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Playtesting thread Sticky

A topic by J created Jan 23, 2017 Views: 556 Replies: 23
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Hey jammers!

This thread is a place to share your game and get feedback, especially on specific questions. Reply to posts with relevant feedback if possible, but in general this thread is to encourage you to play other people's games!

If you'd like feedback, please include:

Game url


I'd like feedback on

[Bulleted list, questions, or description of what you would like critique on. Can be "anything!" if you're not looking for anything specific]

I need help on

[Optional so remove if unnecessary, but if you have a specific problem or bug that you would like help or advice with solving]


Seems like a good idea! Here's my game!

Game url

I'd like feedback on

Since this is pretty much only text, I'd love feedback on the writing! What worked, what didn't? If you could specifics, pointing to specific lines or paragraphs, that would be great so I know exactly what I need to work on.


Well, that was sad. :(

Good job on the writing! The descriptions of the scenes really helped my mind imagine the scenarios of the story, especially the vet clinic part. If I have to raise a point tho, I think the duration of the wetness of the dog is too long. I visited the beach second, then all the areas I visited after the beach said that my dog is still wet, so ye. Nevertheless, your story touched my heart.


Thank you for your feedback! I never thought about the dog being wet lasting too long, but it makes sense. I guess I should have just stuck to the dog being sandy. That gets the same point across I think.

I'm glad the story struck a chord, though I'm feeling guilty that I made people sad. Sorry


I left some feedback on your page! :)


I feel like some of the paragraphs could have been split into two or three paragraphs. Some of the sections could even have been split into multiple pages for readability. I first noticed this when I went to the pet store. The "Where to now?" page was an especially large text wall.

It was nice to see that the choices I made did have some bearing on the scenes, though I felt like some of them could have used a grammar touch-up.

I noticed that sometimes a pronoun would be capitalized in the wrong place. I don't know the exact way you formatted your variables, but did you have different variables for $they (he, she) and $theycap (He, She) or something similar to that?

I've never had a dog, so I can't really relate to a lot of the dog experiences, but the part about deciding whether or not to put down the dog made me cry -- we had to put down our cat earlier this month. That was completely accurate.


Thank you for the feedback! I worry about those walls of text. Splitting into multiple pages didn't seem like the right answer, but I should have split some paragraphs up, that's for sure. I'm used to novel writing, but I should have written it more like a newspaper column.

If there are any grammar mistakes or pronoun problems you know of off the top of your head, I would love to know about them so I can fix them. The way the pronouns work was when the player chooses male or female, the pronouns are set accordingly, so $pronoun is she, $pronouncap is She, $pronounpossess is her, etc. I know that at the end I was rushing a tad and for some reason kept adding capitals to things that shouldn't be capitalized. I actually uploaded the game a second time about five minutes after the initial upload because I thought I had found and fixed all of them, but I guess I didn't!

My condolences about your cat, losing a loved one like that is awful.

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Nice idea for a thread!


My game is called Litter Bomber.

I'd like feedback on:

It lacks any kind of polish but any feedback about the flying would be nice. How it controls, what you felt like doing, what feels "off" etc.

Couldn't do:

I wasn't able to do was to give the plane a little boost as the engine kicked back in. I tried addForce Impulse, but my main movement code overwrote the boost bit so I scrapped it in the name of keeping things moving.

Thank you!


Game URL


I'd like feedback on:

  • Difficulty incrementation
  • Effect of the powerups
  • Your gameplay experience
  • Features you want to add



For me difficulty incrementation was perfect ! I finished it at my 2nd play, so I think it's good enough. About powerups, freezing enemies is maybe too strong. Anyway, I liked your game !


Game URL

I'd like feedback on...

I want to see if the game is challenging, but fair. If you think the game is totally unfair at all, please, don't hesitate to let me know!

Any and all constructive criticscm is more than welcome as well! I won't know how to improve if you don't tell me what I need to work on in the future.


...I just realized the name is a pun. RISE to the top... because she's a baked good...

Sometimes, when I was training, I wasn't sure what did what. I also couldn't tell if there was any benefit to talking to Cinnaroll.

The music was cute, and so was the animation. It seemed out of place when she was meditating, though :P

Usually, when text is advancing in a video game, I expect that if I click it, it will just show all the text at once. In this game, when I clicked the text, it just skipped to the next dialogue box, which was unexpected.

I got bronze in the Holy Moly Marathon. That seemed about fair. I wasn't sure how I could do better than I did, though.


Thank you so much for your honest feedback!

I think what I should do, if I decided to update the game, is also tell the player what statistics dropped as well as have what rose. I should definitely have more of a benefit in talking to Cinnaroll - initially, I put it in as a way to show the player what they need to do in order to raise their vitality (if Cinnaroll looks sad and you talk to her, chances are, she'll say she'll need to meditate). Still, now that I'm thinking about it, the feature is a bit flimsy. I oughta add more to that.

Haha, with the meditation, my husband said the same thing. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to make a separate animation for Cinnaroll meditating within the two weeks...although that doesn't necessarily mean I can't make them now. That's another thing I can do, at the very least, make a new meditating animation for her.

I didn't even think about the text and how it functions like that! You've got a good point - it should just show all of the text in one click rather than immediately move on to the next line of text. I had a lot of trouble learning how to implement a typewriter scroll-like text thing, I didn't even think about how I usually see text in other games as well. I'll have to see if I can implement that - having it show a the whole line of text in a click, that is.

As for knowing how to get a higher score, maybe I should add some sort of way of knowing what the value of your stats have to be to pass all of the obstacles...would that be making the game too easy, though...? I'm honestly not sure. At least I'm glad to hear that you think the game is fair, that's good.

Once again, thank you so much for your honest feedback! I really learned a lot from what you had to say.


Hi everyone !

Game url

You can find Inspector Waffles here :

I'd like feedback on

Anything ! If you like the game, if you don't, if you want a sequel ... Feel free :)

Thanks !


The view size is really small, which makes it hard to read the text. I would have liked a full screen button or for the view to be twice as large.

I clicked on the house before I clicked on the body. I ended up in this room unable to click on anything. I had to close the game and restart. I could navigate normally after I examined the body. Perhaps if someone tries to click on the house before examining the body, Waffles should say, "I need to examine the body first."

The writing is very funny. I liked how there's a furniture store that just sells boxes, a litter box in the bathroom, a painting by "Meowgritte"... I also liked that it makes fun of its own puzzles.

The icon for this game is barely visible on my dark taskbar. Maybe just Waffles's head would have made a better icon?

If you plan on continuing this, I look forward to seeing more of it!


Hi ! Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, I really appreciate it.

I have one question : when did you download the game ? Because your first feedback is a bug, and I thought I fixed it. You can click in the house before the body without any problem, normally. And I can't reproduce it in my last version, that's strange ....

You can put the game on fullscreen with Alt + Enter at any moment. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make an option menu during the jam. You are right about the icon, it needs to be changed.

Thank you a lot again !


Hm, I must have downloaded it sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 AM UTC, just a little while before I made that comment. I was using the itch application, which may have influenced things.


OK, so it means the bug was still there : anyway, I updated it and changed the icon.

Thanks again for the feedbacks !



Game Url

I'd like feedback on

  • Basically anything you'd like to share. Go nuts.
  • Did it pique your interest at all?
  • Would you have liked to play the whole section?
  • Did you find any bugs?
  • Was there anything you particular liked or disliked?
  • Are you as frustrated as me that I didn't manage to get more actual story meat in there?
Thanks guys~ I look forward to playing some of these myself when I get home from work~

I'm a fan of the Ace Attorney series, so I found the concept intriguing. I would have definitely liked to play more of this after edits were made.

The dialogue blips seemed crackly and... I don't know what it is exactly, but the speed felt off. I was distracted from the text by the blips. Since there was no music, the dialogue blips were the only sounds, which made them extra noticeable.

I also felt that there was too much text crammed into a given text box. I feel like the pace would have been better for reading if certain things had been split between three pages instead of two, say. It was also awkward when a sentence was cut off between text boxes.


  1. "As such, he has been at the center of the murder allegations for this case. However, there hasn't been any solid proof that Mr"
  2. "Fawkes is responsible, and I felt that to get to the bottom of the truth of this case, I would have to represent him myself!"

could have been

  1. "As such, he has been at the center of the murder allegations for this case."
  2. "However, there hasn't been any solid proof that Mr Fawkes is responsible."
  3. "I felt that to get to the bottom of this case, I would have to represent him myself!")

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to try to put dialogue puzzles into a game, but it would have been nice to see more story.

I would also have liked to see more of a sense of space in the game. Where is Poppy when she's talking to us? Where is Mittens when she's testifying? What does the crime scene look like?


Thanks for the great feedback :)

The crackly text is something that i'm definitely aware of, and it's due to the next sound cutting off the previous one mid-way through. The easy answer would be to either make the sound shorter or have them occur less often, I'll have to experiment with it.

The text issue is another one that can completely understand, However the trade off there is that with the current implementation, I can resize the text-box to anything I want and it'll generate paging automatically. Which would allow for a potential transition to mobile platforms with a different screen ratio.

Though I admit adding the actual dialog elements to the game was quite last minute. While I had written them up separately, I hadn't got too much time to structure them more carefully, but it's something I can definitely consider :)

And of course, i'd have loved to draw some backgrounds up, my only reservation there, is considering that I went for a 1-bit graphics approach (no greys) would a detailed background behind the character create such a complex image that it distracts too much? or becomes confusing?.. I suppose there can be colour cues, such as with the Testimony text, but it'll definitely need some thought.

Originally, I definitely did want to draw a couple of backgrounds, such as showing the murder scene and more characters, and even a backyard environment for the courtroom itself haha. I love the idea that these animals are just a bunch of pets, gathered in a meeting in someone's backyard~


Game url

SuperHeroU! (Only runs on Windows right now, sorry.)

I'd like feedback on

I've got seven questions, but they're easy.

  • Did the battle length feel, generally: too long, too short, or just right?
  • Did the interface (buttons, etc) make sense to you?
  • Did anything seem too large or too small? Too loud or too quiet?
  • Did you find any bugs?
I'm going to be continuing development on this at some point in the future. Going forward...
  • Which would you like to play more: multiple rounds of simple battles or one round of a complex battle?
  • Which does this game need first: animation or background music?
  • Are there any sounds, backgrounds, or sprites (pictures, buttons) that I should keep? Any I should redo?
NOTE: I made and coded everything you see or hear in the game. I've already gotten rude, disheartening, and functionally useless "feedback" today. If you didn't like something about my game, that's fine, but please remember that I'm a person and give me feedback that I can work with.

Hi !

  • I would say a little too long.
  • Yes, no problem.
  • No, it's fine !
  • No again.

  • I would say it's better to have more battles with increasing difficulty. Trying to find the weak post should be the priority, I would say.
  • Animation. It's a little bit static at the moment.
  • It depends of what kind of art style you want, actually. For me that is ok right now.
I like this kind of fighting game, I would say a little bit ot tactic is missing (or if there is, I didn't see it) and of course animations. I would definitely play again if I have to think which spell I have to use on a specific enemy, for example :)

Thank you for the feedback! I was thinking the fight seemed a little too long.

You weren't missing any tactics; I didn't have time to code them. One attack does 1 damage and the other does 2 damage. :P

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