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Headphones make it a little easier to hear them coming, but yea... I've had a few jump scares myself! Haha

Thank you! <3

Hey, everyone! My fellow jammers and I would really appreciate some ratings and feedback on our recent game jam submissions. Check them out (there's only a few submissions), and hope you have fun!! Thank you in advance for your time!! <3

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Way to reproduce a classic! Excellent camera work; great job!

Fun! The abilities are such a great addition! Way to go!

Great job on the post-processing effect giving it a unique feel! Some of the cacti get impossibly bunched up some times, but I love the retro feel of it all. If you decide to move forward, I'd love to dodge other objects, maybe some tricky ones that move. :)

Thank you for sharing this. <3

There's something perfect about this. Thank you. <3

That was fun! It would make a cool competitive multiplayer game! Thank you!

Cute! Looks like it would make a cute mobile game for kiddos.

Ah, yes, sorry for the mixup.  And I totally agree with the direction you're heading by choosing a middle ground.  Keep up the good work!

The interior textures came out really well! I can't decide on which character art style I like more. I like the new one on the left more, but I'm curious as to how it looks "in action" because of the possible facial expressions. As a detective, I think he should keep a button-down shirt with rolled up sleeves, though.

Haha, the beginning of some funny fan art. I liked it what you accomplished in the short amount of time you had. It was a bit misleading for Frank to keep eating, but his numbers were going down, until I realized only the mouse click counted. Introducing funny idles in-between the eating, shooting, and toejam hunting would be a great touch!  All in all, good job!

Nice execution. As others have mentioned, the terraforming is a nice mechanic!

Nice game! Has a lot of potential!

I really enjoyed the art style! Great job, especially considering the time limit!

No problem! Keep up the great work!

Yes, it was the new update. I didn't have a hard time differentiating who was talking (the colors helped in that regard). It's when I'm choosing my own responses. The way it's handled now is fine, but it would be quicker to know which dialogue choice you're picking if there was a small dot or something in front of the choice you're highlighting. Oh, another option is to maybe italicize the option you're highlighting.

This game feels like if Broadchurch (TV show) was turned into a game! :) Which is to say, I liked it, and look forward to the full release. The music and story are good so far, and I haven't even finished the demo yet! I'm just going to throw this out there, but when picking dialogue options, it would be nice if there was a dot (or something)  in front of the currently selected dialogue to make it easier to see which one I'm picking. For some reason, the color difference isn't enough and I sometimes pick the wrong dialogue because I wasn't sure which one I was on. 

Gotcha! Yea, it never affected me as a kid playing, but you know, one of the many benefits of getting older... wisdom & inability to play first person games.... ;)  I enjoy your art style and look forward to Tala!

Interesting world! If you continue working on this, consider adding a mouse sensitivity option in the menu. First Person games wreck me (make me dizzy), but yours was almost instant dizziness because of the default settings. 

Haha, yes, I can say that this is true. This is all true and exactly how it is to sneak out of a sleeping child's room. :) Good job!

Yay for getting the text to work, and yay for it being playable in browser now! :)

Ah, gotcha. Makes sense. It might feel nice if they were broken up into levels, so that there's some progress felt, instead of the constant scramble with little feedback. (Of course, if you were going to work on it more in the future... I totally understand that there's only so much that can be done in the short time period of a game jam.)

Thank you so much! And you're right, 3D world space in orthographic view. 

Hmm, I don't know if it's just me, but I'm having a hard time unpacking the .rar file. Seems to stop halfway through. Anyone else have this issue?

It's a nice, clean game. Curious if there's a "win" state? Or maybe wasn't implemented because of a lack of time (totally understandable)?

Thanks so much for playing and for the video! I'm glad it was worth 60 seconds of your life! ;) Motivates us to keep going!

Yea, it's mainly an exploration game right now. We ran out of time for some other mechanics we were planning on. Definitely intend on adding more to it in the future. Thanks so much  for playing! 

Thanks so much for playing!! I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the end. You were so close! :)

Neat! I think moving to Unity is a good idea! 

Cute concept! I wish there was something extra I could do while I waited for it to become a sprout, like sing to it, come up with a name for it, etc. 

Aww, this was really cute! I love the art style and the air blowers! Great death messages, too!

What a neat concept! I'd love to play it again in a more polished state, with different moves and ninja types. 

Cute game! I liked the different characters, art, and the ability to decorate all my dishes with sunglasses. :)

What a twist! Nice concept! It'd be interesting to play a series of these, like short stories. Good job!

Aww, that was cute! Good choice of music, and nice character art! The voice in the writing really came through and made it really entertaining. Great work!

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The music, water sounds, and art style are so relaxing! The concept of this game is right up my alley (I like zen games), so I'd love to see a finished version! Are those stones for decoration or for a future feature (skipping them across the water)? That would be a neat addition! :D Keep up the good work!

Nice music! I like that I could put my name and pronoun in the game. It was a nice touch.

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I liked the character art and music! Good job, guys!