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Okay, just another small update:

Got a level select screen started. Now i need your opinions! What to change/add! I've got the functionality all going, its just sooo......uninspiring... HELP!!

Also, that was by far the easiest level select screen ever to make, I can now change the stats/requirements for each level through 1 script, and also change the spawning of the customers using GameMaker:Studio's Timeline feature, which I have never used before, its so easy!

Of course, I actually need to figure out the actual difficulty of the levels, right now they are all identical as you can see, but it wont take long to get a right difficulty!

Now I've got some really far fetched goals that if I really knuckle down, I know I can complete by the end of the jam, but it wont be easy, now bear with me,

I want to:

  • Create a save system (I know!!)
  • Create an options menu (Might leave out)
  • Make the customers walk out if they are too grumpy?
  • Decorate the game!

I know, a lot right? If I can get all the support from everyone reading this, then I know ill have enough motivation to do it! So don't be shy to tell me what you think of the game, it really does help!

Wish me luck!