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Gorgeous place to explore! Those trees (colors and shapes)! Very lovely and great attention to detail! <3 The addition of ambient sounds and soft music would be nice.

Great atmosphere. I also got disoriented with the first person platforming, and couldn't explore as much as I'm sure you had there.

So pretty!

Great ambience!

Love the softness of the secret area and the atmosphere of both places! <3

Totally enjoyed this concept! Music was a good choice and the aesthetics go really well together. I would die each time I checked the phone's messages, though. It's a little too hard for me. :)  Overall, great job, though!

The music and SFX were perfect! Good job!

The music was too loud and too repetitive to enjoy the already frustrating game. ;) Maybe some chill music since you might be there a while? 

Such a neat concept, and I agree with everyone that the bounce adds a nice touch! My only critique is that something about the level makes me dizzy as it spins. It might be the pattern on the walls, which is a shame because I know someone put quite some work into them. I wonder how a more solid color might work (or subtle pattern). 

Yay, it loads! Looks like an interesting start! I like the idea of fighting and surviving on ice cream. ;) Also, keep in mind that you don't want to make any more changes/updates until after the judging just so you don't get disqualified. <3 Good luck!

No problem! If you're not already on the Core Discord, join! They're SUPER helpful! Invite: .

As for your game, delete your first game state manager (you have one under Game Settings) and add a spawn point. Two game state managers is making it crash, and without a safe spawn point, the player dies as soon right after they load in because they're spawning wherever.

So eerie! Reminds me of Ether One/Everybody's Gone to the Rapture! <3

I like the theme for this arena shooter! I agree with someone else when they mentioned both teams spawning behind cover instead of just one.

Oh, no! This game won't load for me. It says "Failed to get host information. (client retry limit exceeded)." I'm guessing it's not loading for anyone else either since it says it's only had one play. I would ask the jam hosts if you could re-upload your game or see why it won't load for people. :/

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Creepy! The dogs barking in the beginning are such a nice touch.  I got stuck (some gap before the tree right at the beginning of the tunnel), and had to restart. I couldn't find the mini game you mentioned. :/ Even though it's night time, try to avoid complete black/no lighting to parts of the game. I would still add a little bit of moonlighting to places that are dark, just so that player can see where they're going. Good start to a creepy ambience!

Haha, dude, before I made the ghosts bright and adjusted the AI, it was the dark statue that would lurk and awkwardly chase me. I was terrified to playtest my own game! haha, ironically, I can't play scary games...  ;)

I love game jams for that very reason! You end up learning so much in a small span of time! I learned more about gameplay and dynamics between players (ie. how to make a game more or less fun). I had a bug where all my keys populated at once, so I fixed it so it was one at a time. Then, it became boring for people to play, so my "fix" actually made it worse. ;) So, I went back to have all the keys out at once to give players more to do. Not something I would've learned had it not been for this jam! :)

Those red eyes in the water are so creepy! :)

You made a simple concept so much fun! Love seeing the random things cross the road. <3

Ah! Your game page is missing a link to your game! Here it is:

Great start! I like the throwing hat mechanic!

Impressive AI work. Clean work, as usual!

Love the vibe. <3 Was hoping to hear the occasional seagull... ;)

Promising! Rock costume is awesome! The map is huge. I would increase the player's speed a bit since the map is so big. I also got a little lost, so maybe making the capture zones look more obvious in terms of theming each room/area (even if it's just with color/tone). Can't wait to play it with more players!

So good! Way to go! <3


This game really takes you on a journey! The execution of the intro is great! I would maybe add to the game details some player expectations (ie. Experimental Narrative Story, Life Simulator, etc), so they get a better idea of what they're getting themselves into, and hopefully letting you avoid some negative reviews from people who don't understand what's going on.  Good luck!

Cute! Great execution, and wonderful addition to your arcade!

I like the concept! I can't wait to play with other people!

Thanks! <3

Headphones make it a little easier to hear them coming, but yea... I've had a few jump scares myself! Haha

Thank you! <3

Hey, everyone! My fellow jammers and I would really appreciate some ratings and feedback on our recent game jam submissions. Check them out (there's only a few submissions), and hope you have fun!! Thank you in advance for your time!! <3

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Way to reproduce a classic! Excellent camera work; great job!

Fun! The abilities are such a great addition! Way to go!

Great job on the post-processing effect giving it a unique feel! Some of the cacti get impossibly bunched up some times, but I love the retro feel of it all. If you decide to move forward, I'd love to dodge other objects, maybe some tricky ones that move. :)

Thank you for sharing this. <3

That was fun! It would make a cool competitive multiplayer game! Thank you!