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Okay, there is LESS THAN A DAY LEFT and I'm super stressing out, I have a lot I need done before the end of the jam, but surprisingly I'm still confident!

Heres what I've done since the other day:

First, Ive made a tutorial, I dont have time to take a GIF of it, so ill leave you to play through it in a day's time!

Second, I have a splash screen for the game!

Third, New cursors!

Fourth, Options Menu, with working sliders and checkboxes!

Okay, so I need these things to be done so I can release the game in less than a day's time:

  • MUSIC AND SOUND (This should be easy)
  • Actually make the levels the right difficulty in terms of spawning rate
  • More options? Tell me what other options I might need in this game!

That's it I think! Then I will have actually finished a game fully for once! Wow, wont speak too soon though, I have a lot to do, so wish me luck!