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Very well done. Though I would toggle down the difficulty... I really don't think this is possible but I did make it to WTF++

Please increse res(/Screen size) and Give support with the itch.io app. Other than that, Great Game!

I have my switch, BotW, the pro controller, and I stumb;e upon this and I play it with my pro controller xD

You need to play with real people, ya know, like... Friends? If you have any.

No, look at my comment.

Look at my comment

Guys you have to port forward to play this. If you don't know how to port forward, look it up. Please upvote to get people to see it better.

lol. Well, it's kinda impossible to not get anything. Also, it fixed itself. Thanks for the laugh!

Thank you! I use the official app, so I guess I'll have to extract it.

Can you please clarify? The vids I put in do not work. How do I fix this?

nope. not malware, just really buggy.

mess around with the res. You're kinda ruining my confidence for the human race.

I never get any accuracy. I always get an F. I've reinstalled about 3 times, turned sandbox mode off, and nothings working.


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Same Problemo as below. i have win 10 x64 with the alienware alpha custom graphics card. It says accepted then says sorry three times




they could easily implement 2 - player (or more) LAN games.

I want it so much, too! it could atleast be 2 - player LAN.