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Jan. 7, 2018

I drew a little and organized my Trello. That's about it. I've been sick.

I totally feel you about being sick. My head's been congested for about a week and it's making motivating myself to keep working pretty difficult. I do have a question: I'm not very familiar with Powered By the Apocalypse games, or many tabletop games in general (though I wish I was); would this game have a GM controlling the action? I've been assuming that's standard for tabletop, but I'm not actually sure.

Some PbtA games do and some don't, so it's a good question! GM PbtA works pretty much how you'd think, generally, but I'll be doing GMless. Avery Alder has some good (free!) examples of GMless PbtA in the form of Perfect, Unrevised and Dream Askew. (The PDFs credit her by a different name; she's since changed it.) 

The Law players from PU and the Psychic Maelstrom/Society Intact/etc from DA resemble the Lost Love/Memento/etc I have in mind.

Note that these games are not exactly like mine is going to be, lol!

I hope you get feeling better soon. Being sick is no fun, specially when you are in a game jam! :-(