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I did it after like 50 times playing it! :D good luck!

Hope you guys are able to finish it, I rebuilt the map several times, but it's still so hard :D Good luck have fun!

Hey here too. I would expand the challenge with one week voting to have a board at the end. 

I would consider these categories for example: smallest game; most creative game.

Cool! OFF: Why youd didnt pick a theme?

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Instead of measuring exact size of .mono, I would just subtract .mono's size in bytes from the whole size at the end. If it's less then 2MB, we're good to go. I would do this way, because .mono's content may vary depending on the version of Godot.

So when I'll submit my project, I'll provide a size information with and without .mono. One may validate it.

all is under .mono, yes, well separated :)

Question: my initial size is over 4.3MB, because the .mono directory takes 4.2MB. I'd like to use C#, does this mean I'm out? :)

It was intentional. Point and click is too boring, and this movement is challenging as when you don't move, infecteds wont see you. Now, try to not moving right next to the monster :D

Thanks! :) I think I'm good at lighting and selecting proper sound, I'm trying to improve the rest too :D

thanks, you're right :) I had not that mutch time left at the end :/ I'll be fix it after the judge, as its not legal to update after the game jam's end and before the result. Thank you!

oh, I saw no theme in the FAQ, but thanks for the info

This so interesting! Typical case of “lets postpone the problem how Sara will fire better”, and then “hm... as I get used to it, not that bad at all!” :D

Thx for your feedback, I hope you enjoyed it :)

I already voted on all entries. How can I PM you to nominate my fav?

Hi Everyone!

This is my second gamejam and I'll send my second ever game :D Anyways, this game is about a city, Ely in Nevada, where everyone is infected and became zombie, except  you. You have to get out from the city with your car until sunset, when the city will be destroyed by the army. Also, as its night, the city is completly dark, except your car's headlight. But be aware using headlights as zombies will attack you when they see light.

Good luck everyone!

Thank you! I agree with the "so wrong it's right", Sara is a little bit... you know, not that clever, so she fires like... a not clever girl :D

I hope all of you who played the game enjoyed it too! And want to thank you for the feedbacks guys! :) Good luck with your game, I'm so excited :)

Thanks for your feedback, I’m so happy :)

Great game!

Some comments:

  • little bit laggy outside (desktop PC, I7, 8GB memory, GTX1050)
  • indoor rotation is a neat idea

BTW, did you used some asset for the controlling?

thx! I will give it an another try today!

I really like the theme as I liked Terraria as well. This game has so much opportunity in it, but currently a little bit buggy and not well polished. If you have not get bored developing it, I would recommend to continue, because basically its a good game

I know a controller is recommended, but I don't have one. And with keyboard it seems, I cannot advance. Hence I sad because I really wanted to try it out, because the artwork is just 10/10

To try this, I have to register to an unknow (for me)  page. Sorry, no :(

Wow man, what drog did you use when you created this game? :D

I was pretty mutch shocked after the intro cinematics. I like it really, then I got a not totally polished game, with pure icons (settigns cog and exit for eg.). I know, a game is never ever finished, but it was just a sad feeling after the 10/10 quality cinematics. 

The gameplay thougt is interesting!

Hey, I had some issues with the windows version. See the attached image.

It's supercool, simple and challenging. I would love to see how it looks like if it was finished

I like the atmosphere of this game, and I think there are a lots of undiscovered things in it, but I got angry after 10 mins, because:

  • I could not mine. I tried several ways to select pickaxe, but right mouse button didn't initate a mining process or whatever
  • While I tried to figure out this, an annoying bird appeared and killed me. I know I might had to use sword, but there was no time
  • Without a minimap, I see no path what to follow, so I got bored after few minutes, where to and why to continue.

Better luck next time! :D

You can try it out now! :)

You can now try it out :)

Thanks, I appreciate your words :)

Wow. I just tried out this one and the idea is super cool! I was looking at the screenshots and then when the game started I was more than surprised that the game isnt a simple WASD game :D I dont know if the idea is unique or not, but I really like it.

One thing though: the control of the menu was not that clear. I tried to use arrows then WASD to navigate but non of them worked. Then I figutred out that I have to use my mouse. Also, pressing W makes the game windowed that wasnt expected at all.

But for all, that's it, I'll try to go through the levels, but thats not that easy!

Its my game yes, but it was made for you and the community, therefor not listening to feedbacks and try out would be weird, isnt it?:) And its my first game, so its more true!:)

Hey. Yeah, that was a problem for me, how to fire. I ended up with this, where the projectile starts to the direction where you go. If you stand still, then... there is no direction to fire. I wasnt happy with this and postponed the problem, then after few playtests I found that its not that bad, even more funny. But I’m open for ideas, because for first it was bad for me too.

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Okay, I think I'm "done". I tested it several ways, it's ready to play as a competitor now. At least I hope :) Good luck and all feedbacks are welcome! Note: please play it with sound, I spent a lot on finding proper sound effects and ambients :)

Okay, so here it is, the 0.1.0 version, ready to test for OGA2 game jam!

Here is a demo video that shows some basic game logic. I tried not spoiler that much. I have 4 NPCs currently, all of them behave different; treasures; secret doors, etc. I'll spend one more week to extend the map, add new NPCs, bosses, and treasures. Also I have to add a story menu where I give you hints about the game :)

Never heard of it but it looks like a doom clone :)

Thats good! I'm new at game development, I have dayjob and daughter, but thats why I joined this, it lasts for a month :D Anyways, looks pretty good, good luck!