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This game was interesting, but I'm not really sure how to progress (is the goal to have enough hormones to fill the chart? do hormones affect gameplay?) and because of that I'm not sure if I hit the end of the content or if I just don't know how to move on.

At higher resolutions, the conversation elements and hormone menu are so tiny I can barely see them. The difficulty is compounded by the color scheme. It's been listed as high contrast, but with my eye problems, the green in the conversation menu is illegible, especially on a moving background.

Thank you for the feedback! I was thinking the fight seemed a little too long.

You weren't missing any tactics; I didn't have time to code them. One attack does 1 damage and the other does 2 damage. :P

Hm, I must have downloaded it sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 AM UTC, just a little while before I made that comment. I was using the itch application, which may have influenced things.

Game url

SuperHeroU! (Only runs on Windows right now, sorry.)

I'd like feedback on

I've got seven questions, but they're easy.

  • Did the battle length feel, generally: too long, too short, or just right?
  • Did the interface (buttons, etc) make sense to you?
  • Did anything seem too large or too small? Too loud or too quiet?
  • Did you find any bugs?
I'm going to be continuing development on this at some point in the future. Going forward...
  • Which would you like to play more: multiple rounds of simple battles or one round of a complex battle?
  • Which does this game need first: animation or background music?
  • Are there any sounds, backgrounds, or sprites (pictures, buttons) that I should keep? Any I should redo?
NOTE: I made and coded everything you see or hear in the game. I've already gotten rude, disheartening, and functionally useless "feedback" today. If you didn't like something about my game, that's fine, but please remember that I'm a person and give me feedback that I can work with.

...I just realized the name is a pun. RISE to the top... because she's a baked good...

Sometimes, when I was training, I wasn't sure what did what. I also couldn't tell if there was any benefit to talking to Cinnaroll.

The music was cute, and so was the animation. It seemed out of place when she was meditating, though :P

Usually, when text is advancing in a video game, I expect that if I click it, it will just show all the text at once. In this game, when I clicked the text, it just skipped to the next dialogue box, which was unexpected.

I got bronze in the Holy Moly Marathon. That seemed about fair. I wasn't sure how I could do better than I did, though.

The view size is really small, which makes it hard to read the text. I would have liked a full screen button or for the view to be twice as large.

I clicked on the house before I clicked on the body. I ended up in this room unable to click on anything. I had to close the game and restart. I could navigate normally after I examined the body. Perhaps if someone tries to click on the house before examining the body, Waffles should say, "I need to examine the body first."

The writing is very funny. I liked how there's a furniture store that just sells boxes, a litter box in the bathroom, a painting by "Meowgritte"... I also liked that it makes fun of its own puzzles.

The icon for this game is barely visible on my dark taskbar. Maybe just Waffles's head would have made a better icon?

If you plan on continuing this, I look forward to seeing more of it!

I feel like some of the paragraphs could have been split into two or three paragraphs. Some of the sections could even have been split into multiple pages for readability. I first noticed this when I went to the pet store. The "Where to now?" page was an especially large text wall.

It was nice to see that the choices I made did have some bearing on the scenes, though I felt like some of them could have used a grammar touch-up.

I noticed that sometimes a pronoun would be capitalized in the wrong place. I don't know the exact way you formatted your variables, but did you have different variables for $they (he, she) and $theycap (He, She) or something similar to that?

I've never had a dog, so I can't really relate to a lot of the dog experiences, but the part about deciding whether or not to put down the dog made me cry -- we had to put down our cat earlier this month. That was completely accurate.

I'm a fan of the Ace Attorney series, so I found the concept intriguing. I would have definitely liked to play more of this after edits were made.

The dialogue blips seemed crackly and... I don't know what it is exactly, but the speed felt off. I was distracted from the text by the blips. Since there was no music, the dialogue blips were the only sounds, which made them extra noticeable.

I also felt that there was too much text crammed into a given text box. I feel like the pace would have been better for reading if certain things had been split between three pages instead of two, say. It was also awkward when a sentence was cut off between text boxes.


  1. "As such, he has been at the center of the murder allegations for this case. However, there hasn't been any solid proof that Mr"
  2. "Fawkes is responsible, and I felt that to get to the bottom of the truth of this case, I would have to represent him myself!"

could have been

  1. "As such, he has been at the center of the murder allegations for this case."
  2. "However, there hasn't been any solid proof that Mr Fawkes is responsible."
  3. "I felt that to get to the bottom of this case, I would have to represent him myself!")

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to try to put dialogue puzzles into a game, but it would have been nice to see more story.

I would also have liked to see more of a sense of space in the game. Where is Poppy when she's talking to us? Where is Mittens when she's testifying? What does the crime scene look like?

Created a new topic [Post-Mortem] SuperHeroU!
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So I made a demo.

That in and of itself is a win for me; I typically finish a project and then show it only to a small group of people IRL. Or maybe I never finish it. Or maybe I never start to code it (see: SuperHeroU! in the months before this jam). So here I am! A dev project of mine finally has an online permanent home!

I liked being a one-person team because it meant I wasn't reliant on anyone else's feedback and I didn't have to wait for anyone else to finish something. Could I have done more as part of a larger team? It's possible, but having done group jams in the past, this was a lot more fun.

I found that the level of work I assigned myself was actually completely doable. There was never a part where I felt rushed for time, and I even ended up doing a lot of things I'd put into the third level of priority because I'd finished levels one and two. Seeing the itemized list of everything I'd done gave me such a feeling of accomplishment and relief.

I coded everything myself. My plan was to use Stencyl, but I had to abandon that when I learned it wouldn't play nice with my machine. So I used Game Maker instead. I learned a lot about Game Maker -- I'd installed it previously, but I'd never touched it after installing it. I think my experience with Construct 2 helped, as the programs have several similarities.

I drew everything myself. I used freeware placeholder assets during the early stages of production, but I had time to implement my own art for everything. I also made all the sound effects! The only things I didn't make are Game Maker and the public domain font I used for the text.

I felt like I used my time well. I do have a tendency to space out, but I got a lot done in a short amount of time, even with weather shutting off my hardware and one day of depression where I just couldn't bear doing anything.

That being said, the game is nowhere close to complete.

While there's two ways the NPC can appear, it's really just one NPC. Same with the PC. There's only one possible fight and you gain nothing from it. There are no levels either in gameplay or in character skills. My turn structure only supports two combatants, one of whom is player-controlled and one of whom is not. I have four attacks of Type Undefined, which are bonded to the player appearance, as well as one pass turn button, rather than the more complex attack logic I want to implement. There's no visible indicator of turn order -- not that it'd be interesting at this stage, since it's just A, B, A, B. There's no narrative, no background music, no animation, and worst of all, no real character customization.

So those are some things I need to work on.

All in all, this was a good experience and I think I gained from it. Now I know some things for future jams and future development.

Here's the demo!

There's a "submit game" button on the front of the My First Game Jam page. You've got to have the page finished and public to submit it, though.

Itch has a guide on posting HTML games. For a Twine game, you probably just need the HTML file unless there are external files you're referencing in your code.

Does that help?

I've tried playing this a few times, and either I've failed at pixel hunting or I'm missing something really obvious. I'm assuming the game is winnable, but how?

I've found the axe and the torch, and I know you can use the torch on the tree and the axe on either the tree or the stump.

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Jan. 20, 2017

Since last update, I:

  1. Got the buttons to work!
  2. Created and imported original attack button assets!
  3. Made a character selection background!
  4. Added impact noises!
  5. Made the title background!
  6. Tweaked the HP!
  7. And... posted the game!

Let me know what y'all think :)

The engine, whoops. :P

Cool! What program are you using?

Jan. 17, 2017

Alright, it seems like it's a good time to update y'all on Itch.

Since my last post, I have:

  1. Added custom attack sprites
  2. Added a background
I've been doing some reading up on Game Maker, but the major reason for my not having done as much was a lack of focus -- I got a new video game and a new show came out, so I got sidetracked by those (finished both)... and then the weather started interfering with my hardware.

It's rather annoying.

I have ample time to add prettier plain buttons and original attack button art, but it shall be at the whim of the weather.

Woohoo! Hey, any progress is progress.

This is fricking adorable. Kitties in space!

I love the shading on your background art!

This looks really good! Are the buttons meant to represent keyboard input?

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Jan. 13, 2017

Since last update, I have added: [deep breath]

  1. Turn-based functionality
  2. NPC attacks
  3. Basic NPC AI (choosing between one of two attacks)
  4. Death
  5. Functional HP bars
  6. Attacks of differing strengths
  7. A "pass turn" button, for testing purposes
  8. SFX
  9. A mute/unmute button
  10. Original character assets
  11. Character selection
  12. Attacks determined by character
  13. Randomly chosen NPC
  14. Randomly chosen turn order!

Whew, that's a lot. But, hey, I know people just skim the text part of these posts. HERE'S A VIDEO!

Interesting; I've never seen a 3d roguelike before!

This is shaping up really well!

Horror isn't really my thing, but I'm liking that beast sprite! It reads very well, even in black and grey.

That loading screen is super cute! Also, I chuckled at the "roses are red" thing.

Jan. 9, 2017

So far, I have:

  1. A basic interface
  2. Attack buttons that visibly respond to being clicked (gif)
  3. Attack buttons that fire projectiles
  4. Specific sub-images for specific attacks
Next, I'll be looking into adding the turn-based element -- only allowing one attack before switching to the opponent -- and basic NPC AI to decide which attack to use.

I'm feeling good about the progress I've made so far! If I keep this up, I should have time to add original art assets.

Cute hotel room! Also, great username.

Whoa, this is... pardon the pun... my jam! I'm interested to see how this turns out.

Wait, is your icon Pot? Always cool to see another Glitch player!

I like the art of the characters you have so far! And don't worry -- I once made a Ren'Py demo where everyone was the same circle and rectangle recolored; your placeholders are fine :P

Replied to J in [Devlog] Superhero U

It looks like the specific turn-based RPG course is still in the works, but they have some other useful videos that I'll look into (pause menu, projectiles, etc). Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

This sounds cool! I agree with J, using variables to merge your "almost direct copies" could save you a lot of grief in the future, depending on how many similar passages you have. (I know because I did the "multiple near-identical passages" thing once, and it was a headache.)

What version/format of Twine are you using? /is a Twine nerd

Created a new topic [Devlog] Superhero U

Hello, y'all, I'm Innes! I'm going to be doing most of my updates on my Tumblr, and that'll typically be updated multiple times a day, but I figured I might also post every few days on Itch to kind of summarize what I've been doing.

The Game

Superhero U is a turn-based superhero fighting game. I love making things customizable, and after the jam, I'm going to be working on character customization, but in the meantime, I'm going to be working on the fight system. (Why? I've made customizable characters before, so I want to try something new.)

The plot? Not much of one. This is a technical demo, not a story demo. I'm just trying to get things working here.

The Characters

In the spirit of the jam, the demo characters are Kitty (blue, fire attacks) and Doggo (red, water attacks). They may have original art assets by the end of the jam -- we'll see. (I may just stick cat or dog ears onto some placeholder assets if it comes down to that.) In the demo, the difference between their attacks will be cosmetic.

The Platform

This is being made in Game Maker, which I have ZERO experience with. Should be fun!

The Goals

  1. Turn-based combat with two attacks per character
  2. Animated attacks
I can't find my notes at the moment, but I'm pretty sure those are the two. The characters don't have to move, but the attacks do.

So that's the plan. You can see my progress and more information on Tumblr or Trello, and I'll summarize every few days on Itch.

What a unique concept! I'm interested to see how this will turn out.

Mari is so cute! I like the arrow to indicate direction of movement.

This is a really neat idea! I hope it works out well!

The concept art for this is adorable. I hope Cinnaroll can get the gold!

Sounds cool! I've never really touched HTML5, so I'll be interested to see your experience with it.

(Your image only shows up when I put it in a new tab, btw.)

1. Hi, I'm Innes! I'll be posting about my game dev on my Tumblr.

2. I didn't participate in the last one, though I've done multiple game jams before. I've never actually FINISHED a game to the point that I'd feel comfortable putting it on Itch. This is a kick in the pants.

3. I really liked Sims/MySims when I was younger (and I still glare at Sims 4 longingly cause I don't have it). Christine Love's Digital: A Love Story and Analogue: A Hate Story opened my mind to what a visual novel could be, and Porpentine's various games (especially With Those We Love Alive, with its analogue elements of play) have had a big impact on me.

4. I have the most experience with Twine, I've made prototypes in Construct 2, Ren'Py, and RPGMaker VX Ace, and I have passing experience with Inform 7. If I've worked with something else, it has slipped my mind.

5. Accessibility, especially as it relates to games. With my disabilities, a lot of games are (usually accidentally) rendered unplayable for me -- the developer expects that the player will be able to understand spoken English without visual aid, react to text/images in a short time frame, or perform complex hand movements quickly and precisely. Which are things I can't consistently do, lol. I'm not saying EVERY game has to be accessible to everyone; that's unreasonable. But there are a lot of games that would just need small tweaks to be more accessible than they are.

6. Use the resources at your disposal; that's what they're for. It's a waste of everyone's precious time, including yours, if you're fretting over how to make snickerdoodles, but you haven't looked at the resource list, which includes "Ten Easy Recipes for Snickerdoodles." Or some other example more suited to game dev. I speak from experience!

We could indeed! :) This is gonna be a visual novel, so I think RenPy might be your best bet?

I'm thinking more like Crying Breakfast Friends... except less crying and more this.