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Ha ha thanks!
This took a lot of my time as I tried to figure it out by myself at first. This and the auto-tile map consumed a lot of time/energy.
I just submitted an improved version, I you feel like giving it a try, be my guest!

Hello thanks for your comment!
I just submitted the StopWaitingForGodot version. It's much better, give it a try!

Hey Pingu, thanks!
I DID IT ! ! !
Yeah I had a couple more ideas like, letters could be moving blocks and the word "words" would become "sword" and that's how you'd find a sword :p
However, not enough time, but this time the game can be completed!
Your idea with slots was exactly what I had in mind, and now I had the time to implement it, give it a try !

Not sure if I'll really push this one forward, maybe at least a little I guess so I could implement the things I couldn't implement in the submission.
At first I just really wanted to try and explore a room based topdown camera view. But maybe I could find a little story to tell with this.

Honestly, we have a winner here!
I think I played it until the end =)
How could we call this? A meta-adventure survival-action-text based game? I never played a game in which I had too read and escape ennemies at the same time.
Controls are easy to figure out, music is enticing, there is humor in the artworks and a good amount of polish over the top.
Awesome work!

Yeah during a few days game jam, it's very difficult to polish stuff, no worries!

Nice escape-survivor game! I think the controls could be a bit more reactive and that would be more enjoyable.
Great graphics!

Very nice game, with a lot of levels ans cool puzzle ideas. Impressive given the duration of the jam!

Interesting concept! The pleasure to flip through pages and sometimes to find forgotten stuff haha

Wow an Master System Game, this is nice. What tool did you used ?

Very interesting idea, it's refreshing to see new ideas that are not plain games. Cool concept!

Very nice graphics, seems promising! It seems I wasn't able to use the skills though?


Thank you so much for your comment <3

I'm really happy you enjoyed it! Thank you even more for the Hollow Knight comparison, though I never played the game myself, I saw it running on multiple occasions. The character from the sprites pack kinda look like HK character too, so I guess the influence came in in a natural way. 

I have a few ideas to push the game further, so we'll see where does that lead in the future...


Hello there! I just discovered that game, it's really cool!
And big plus for full gamepad support!
It's true that the enemy bullets are pink on a pink background so it's difficult to see them, and I too often died wondering what hit me.
But other that than I appreciated the high level of polish you put into this game, great work!

Dear o_lobster, I too used your asset pack for a gamejam!
However, due to time restrictions, I couldn't implement most of the sprites :(
But I think I'll continue working on the game a bit for showcasing your awesome work!

Hello !
Maybe YT deleted my post because I posted a link?

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to test what I did.

Loved that game! Awesome work!

Those sprites are lovely, I love it! Awesome work you did there, thanks!

Hiya, thanks! I'm really happy you enjoy it! :3

Thanks for your feedback! I would have suggested to play the desktop version but I have removed it because I got some reports that it crashes... 

I didn't think to optimize the controls for keyboard gameplay so no wonder it's a nightmare playing this way hahaha. 

I'm happy you enjoyed it (so far :p)

Hi! I can't run the game on windows :( I click the .exe but nothing happens

Wow, everything is here, impressive and diversified art, inventory system, dialog boxes, quests and a journey adventure, lots of character, a choice between 2 playable characters... AND that grid based movement.
One small little thing and that's just me but I would have loved to have a 3 or 4 frames base walk cycle.
Impressive and solid entry, congrats!

Very cool shooter game, with progression and unlockables! Fun game, it's impossible to play just one game and stop.
The fact that the playable area is more than the screen height makes that game even more cool.
The onscreen elements are easy to read and you made a good use of the contrast. However it seems you used some kind of blur effect on some sprites?

Cool game! Spooky and concept relevant to the theme. Each level feel different and the graphics make a great use of the two colors restrictions. That may be just me but I would have loved to see to see a tad more elaborate walk cycle for instance by inserting a frame (in which both head and shoulders of the character are 1 pixel lower end both feet are on the ground) between you existing frames.
That's a great exploration game! and I love that 1bit halo effect!

Really interesting and polished game, with a very solid concept! It took me some tries to get that enemies were able to move in diagonals haha, other than that I got into the game very quickly.
I liked the ease of use of the controls!

Oooh that's the game with the cat! What a nice little game really! Great design, and simple but so efficient teaching! I want to play for a longer time with more levels! Great job!

Hey thanks a lot for your feedback! Yeah lack of guidance at some points is something I have to work on. I'm not sure to be sure where you got stuck, would mind giving me more precisions?

Yeah I got so used to the controls that I wasn't able to realize how much they needed tuning. Thanks a lot for you feedback, it's very appreciated!

Hello! Thanks a lot for your comment. I hadn't the time to do fine tuning, but I intend to work a bit more on the game and your feedback will help a lot!

Oooh yes this great! I didn't even thought about using the top row numbers, shame on me haha

Thanks for your feedback! I remember choosing not to make the spikes bigger haha, turned out I was wrong doing so

I did not understand everything, sometimes I would jump and be somehow teleported back to the ground.  It is difficult to feel the ascension movement -or falling. I think the controls could be improved some more.

I Iike the story though going after moon thieves has something poetic.

A very nice polished game, with a simple yet efficient mechanic. A great take on a one-button game! Gorgeous graphics and animation. The music is cool too but it's a pity that it breaks the restrictions...

Very nice game with lovely graphics! Solid concept, but the core mechanic is difficult to understand though and my advice would be to teach it more progressively ingame.

Wow that bank exploded sooo many times! Nice use of the theme and gorgeous pixel and wow, cutscenes!

Interesting twist indeed! I never played that kind of snake game before! I like the fact the snake was not moving automatically, I thought cool that's an easy snake -- until that second head popped up and " oh no what am I gonna do"

Hi! Super cool to see your game! Controls are intuitive and that's a good thing. That hat character is fun. A couple advices I would give:
-When animating the character sprites, draw it 1pixel higher every 2 frames so it would look more like it's walking, that would give more energy to the animation.
- The jump as it is is feeling slow. Fiddling with gravity/jump speed parameters. The character would ascend faster then falling faster too.

This is a game I would have love to play back in the days on my 3310.
Very nicely done, and I especially like the changing of the sprite when the ship is steering left or right.
I like that the controls are mapped to the numpad as they would have been on a phone, but I found it a bit difficult to play, especially when firing and moving at the same time.
Great work!

Very well done, I loved the experience from start to finish! Surprise at every turn, somewhat creepy but fascinating universe! Great job!

Hello everyone!
I am starting this post for a small project I have called NinjamaN. I'm doing this project in order to learn and get used the Godot engine.
This game is basically the first game tutorial available on the Godot's website (Dodge the Creeps), but with my own graphics. I intend to go a little further in the gameplay and adding new features as I discover the engine.

So far, the player is a Ninja that have to dodge weapons that are thrown at him. I will update this post as I progress through the game's design and production.

I had a little experience with Gamemaker, but I'm very new to Godot and with not so much time to dedicate to game making, I expect the pace to be quite slow, sorry for that!

I have a few visuals already but I need to process them in order to present them. So for now, I just have a title image!

And here are some useful links if you want to get a little more involved:

--> My Facebook page
--> My Devblog