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[Devlog] dream journal game

A topic by rain created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 103 Replies: 1
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[tentative] dream journal




you go to sleep, and wander through scenes.  you keep a dream journal.


1st person 3d. your room is the base area, by going to sleep, you go to a scene that you can move around in.  when you are done with the scene, you can exit/"wake up", and record your impressions in your dream journal, which [hopefully] will include both text editing and sketching.   

-if everything else is accomplished, display dream art around room?

-have character leave during the day, and return, between dreams?


Initial goals:

-create room

-create ui (start new game) (click to go to sleep/write in journal)

-make character movement(wasd/arrow keys)


Secondary goals:

-create multiple environments you can move around in

-make writable journal

-make picture editor in said journal

Tertiary/unlikely Goals:

-make picture editor good

-make pictures displayable/downloadable

-have day/night transition

-have reason for ending

-have many scenes/environments


came to this 3 days late, not known for finishing projects, but going to do my best

Jam Host

hey! welcome to the jam! hope you can get somewhere with your project! i understand not being able to finish things all too well, haha! liking this concept so far.