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Working on those goals I set yesterday, didnt get as much done as I wouldve liked, but still completed some goals regardless!

First of all, Got the moods into the game!  (sorry, havent really got a good GIF for that...)

Second, Ive got money in the game, and tipping works based off of the couple's experience and service (based on the mood):

Third, as you might be able to see quickly in the GIF above, I've drawn a few foods into the game!

Right now I could only think of four:

Please let me know some more dinner date meals that I might be able to draw in this resolution! Its very tricky to make something look like a food when you only have 8x8 pixels to work with!

Lastly, I've added in an extra hazard, Fire!! In the Kitchen!!

I might not keep it in the game, but I've added it anyway!

Also, I forgot to add some things to the to-do list from yesterday, so here's my updated to-do list:

  • Sound FX
  • A music band or something maybe i dont know....
  • Main Menu/Other menus
  • Drawing More Customers!
  • Adding in the code for the flower pot

Thats all for today, Im super tired and im really hoping people are still interested in this game...

Please let me know that you actually care and want to see this game finished! It would really help my confidence and motivation!

That sounds like huge progress to me! The money moving from the table into the GUI is a nice touch. 

As for food that could work in this resolution... Maybe cake, pizza or something with fish?

I'm definitely interested in this game and I'd love to play the final product! Keep it up!

Thank you so much! Those foods are a perfect idea!!