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Explore a broken world on your very own airship! Made for the OGA Summer Game Jam #2
Submitted by RedVoxel — 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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Art Challenge#82.2072.571

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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thanks for participating!, don't forget to rate the other games, and nominate your OGA favourite.:)


This is a really cool game! I would love to see this expanded upon, to be something like Lovers in a Dangerous SpaceTime. Only complaint I had was death didn't reset cannon balls and I didn't know where to go vs where I've been, but it all worked out in the end. Love this!


wow!  This is a really ambitious game for a one month jam!
And I'd say you got a pretty good start on it for just a month.

about the map, I don't mind the lack of mini-map, I am not a big fan of those anyways.  But it would have been nice if the full map filled in after I visited areas.  Just having it always blank is kind of a bummer and not overly helpful.    I did like finding the torn map and having it point me towards the temple.    That was really cool.   

I figured out how to swing the pick axe but only after I realized I had to equip it first.  Consider having the sword and pick axe equipped from the start.

I really dug the contrast between wandering, exploring and mining the big bright outer world and then platforming in the cramped dark temple.    

For me, the platforming in the temple (I got to the on in the lower left of the map) was really way too hard.   The vine jumps in particular were hard.   They're not impossible by any means, but they did require pretty precise timing for a first temple.   I would suggest dialing them back a bit (giving more overlap between when the different rows appear/disappear) and then slowly ramping them back up as you get deeper into the temple.

well, just my two cents.  Overall, I'd say great work.  This is seriously /a lot/ of game to attempt in one month and you got a lot of it right.  Color me impressed!  :)


Thank you for your kind words! I agree with your critique, and if I ever make an update I will take your feedback into consideration :). (Side note: I was WAYY to ambitious while making Shattered Skies,) I had plans for research maps which could unlock new crafting recipes,  I had an idea for ancient turrets that would appear after you've completed a temple, to make the game more and more difficult. The temples were also supposed to be a lot bigger with different paths you could take kind of like a metroidvania game. I also wanted to NPCs which you could trade items with and so forth. Also, the growth temple is supposed to be the second temple you find, but I kind of messed up the placements of the torn maps.  


Overall a great game, very well rounded, I LOVE the exploration. man. all I can say is great work!


Thank you very much!


I like the atmosphere of this game, and I think there are a lots of undiscovered things in it, but I got angry after 10 mins, because:

  • I could not mine. I tried several ways to select pickaxe, but right mouse button didn't initate a mining process or whatever
  • While I tried to figure out this, an annoying bird appeared and killed me. I know I might had to use sword, but there was no time
  • Without a minimap, I see no path what to follow, so I got bored after few minutes, where to and why to continue.

Hello and thank you for playing Shattered Skies! 

  • First off, you use the left mouse button to mine, and the right mouse button to use your sword. Also, you can't mine while in steering mode.
  • The birds are there to keep things interesting while exploring, and they are quite hard to fight off with your sword and I recommend to use the ships cannon since it has longer range and therefore it can keep some distance between you and the bird.
  • There is no minimap, which is a concious  design desicion that I made. The game's focus is on exploring, and if you don't have the patience to explore for a while you probably won't enjoy the game. If you press M you can open a blank map of the entire game world, if you need more help with the controls I suggest you open the help tab in the top left corner. The map is blank so that you have to explore the world yourself without just going from point A to point B. You can however place out waypoints which can help you mark out places where you've been. The three temples are quite hard to find, but you can find different clues scattered around the world which might give you a sense of direction.

thx! I will give it an another try today!