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A top-down shooter game where you play as an antibody eliminating viruses.
Submitted by baportabo (@taborbapo) — 1 day, 16 hours before the deadline
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Thanks @Jupiter_Hadley! I saw your channel last month and I was really hoping you'd check out the games here, and you did! :D Thanks for the feedback! Cheers!

Very challenging game after a while! Simple, but nicely made. I included it in a compilation video series of all of the My First Game Jam: Winter 2017 games, if you'd like to take a look :)


Nice and stable mechanics, intuitive controls and an awesome system of powerups. The game has a good sense of style/atmosphere and an appropriate soundtrack (both of which my game lacks ^_^). Great!


I really love the difficulty ramp in this, I managed to squeak a victory out but it was close. Good balancing of powerups, enemy spawn number, and enemy spawn types.


I barely made it! I thought winning was impossible since when you get to WTF++ half the screen is covered by viruses, but you got plenty of health and with a little patience I was able to make it to the finish. Good job!


Hello @Mocadium! Thank you for your feedback! :D I'm looking forward to your card based battle game! Best of luck!

Phew, that was exhillerating! Got to WTF++ and boy is it wtf worthy!, Youve done a lot of good work making sure all the mechanics are smooth, good job!


Hi @IcyLight! Thanks for your feedback! The game is actually winnable xD. You just need to strategize on the use of certain powerups i.e. health packs and slowmo buff! It was really challenging to find the sweet spot where the game is both challenging and winnable at the same time.

Very well done. Though I would toggle down the difficulty... I really don't think this is possible but I did make it to WTF++