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Jump'n'Run with pumpkin
Submitted by Bardon — 12 days, 22 hours before the deadline
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Cool and short story to go on an adventure =)
The jump mechanic is nice (longer press = higher jump), but it feels more like pumpkin dude is jetpacking rather than jumping. A little more tweak on gravity would give a better feel of the jump imo.
I guess the S pickups augments movespeed, right? This is an interesting mechanic here that would deserve more digging.
The background are nince and add nice touch to the overall and the music is cool.
Keep gamemaking!


thank you for playing! yes, S is for movespeed. The music and backgrounds ae nice, yes.



The story blurb is great!   'Pumpking' is genius!  Wish I'd thought of that one myself.  :)

The gameplay is a little twitchy.   It was hard to judge the difference between when I was going to destroy an enemy from 'landing' on them and when I was going to die for touching an enemy.   A death animation and/or fanfare would be a nice addition.  Snapping back to start of the level so fast when you die sometimes makes it hard to understand what you did wrong.

The graphics looked good, nice choice of backdrops.  They really added a nice creepy touch to the levels.


okay, a death-animation would be better. and i had to make checkpoints, that would be better. thank you for playing!


Nice game. A bit fast-paced, but that's okay if that's how you designed it. The story in the intro page (along with the puns) was nice. It might be nice to have a picture of Jumpkin bringing the Pumpking back home for the win screen to tie in with the intro.

When I get to the end of a level, for a moment, it feels like I lost, but then I find myself in the next level, so I figure that I'm okay. It might be nice to save the level of the player after he dies so that he won't have to go through previous levels again. I liked the enemy explosion effect.

Displaying the lose screen immediately after falling into a pit felt a little bit sudden. Showing the player fall for a second might help the player understand why he lost a life.

 I couldn't figure out what the pick-ups did. Maybe some game juice would be good when you pick one up (e.g. cool power-up animation). Maybe one could unlock a fire-breathing ability (via Jack'o lantern candle) to burn baddies with.

I found that if you hold the forward button down and press the jump key a lot, you get to cruise through each level like a breeze (otherwise, it's very hard to get past bad guys). However, there is a bug where, while doing this, you can fly off the top of the screen. After this, the game crashes and gives the following error:

Maybe you could clamp the position of the player to keep him within the boundaries of the screen to fix the bug.

Thanks for sharing the game!


i hadnt make checkpoints, sorry. ok, i have forgot to make a jump off limit so you can jump out of the screen


Using the floaty jump to bounce through the levels was fun, haha. The music was great and the level backgrounds were pretty nice! The collisions on pickups seemed a bit finnicky, and I did notice that you can stand on coins instead of collecting them. All in all, a cool platformer that was easy to get into. Thanks for sharing the game! :)


thank you for playing. yes, there is a bug, you do not fall in the coin, you keep standing on it. maybe the collision on pickups could be improved

Submitted (1 edit)

I ran the game, and it gave me the following error: '.BCA ArchiveFile not Found!' I am using Garuda Linux and running the program through PlayOnLinux.

EDIT: It might just be a problem with PlayOnLinux.


in which level it was? It is not for linux, it is for windows, my game


The error came right after the game was launched. After closing the message, the game window closed. I was using PlayOnLinux to be able to run the executable on Linux. I'll try getting a virtual machine set up for it to run on Windows. PlayOnLinux sometimes doesn't work.


thank you for your mail. this game is made with blitzplus and it works only with windows. have you the fmod.dll (its in the same folder)?

Submitted (1 edit)

The fmod.dll file is in the same folder. I clicked on the fmod.dll file and then the executable, and all of a sudden it started working :D! I will start testing.


I just updated my operating system, so perhaps that has something to do with it.


Hey, so I downloaded your game, unpacked it and decided to check it with VirusTotal online service just in case, and this is what I got:

Is it false positive? It's just one of many checks called it malicious, but still it makes me paranoid. I just did the same with my own game and got 0 warnings, I use Unity. What you used to make your game?


i used for jumpkin blitzbasic. there comes always a warning. you can ignore the warning, the game is harmless.

I enjoyed the music.  A fun platformer.  The ending was a bit abrupt, it said I won and the app immediately shutdown.  Was there mention of the king at the end?  


no, i made only a you-win-screen at the end. thank you for playing!