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That would be super cool for sure!  I love just exploring spaces, and its very cool to see how they look different at varying heights

This looks really nice.  Did you model the trees? They look great!  One thing that would improve my experience would be being able to move the camera.  It's difficult to follow a path going sideways when the view is locked straight ahead.  Even correlating camera direction with arrow keys/wasd would be cool

This game is beautiful - despite being made up of, as you said, untextured cubes, the lighting and composition genuinely make it look gorgeous.  I especially love the torches!  Flames made of cubes.  I'm on a mac and therefore could not download it, so I played in browser and struggled with the mouse.  I opened a few chests, but if there was gameplay beyond that, I missed it.  However, even just opening like 3 chests, it was pretty evocative of discovering treasure in an old space.  

I really enjoyed this!  It's very chill and fun.  Most of the puzzles are the kind of easy that feels right, but ocassionally things were unclear.  In the first boomerang puzzle, I had trouble figuring out which barrels/torches I had to light, and if I had to do it in one shot.  Eventually, I passed that point, but I'm not sure how.  Other than that, it's really cool!

I "finished" this during the jam but it still had some problems - mainly, text entry didn't work, and you can't assemble boats.  Well, I still haven't fixed the latter problem, but as of now text should work - you should be able to write on multiple pieces of paper. Yay!  Also, here's some screenshots.

Thank you so much!! That's really cool that you show small games like mine.  I'm glad you liked the music, and gave it attention despite it's incompleteness (as of now I think text works btw).  Thanks again tho!

Hi, sorry about that!  If you downloaded the PC version, I don't have a PC and was unable to test it.  However, I realized that I just uploaded the exe and not the data, so I packaged them and reuploaded it.  Hopefully, it should work now?

Thank you so much for the encouragement, everyone!  I was away from my computer for a few days and unable to work on things because of it, but I'm getting back into it!  Today, I mostly did research on how to make things work, and also modeling.  I made a basket full of paper (the paper on which you write memories) and some leaf models.  Will hopefully have those floating tomorrow!

Hi, I'm Rain, and this is both my first game jam, and my first game! I'm very excited to make something complete, and have chosen a simple idea to increase the chance of finishing.


This is a very simple game.  The concept is that you float little boats made of sticks and leaves down a stream/river.  Inspired by the theme of memories, on each boat you can put a message - a memory you'd like to see float away, something you want to let go of, or a good experience.  If I have time, I'd like to make it so you assemble the boats out of leaves and twigs on the ground.


  • Make environment [x]
  • make water appear to move [x]
  • how to move leaf boats [x]
  • model 3+ trees [1/3]
  • model 3+ bushes [ ]
  • make leaf boats [ ]
  • make typing interface, animation of putting words on boat [ ]
  • make pick up boat/place boat actions [ ]

If I have time, I'll add the following:

  • make separate leaf objects and stick objects that you can put together to create a leaf boat, with 3-6 leaf types [ ]
  • make environment prettier [ ]
  • extra trees and stuff [ ]
  • words display on leaf boat [ ]
  • better boat moving (physics, random path, or multiple paths) [ ]

If I have time, I'd be glad to hear suggestions for other things to add!

Progress So Far

So far, I've made the environment for the game.  I made a terrain that's honestly way bigger than necessary, made the river, found a script that makes it look like it flows, and have modeled 1 tree.  I also figured out a very simple way to move the leaf boats along the river.

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hi!  I'm Rain (she/her), and I'm super excited for this!

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I have not done a game jam before - I may have signed up for some things, but am terrible at following through and have never actually attempted one.  I'm joining this time because I'm on break and therefore will actually have time to dedicate to doing this.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

Super normie answer but whatever - I love Breath of the Wild, it's gorgeous and has amazingly fluid animation and the way you interact with the world feels so solid and coherent, and the world is designed so that you actually want to interact with all of it.  Obviously that's a huge game by a huge team, but it is inspiring in terms of a having a world that both feels real and is designed to draw people to interesting things.  Also, he visuals are inspiring, as is the fluidity of controls.  It certainly inspired me to look at some of the how it was done stuff - the following are fascinating (first on level design, second on tech/engine)

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

Essentially, no.  I've done a tutorial or two in unity, and that's about it.  However, I have experience with several aspects of game dev - I have a lot of music experience, with some audio editing and limited composing, I have a background in traditional art and have modeled a few things in maya/blender, I've taken a couple of cs classes.  So basically, I have very intro level knowledge about lots of parts of making a game, but have never put them together. 

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I'm not sure if this is passionate per se, but I'm super into Friends at the Table, an actual play podcast focused on telling meaningful stories through an interactive game based method.  I also love playing music and singing a whole bunch.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

My biggest goal is literally to finish something.  I above all want to have made a complete, playable, thing.  I want to make a game from the ground up so I know what the steps are and what goes into it and figure out what parts of it are most interesting to me.

this was incredibly cute, sweet, and fun!


[tentative] dream journal




you go to sleep, and wander through scenes.  you keep a dream journal.


1st person 3d. your room is the base area, by going to sleep, you go to a scene that you can move around in.  when you are done with the scene, you can exit/"wake up", and record your impressions in your dream journal, which [hopefully] will include both text editing and sketching.   

-if everything else is accomplished, display dream art around room?

-have character leave during the day, and return, between dreams?


Initial goals:

-create room

-create ui (start new game) (click to go to sleep/write in journal)

-make character movement(wasd/arrow keys)


Secondary goals:

-create multiple environments you can move around in

-make writable journal

-make picture editor in said journal

Tertiary/unlikely Goals:

-make picture editor good

-make pictures displayable/downloadable

-have day/night transition

-have reason for ending

-have many scenes/environments


came to this 3 days late, not known for finishing projects, but going to do my best