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No gamedev today, as it was my fiancee's birthday today!! So I spent the day with her, and I have a few hours tonight to work on a few more of my goals I set out to achieve before the jam ends!

I did however, complete one of my goals before I fell asleep last night!

I have a working save system! It was super easy to implement, because right now only need to save your score for each level, which is done by saving a list of your scores in one big string, then reading that string back out when you start the game!

You can now see your scores in the level select menu:

Also got the moving between levels from one to another working fine!

Next I might start on a simple tutorial, fingers crossed that wont take long, I need all the time I can get!

I cant do the options menu until I get some music/sound, so I better start on that soon as well!! Its all getting a little bit stressful, but still fun! Im gonna need all the luck I can get!!