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Sorry everyone, I've been really busy and haven't had time for much dev, letalone logging! Spend all night on Day 5 doing some hardcore dev, and got enough done to keep me on track! Apart from that, have had a really terrible day today, so devving will really calm me down hopefully! Anyway, enough personla talk, more on the game stuffs!

Fifth - Seventh Day Dev:

Level 1 Boss!!!! Firstly, I designed a boss (Well the first prototype of it (probably will change):

Next, I worked on a little arena, and by little, i mean I tried to pixel art a 512 x 512 arena by hand! Biggest artwork so far!

I added them both into the game, and it worked great!

Then I got to coding the boss! Using a finite state machine (Google it if youre not sure what that is), it was really easy to implement different AI Scripts and attacks! I wont make too many GIFs of the attacks because 1) Theyre too long and not worth the time, and 2)  Might leave it as a surprise for you to play and learn yourself! Then added my weather effects, designed some more particles, added clouds, and then a lot of tweaking to get the difficulty level right!

Anyway, Im trying to post more often. Wish me luck!

Since this is only a small jam, i think the levels will JUST be the little minibosses, but I would love to expand and have a totally filled world! Totally out of reach for 2 weeks though!

Thank you! Cant wait for you to play it!

Third Day Dev:

Finished all my goals I had set myself to accomplish, except for the ongoing ones of course (ART). 

Got the Level Select room working, which was already mostly done when I did my day 2.5 devlog, but just made it more functional.

Started work on the first level/miniboss room today, got the cloud done and the cage where the first nightmare victim will be!

Apart from that, just a few more little bits of art including these cute lollipops! and thats about so far, a lot less progress because i had to go to work today! But Im sitting down now to do a whole new bulk of work on it, so lets set some goals for the next day:

Fourth Day Goals
  • Landscape for Level 1
  • Begin the level 1 miniboss, just basics
  • More Random art!

Aww nooo!! Unity has some great unique features in itself that i could never dream of doing!

Thank you! I have set aside soo much time for this jam so im determined to get something out there that im proud of!

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Day 2.5 Update

Got a bit excited with my progress so far, so ill share it with you so far and cover whatever I do after this in my third day devlog!

Finished the level select cloud first off, which im really happy with:

Now as youll notice, theres 2 people on the cloud! The top one was set to be my first NPC, which was my next goal.

Some things I needed to have were:

  • Multiple pages of dialogue
  • Proximity detection
  • Ability to add multiple NPC's easily (parenting)
  • Typical text scrolling thing

And it was accomplished!

(Sorry, GIF dosent seem to be working for some reason)

Lastly, I got a portal system working so that each button leads to a new level!

Anyway, Ill get back to it, but just thought I'd share my progress so far as i think its pretty productive!

Heyyyy, great idea!! I like that. I did want different types of guns, but i like that youd have to use different guns to hurt different enemies! And yea i do want it to get a bit crazy...

Second Day Dev:

More boring day, lot of tweaking things.  Finishing up the first cut scene, adding weather, tweaking particles,  and a bit more art :)

Apart from that, i really just ended up starting a level select room! nothing really yet to see though...

Third Day Goals:
  • Level Select Room (At least more progress)
  • Some more behind the scenes dialogue touchups
  • More scenery planning, the place looks bare!
  • Some form of NPC
  • JUST MORE ARTTTT (Im not very proficient at art yet, so i take forever to get it how i want it)


Thank you! Looking forward to making it a reality!

Thank you so much! Means a lot :)

Hey everyone! This is out Devlog for our game Lucid!

Engine: GM Studio

First Day Planning:

On the first day we planned a lot of what we were thinking and came up with the idea of a person who can lucid dream, meaning he can control what he dreams about. Taking this concept into a game format, its a person who goes into his dream to fight off his nightmares. We planned out a basic plot, which ive never done before, and planned out the steps to start and the goals we want to finish in the day (basically to get everything set up for the game).

First Day Dev:

Got movement, shooting, ammo, enemies, checkpoints, respawning etc.

Also got  a bit of art done once i had finished all we had set out to do!

Second Day Goals:
  • Shadows
  • More Dialogue
  • NPCs
  • Transitions
  • More Enemies
  • Bit more art once I finish!
Open to more ideas!

Phew, that was exhillerating! Got to WTF++ and boy is it wtf worthy!, Youve done a lot of good work making sure all the mechanics are smooth, good job!

End of day progress:

Coming down to the wire now!

  • Weapons added! (Completely forgot)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with the weapons and IDs
  • Turn function a bit more obvious
Im gonna be streaming the final stretch (A lot to be done) on my twitch (twitch.tv/mocadium) And you can come join me in my endevour to finish a working prototype of this game!

Next is the defense system (Another thing i forgot about), and a tutorial.

Wish me luck!

Phew! After multiple tries, i finally did it! I was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity yet difficulty! Great game :)

End of day progress:

After restarting, this is what i have accomplished (I'm starting to feel hopeful!):

  • All cards drag function
  • Base of an enemy AI
  • Better card identification (from a programming standpoint)
  • Betting system with simple animations
  • Attacking and enemy attacking
  • The token system with betting returns and winning
  • Basic dice roll
  • Card snapping
As you can see, ive gained a lot from those first attempts at the game, and so its really streamlines my ability to code what i need, and i've learnt a lot. One of the benefits of restarting is knowing what worked and what didnt in the last version, and trying a new way to go about it, and thats what i think ive achieved here.

My next step is the defense system, getting a stricter and more obvious turn structure, wokring on dice roll a little maybe.

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After a couple of days of just thinking, I've come up with a lot of new things.

Ive restarted, but its not all for nought!

Im still going with the same idea, but minus the RP aspect.

I realised that i dont know enough about RPG's to do it justice! My other thing was that i didnt have the rules of the basic game down so when it came down to coding, its not that i didnt know how to do it, it was more that i didnt know what i wanted to add into the game! So after much deliberation, I've adjusted it. This is the basis of my new concept:

  • At the start of the game you get 5 random cards and 100 tokens (maybe, ill adjust it depending on the difficulty).
  • At the start of every turn (excluding the first one) you get a dice roll, and the outcome determines a new card to be drawn from the deck, or for you to gain tokens etc.
  • Creatures dont have any attack stat! The only way to attack is to equip a weapon card to the creature, enabling it to use that weapon.
  • The cost to play a card a certain amount of tokens, and these are put into the 'betting pool' for that battle, along with the opponents tokens.
  • The player who wins that battle gains all the tokens in the betting pool for that battle.
  • You can place a creature in front of another creature as a "meat shield". They have no abilities and their HP is the amount of attack they can deal.
  • The opponent player then HAS to attack the meat shield before it can attack the creature behind it.
  • The first player to 200 tokens (again, may be changed) wins, or the first player to 0 tokens loses.

Tell me what you think would be cool to add or change, i would love to hear any feedback :)

Thank you so much! and yes, im actually really happy with my progress with the mechanics, especially because im learning more than i am coding! And mechanics have been my only focus thus far; I want to make sure its working before doing any art!

End of Day Progress:

Sorry this ones so late! Slept through the time i usually update my devlog!

  • Added working health
  • Fixed a problem with health for both enemy and player
  • Moves actually deal damage
  • Fixed problems with moves
  • Death added
  • Fixed problem with room transitions after death
  • Added cool lighting!

Next i would like to add some artwork so that I can start adding more visually to the game, because as you can see below, they are all filler sprites at the moment. I know there really isnt much to look at, thats because my main focus has been the mechanics, because theres no point in adding artwork in my opinion if the thing that art does isnt working. But, i though it might be nice for people to see the beginning, and look at the progression form the beginning of the game, until its done (literally the whole point of a devlog!)


End of Day Progress

  • Fixed a problem with the card stacking
  • Fixed a problem with the sprite changes
  • Started an opponent A.I
  • Added onto the turns mechanic
Sorry there are no screenshots or GIFs yet! the reason is is that there really isnt anything to see! i will add images of the progress once more has been made :)

Next i would like to work on the enemy opponent A.I some more, maybe add some more card placement areas.

End of Day Progress:

  • All deck and hand mechanic working and easily customisable for adding new cards to the game etc.
  • Turn mechanic started
  • Attacking transitions for attacking enemy added
  • Card move sets added, moves dont actually do anything yet
Next I would like to work on the turn system some more, and add a very simple enemy A.I to challenge the player! Also make the moves do something (hit enemy, paralyze etc.)

Hey! Im Liam (a.k.a Mocadium) and I am developing a card /turn based battle game :)

Game Title: Havent got one yet! Any suggestions would be amazing!

Game Engine: Game Maker Studio. Ive only just learnt how to use Game Maker, but i have a little experience in programming (emphasis on little!).

Basic Concept: A digital card game where you actually fight the battles! Place cards, position where they'll attack from, and head into battle with the enemy's army! Battle will be turn based and moves will use the same "action points" as the cost of placing/moving cards, so you have to be very strategical at when you are going to strike the enemy!

Any suggestions for more features would be be amazing!