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Thanks for the great feedback :)

The crackly text is something that i'm definitely aware of, and it's due to the next sound cutting off the previous one mid-way through. The easy answer would be to either make the sound shorter or have them occur less often, I'll have to experiment with it.

The text issue is another one that can completely understand, However the trade off there is that with the current implementation, I can resize the text-box to anything I want and it'll generate paging automatically. Which would allow for a potential transition to mobile platforms with a different screen ratio.

Though I admit adding the actual dialog elements to the game was quite last minute. While I had written them up separately, I hadn't got too much time to structure them more carefully, but it's something I can definitely consider :)

And of course, i'd have loved to draw some backgrounds up, my only reservation there, is considering that I went for a 1-bit graphics approach (no greys) would a detailed background behind the character create such a complex image that it distracts too much? or becomes confusing?.. I suppose there can be colour cues, such as with the Testimony text, but it'll definitely need some thought.

Originally, I definitely did want to draw a couple of backgrounds, such as showing the murder scene and more characters, and even a backyard environment for the courtroom itself haha. I love the idea that these animals are just a bunch of pets, gathered in a meeting in someone's backyard~