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Thank you so much, looking forward to it! :D

It don't think it's due to my buttons alone, since it seems to apply to all on-screen text. Here's the simplest example I could come up with:

text _("Testing testing") align (0.5,0.5) color "#00FF00"

text _("Testing testing") align (0.5,0.5) color "#00FF00" at RGBColorize(gray=["#ff33fb", "#000000"], gray_thresh=[255, 0], green=["#ffffff", "#000000"]).transform

It does the same with labels, textbuttons, and Text() displayables too. I tested the same transform with an image, and that one showed up correctly, though!

Are you able to replicate this? I tried to disable all styles and shaders that could be conflicting with it, but it's possibly still an issue on my end.

My game's lighting just got even more bisexual, thank you! 

Also, a note for anyone using layeredimages: You'll probably want to add mesh True to the transform!

Compared to before (with manual airbrushing):

Does there happen to be a way to set the colors based on the state of another variable? My game keeps track of which floor you're currently on, and each floor has different lighting conditions. If it was possible to apply the "right" lighting automatically, this would be a huge game changer. :O

Hi there! I'm trying to use this tool to create UI color variants for my game, but unfortunately I've run into an issue...

First off, this is what we're starting with:

I quickly realized the raw/pink images weren't going to work, so I recolored the icons and text to blue, and the base image to red:

Then I applied the following transform to all the buttons:

transform statusbutton(col=gui.accent_color):
    on hover:
        RGBColorize(gray=[col, "#000000"], gray_thresh=[255, 0], green=["#ffffff", "#000000"]).transform
    on idle:
        RGBColorize(gray=[col, "#000000"], gray_thresh=[255, 0], red_thresh=[200,0], green=["#000000"], blue=["#ffffff", "#000000"]).transform
    on selected_idle:
        RGBColorize(gray=[col, "#000000"], gray_thresh=[255, 0], green=["#ffffff", "#000000"]).transform

Color-wise, this works great! But it somehow seems to be squashing my text:


Is this a bug, or is something off about my setup? Thanks in advance for your help!

Happy 4th birthday, Methods!

Omg hey, that’s so sweet of you!! I hope you’ll enjoy it when you get the chance :D

Can't wait to try these out, thank you so much!

Hey, first of all, I wanted to say I absolutely LOVE this tool! It was a huge help for Artificial Fashionista (along with your amazing outline shader)!

I wanted to test if I could get a web build to work, and ran into the following error in the main menu:

This happens as soon as I hover over buttons that make use of gradients. Regular textbuttons work fine in the web build, so maybe this is something worth looking into?

Later on, it also throws the following error which could be related to the outline shader, but I'm really not sure:

This is absolutely non-urgent on my end, and I know Ren'Py Web is currently still in Beta — just thought it might be helpful to report this. 

Thanks again for your awesome work!

Thank you so much for this sweet comment! I'm so glad you liked it!! :D

Thank you for playing! And you might get to learn a bit more by checking out my main project, Artificial Selection. ;D

That is so sweet of you to say! I can't believe this game was missing the "educational" tag all along...

So cool!! Very excited for all your updates :D

Thank you so much, that means a lot! Really happy to hear the tool helped you :D

This is looking sooo good already! I can't wait!

Hi! It looks like you put 


inside a screen's code. It should be within a init python block instead. Anywhere in your project, you can put

init python:


And it should work.

Hi there, thanks for expressing your interest!! 

Artificial Selection is a very big, ambitious project, so I don't have a fixed release date for now. However, I'm working hard to deliver content updates every month. I'll definitely keep you all posted when I have more details to share!

Did you update/redownload the main game too? Most likely, that should fix the issue!

If everything works correctly, Ren'py should generate a "lint.txt" file, not an "errors.txt" file. If possible, you can share what it says in the error file and I can help you resolve the issue!

Of course, the art book is completely optional and only provides more context about how and why the game was created. Donations are always appreciated, but the game can 100% be enjoyed for free!

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It's quite likely that you need to update Ren'py, since this is a newer configuration variable. 

Otherwise, you could also try removing "define config.lint_character_statistics = False" on line 33, since it's not actually needed for the counter to work.

That's amazing news, congratulations!

Thanks, you're welcome!

good to see you here :)

Hi, and thanks for your question. It’s lovely of you to create such a collection, and I would be happy if my game was included!

Robot Daycare supports text-to-speech (activated by pressing “v”) and is fully playable with a keyboard or controller. You can get through the entire game by advancing dialogue with the space bar and picking choices with the enter key.

However, there is one part (the text input where you can decide the robot’s name) that might not be very user-friendly from a blind person’s perspective. At the very least, the characters will repeat the name you entered so you can make sure it is correct. Still, I’ll see if I can improve that! 

I will also double check if the achievements screen is read out loud by the screen reader, as I have unfortunately neglected to test that so far. 

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Hahaha, that was my old approach too, before I got fed up with it and decided to make this tool!

I'm glad it could be of use! Just curious, but what was your method?

Hey, sorry to hear about that. The warning is safe to ignore, though!

Otherwise, getting the game via Steam should avoid this issue.

Oh, cool that you've been following the project for so long! 

And I definitely won't cancel it, so no worries. :D

Thank you for your kind words, and I'm sorry to hear that you got stuck!

In the debate, you first have to click on your action (like Attack, Defend, Silence), and then on a character's face. Sometimes, there are multiple options, sometimes there is only one. I've adjusted this to be more intuitive in the next update, so I appreciate your patience.

Let me know if this solved your problem, or if you need any further help!

I'm sorry to hear that! Is there an error screen, or does the game simply quit without warning? If there is an error screen, it would be very helpful if you could send me a screenshot. 

The new version is now up. I hope this helps!

Yes, using a hidden location is currently the way to do it. But now that I think about it, tying the visibility to a variable might be more useful in some cases. I’ll make a small update later today!

You're welcome, I'm happy to hear that!

I had actually already implemented that a while ago, and simply forgot to upload it. The new version now contains that feature. Thank you for your request!

Thank you for your question! All games made with the Ren'Py game engine allow you to press "v" to activate assistive self-voicing, which will read all dialogue and menu items out loud. (So even Ren'Py games that are not tagged as blind-accessible may still be fully playable!)

You can advance dialogue by clicking or with the space bar, and choices and menu items are selected with the "enter" key. The game menu can be accessed by right clicking or pressing "esc". Menus can be navigated using the arrow keys, and "page up" and "page down" let you switch between different menus. 

For Robot Daycare in particular, there is a "Press to Start" screen. I unfortunately really couldn't figure out how to make it read that out loud and it just says "New Game" instead. Either way, to start the game, press "enter", navigate down with the keyboard, and then press "enter" again. 

If the voice sound effects are distracting, you can disable those by heading to the "Settings" menu, and navigating towards "Voice Volume". Then, you can select the slider using the "enter" key, drag it to the left with the arrow keys, and then confirm by pressing "enter" again.

Thank you again for bringing this to my attention, and please let me know if you run into any difficulties! 

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You're right, that turned out to be no issue at all.

Both the number of menus and choices should be available now. Thanks for the suggestion!

That's a great idea! I'm not sure if I'll actually find a way to do that, but I can definitely try.

Thank you for your kind words! I completely understand why you would prefer the good ending, hahaha

This is huge, very excited for all of these!

Thank you so much for your kind words. 

Don't worry about not buying the art book, I love seeing fanart more than anything!