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Well done for only three days of work, I like the art style and the music is very atmospheric. I did get stuck in the room with the woman at the desk though.

I also think the premise is really interesting, I wish there was more for me to explore of that world! It was a pretty enjoyable experience and hope you're able to create more in the future!

This is a ton of fun! I made it through all 9 worlds but didn't manage to unlock the last one. Great game mechanics!

Spacecat is pretty great! I love the little meow in the song loop too. I'd be excited to play more if you decide to keep going!

Poor Tim, I wasn't able to save him :(

This is an interesting premise but I couldn't figure out the correct combination of actions. I really enjoyed the art in this game (except for poor, poor Tim).

The art in this really is amazing, I love the texture and size of the alien, it feels substantial.

This was incredibly moving, so much so that I had to step away for an hour just now to play with my furry buddies. Thank you.

CAT FIGHT! This is a lot of fun and I love the long cat arms. That green/blue kitty should probably get his neck checked out though.

Wow, the animation in this is really really well done and absolutely adorable. It took me a little bit of time to figure out you have to attack the cats from behind but after that it was smooth sailing. I hope we get to see more Mr. Miles Sniffing Adventures in the future!

Really impressive! Great pixels and fun commentary.

The sprite work in this is fantastic!

Excellent pew pew-ing, I like that you can toggle between the characters mid-fight.

While I only managed to get a Bronze in the Holy Moly Marathon Cinnaroll gets the gold in spirit. Seriously though this game is adorable, the Cinnaroll workout animation is great, the trainers each have so much character, and it's great watching your training play out in the main event. Oh and the music is great too!

Aww, this is really adorable. I also love that you can drive by pee the fire hydrants

I really love the difficulty ramp in this, I managed to squeak a victory out but it was close. Good balancing of powerups, enemy spawn number, and enemy spawn types.

This game is super cute! I love building sandwiches for cats and the music is perfect.

I don't know if everyone else knows this but you can totally download this and play it on Windows even if itch doesn't think that you can. Cat sandwiches for all!

The art is great in this, I really dig the color swaps on death and the background animations.

The artwork in this is top notch, I love it. I liked the fleeing through town and trying to find out where/what to do next, and the tension was perfect (I dropped down to 1hp a few times but managed to squeak by). I can't wait to see more!

I love it, I can't seem to break 1600 score though. Excellent work!

Not available on Windows? :(

This is a great entry for My First Game Jam, stealth mechanics were a lot of fun (it took me a little puzzling to figure them all out) and I managed to make it to the end! Great work!

I really like the premise for this game, I could see this expanding into a full game given the right treatment. Great work!

It took me a while to figure out that combining plants doesn't always produce the same result but after I did I have a lot of fun with it. Good work!

Hi everyone I'm Landonscribbles and I created a (nearly) solo entry Angels and Tigers for this game jam!

Short Game Description:

Angels and Tigers is a (very) short first person exploration game centered on the idea of pets being left behind when their owners move. After moving the away the pets eventually become spirits that haunt the house.

Initial Goals:

Initially I wasn't going to do a solo entry for the jam but a few days after the jam started the idea of a house haunted by former pets struck me as something interesting and worth exploring. I decided that the best way to approach this would be through a first person perspective (as even semi-horror games seem to fit very well with the perspective), additionally I hadn't ever used Unity to do anything in 3D so it seemed like a natural fit for the jam.


I finished the jam! Seriously this is a big step for me, I've played with Unity for a while now but never really completed anything. Outside of that I learned (or started learning really) a number of skills that I know will prove to be useful for game dev!

  • I started learning how to use Blender! (I also learned to use Sketchup but more on that later) Prior to this jam I had downloaded Blender but never really did anything with it, but by the end of the jam:

  • I also got more familiar with Unity's particle system which I had barely used before as well:

  • I also took advantage of assets/scripts from Unity's asset store (and other sources) for the first time:
  • Last but by far the best was beginning to connect with the community surrounding making games. This has been huge for me, it's very encouraging to see and work with some very creative people and seeing what and how they create so many amazing things.


  • I learned that Sketchup while easier to get something completed than Blender comes with some interesting quirks that can cause problems later on down the road.
    • I had problems with origins on Sketchup models I imported from a larger scene that I couldn't figure out how to fix:

(The origin is way down in the bottom left)

    • I also found it harder to modify a completed Sketchup model compared to Blender leading to unfortunate things like:

(Yeah I also spelled "Kludge" wrong in the scene)

  • I didn't do nearly as well as I had hoped in time management leading to crunching pretty badly on the last couple of days
    • I wouldn't have had any sound without the helpful music contribution from my SO near the end
  • My primary goal was to complete a game with a team which I am a bit bummed about not happening but I still got to know some excellent people and their work in our efforts.

What I learned:

I learned that: I really enjoy 3D modelling much more than any spriting or any other 2D art work I've attempted, I want to keep finding and working with new people to create new visions and worlds for players to experience, and that it's very satisfying to release something into the world that you've worked very hard on.

The biggest takeaway for me was this is what I want to be doing with my life, seriously. I know a lot of people are in the market right now trying to make it but I'll be happy making that struggle even if it's for projects that aren't my own. I've got a way to go still but I know I'll get there.

See you all again in the future making games and please send me a message if you want to make some more games with me!

I really liked the concept for this and it first perfectly with cats too. Solid puzzle game and I would love to play more!

This game is super cute, and the art style is fantastic! I got stuck at the end after the bear cave but he seemed nice enough to spend time with anyways.

This was a lot of fun, great watercolor visual style, interesting mechanics, and a nice soundtrack.

I am a Programmer looking for a team!

1. Introduction:

Hi I'm Landon! I'm in the PST timezone (but I'm usually up between 6PM-9AM in that timezone). I'm still pretty new to doing game dev but I've been noodling around in Unity for a while now and have been programming for a while.

2. Skills:

Mostly I can program with some very rudimentary art skills.

3. Programs/Languages:

I'm best with Unity and somewhat familiar with Game Maker. I know Python very well, good with C#, familiar with Java and Javascript. I can also do some rudimentary modeling in Blender and Sketchup.

4. Portfolio:

I have one released game from a jam here: Angels and Tigers. I did all the work in it with the exception of the music.

5. Contact:

I'm @landonscribbles on twitter which I check regularly.

6. Other:

I'm excited to work on a Utopian vision of how we all can live as it's sorely needed right now. I'm also a huge Star Trek nerd if you want to dork out about that too. Aside from that I would really like to work with a team to release a game for the jam to get more practice working on a team and make new game dev friends!

Hi everybody, I'll be making a post myself but first I thought it'd be helpful to add a suggestion format for posting. Feel free to use this or not!

From My First Game Jam team finding thread.

I am a [role(s)] looking for [role(s) or team]!

1. Introduction: Include any basic information you wish for people to know. I.e., Name, timezone, pronouns, etc. Or go all out and give your entire life philosophy; it's up to you!

2. Skills: Stuff you know how to do, or kind of know how to do. You can also add things you're willing to try.

3. Programs/Languages: Engines/Programs (for any use, be it art, music, game dev, animation, etc) and markup/programming languages you are familiar with.

4. Portfolio: Not terribly necessary, but it'd be a good idea to provide examples of things you've done. Don't sweat it if you're a complete beginner!

5. Contact: Ways to keep in touch. Instant messengers, slack, emails, etc.

6. Other: Anything else you think is important. Have an idea for a game? Stick it here. Have any specific expectations from your team? Stick them here. Anything goes!

I'm a programmer looking for a team!

1. Introduction: I'm Landon he/him and I'm in the PST time zone. I'm excited to join a team and make something great for this game jam! For even more information about me I made a post in the introductions thread.

2. Skills: Programming. Yep, that it (so far). In the future I'd like to expand that skill set but initially I want to do one part of gamedev well before pushing out too much in other areas.

3. Programs/Languages: I've got experience with Unity writing C#, some Game Maker coding, lots of Python experience (I was doing this professionally before), some Javascript experience (Phaser.js) and some Java experience.

4. Portfolio: I don't really have a portfolio yet but I do have some snippets from previous mini projects before here:

Apologies for the lack of documentation.

5. Contact: I'm in the Discord for the jam as Landonscribbles and also here on twitter

6. Other: I'm open to pretty much anything but the weirder the better!

1. Hey everybody I'm Landonscribbles (Landon is also juts fine).

2. I didn't participate in the last game jams but I have been to a couple of games jams previously. However life events prevented me from completing either one of them before and so I really want to: complete a game jam, release a completed game (however tiny!) into the world, and work with some other awesome people.

3. My favorite games are a bit all over the place, a few are: Final Fantasy Tactics, Glitchhikers, Fallouts 1, 2, & New Vegas, Mirror's Edge, Undertale, The Walking Dead Season 1, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (s), and Dwarf Fortress. Many of these have inspired interest in game development in me but more than anything when a game has a cohesive internal universe it makes me wish I could create the same.

4. I've worked on some small personal projects that I've been learning on but haven't finished anything. I'm most experience with Unity (2d) but have played a bit with Game Maker Studio and a tiny amount with PyGame.

5. Game development, I know I know obviously everyone who participating in a game jam is but this is the most rewarding kind of work I've done in my life so far. As I gain more experience in the field I'd love to find partners to work on projects in the future!

6. I'm not a veteran but from the small things I've worked on I'll echo the above on keeping the scope small small small. Just from projects that I thought would be simple and fast it quickly became apparent it was always much more work than I thought.