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Breakout Clone for Game Boy
Submitted by Baŝto
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Interesting proposal


Nice! Kudos for making an authentic Game Boy game. Graphics and sfx are cool and its very playable.

  • Help and credits screens move way too fast for me to read.
  • Seems like the ball only has one possible movement angle.
  • Not winnable, but it is a functional breakout clone otherwise. :)

A great start, going with a large paddle and ball is a great choice for the tiny GB resolution.

Developer(+1) or might’ve been better for the GB resolution.

But Surt’s padlde and ball looked cooler.

I found them later during the jam. I searched only for “breakout” and did not know “arkanoid” back then.


Is there a way to control the ball? It seems like it just bounces off my paddle in the same direction.


Only dropping the ball and then shooting it.

Directions can't be changed in this version.


Nice graphics!

I might be missing something, but it seems like this game is unbeatable. Is that intentional? or unfinished?


It is unfinished. I just bumped it to 1.0 because I planned to leave it how it is now.

The level is completed when all blocks are broken, but that gets not detected yet.

Level two is unreachable.

TNT, ball and multiplyer blocks are not implemented and behave like a normal block, those get generated in random levels.

Directions can only be mirrored yet, even though the ball can move in 24 directions.

If ball hits center top or bottom of a block collision gets detected when the ball center is inside the block, that's a bug.

When hitting a block the ball only gets mirrored vertically which leads to some weird behavior with blocks that do not instanly vanish.

If a button is pressed too fast it might not get detected.

Controls are (Game Boy keys):

A and B: select menu item

up/down: navigate through menu

A: shoot ball

left/right: control paddle

B+left/right: move faster

top: move paddle to left most position

bottom: move paddle to right most position

There are also cheat:

A+down: toggle ball speed

A+left: mirror direction horizontally

A+up: mirror direction vertically