome work!

Yeah during a few days game jam, it's very difficult to polish stuff, no worries!

Nice escape-survivor game! I think the controls could be a bit more reactive and that would be more enjoyable.
Great graphics!

Very nice game, with a lot of levels ans cool puzzle ideas. Impressive given the duration of the jam!

Interesting concept! The pleasure to flip through pages and sometimes to find forgotten stuff haha

Wow an Master System Game, this is nice. What tool did you used ?

Very interesting idea, it's refreshing to see new ideas that are not plain games. Cool concept!

Very nice graphics, seems promising! It seems I wasn't able to use the skills though?


Thank you so much for your comment <3

I'm really happy you enjoyed it! Thank you even more for the Hollow Knight comparison, though I never played the game myself, I saw it running on multiple occasions. The character from the sprites pack kinda look like HK character too, so I guess the influence came in in a natural way. 

I have a few ideas to push the game further, so we'll see where does that lead in the future...


Hello there! I just discovered that game, it's really cool!
And big plus for full gamepad support!
It's true that the enemy bullets are pink on a pink background so it's difficult to see them, and I too often died wondering what hit me.
But other that than I appreciated the high level of polish you put into this game, great work!

Dear o_lobster, I too used your asset pack for a gamejam!
However, due to time restrictions, I couldn't implement most of the sprites :(
But I think I'll continue working on the game a bit for showcasing your awesome work!

Hello !
Maybe YT deleted my post because I posted a link?

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to test what I did.