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A topic by xudz created Apr 10, 2019 Views: 244 Replies: 7
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Thanks in advance for all of your great suggestions for improving the Challenge!


Hey here too. I would expand the challenge with one week voting to have a board at the end. 

I would consider these categories for example: smallest game; most creative game.


Great idea!

Voting adding!  

With the following categories:

  •   Overall
  • Under 2MB Limit
  • Originality and Creativity
  • Coding
  • Control
  •  Aesthetics (Graphics, Sound, Environment)

I believe that the way to count mb is wrong.

Just force the submissions to be exported with a .pck file. The size of the .pck is your content the executable is just the Godot Engine.


Sounds interesting!    Simple and logical!

Would this eliminate the add-on MB's from the .mono and .import folders?  And anything else that isn't dev-data?


I just made a test exporting the project with a PCK (I'm using mono) and the PCK size is 15 MB (my assests/code is around 1MB), it creates a data_{project} folder with the mono runtime, but it looks like the assemblies and other stuff is added to the PCK file

davidoc : This is an obstacle, but we can find out the extra MB added just for Mono and subtract it from the Mono projects.

xudz : .pck (in pure godot engine) is just all the content scripts, models etc. For example export a project named for example one. It will create an one.pck and one.appimage (exe or what ever). Afterwards export another project named two.

Go delete one.pck and rename two.pck to one.pck and then run the one executable. The two project is going to show up.



Oh well, we're back to Plan A:  Everyone can just deduct the size of their .mono folders and .import folders.  

Kinda complicated but easy enough to do.

Thanks for the insights, kakoeimon and davidoc!