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[devlog] leaf boat game

A topic by rain created Jan 07, 2018 Views: 348 Replies: 9
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Hi, I'm Rain, and this is both my first game jam, and my first game! I'm very excited to make something complete, and have chosen a simple idea to increase the chance of finishing.


This is a very simple game.  The concept is that you float little boats made of sticks and leaves down a stream/river.  Inspired by the theme of memories, on each boat you can put a message - a memory you'd like to see float away, something you want to let go of, or a good experience.  If I have time, I'd like to make it so you assemble the boats out of leaves and twigs on the ground.


  • Make environment [x]
  • make water appear to move [x]
  • how to move leaf boats [x]
  • model 3+ trees [1/3]
  • model 3+ bushes [ ]
  • make leaf boats [ ]
  • make typing interface, animation of putting words on boat [ ]
  • make pick up boat/place boat actions [ ]

If I have time, I'll add the following:

  • make separate leaf objects and stick objects that you can put together to create a leaf boat, with 3-6 leaf types [ ]
  • make environment prettier [ ]
  • extra trees and stuff [ ]
  • words display on leaf boat [ ]
  • better boat moving (physics, random path, or multiple paths) [ ]

If I have time, I'd be glad to hear suggestions for other things to add!

Progress So Far

So far, I've made the environment for the game.  I made a terrain that's honestly way bigger than necessary, made the river, found a script that makes it look like it flows, and have modeled 1 tree.  I also figured out a very simple way to move the leaf boats along the river.


The 3D artwork looks beautiful! I wish you the best of luck with your project.


This sounds really sweet.


aaa this is a really lovely concept for a game!! if you get the chance it'd be awesome to see the leaf boats moving on the river!


The artwork looks great!


Yes, make this! I'm sending encouragement because I'd love to play this! <3  You can do this, and it'll be worth it!


Thank you so much for the encouragement, everyone!  I was away from my computer for a few days and unable to work on things because of it, but I'm getting back into it!  Today, I mostly did research on how to make things work, and also modeling.  I made a basket full of paper (the paper on which you write memories) and some leaf models.  Will hopefully have those floating tomorrow!

These models look great ahhh!!! The colors are Perfect


I "finished" this during the jam but it still had some problems - mainly, text entry didn't work, and you can't assemble boats.  Well, I still haven't fixed the latter problem, but as of now text should work - you should be able to write on multiple pieces of paper. Yay!  Also, here's some screenshots.


Yay for getting the text to work, and yay for it being playable in browser now! :)